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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Two Things

~ Daniel and Sam P. Spade, Secret Agent ~

So many are in need of prayer...folks in Texas who have lost their homes, those who are in harm's way because of fire; Mary, my friend, and her family are going through severe testing; those folks on Sabbath Keeping's prayer list and Daniel and his family. Daniel's Mother was buried Saturday and her family needs prayer, please.

This summer, Philips and the renowned director/producer Ridley Scott launched a global filmmaker competition dubbed "Tell It Your Way".  The entrants were given freedom of expression with two strict rules: there had to be only six lines of dialogue and the film could run three minutes or less.

Please watch the grand prize winner, Porcelain Unicorn.

Did it lift your heart? Mine is soaring!

Blessings ~ true hope ~ Daniel's family ~ Mary's family ~ the power of prayer ~ God, who hears and answers our prayers ~


  1. Definitely joining with you in prayer.... I just wish there was some way we could get some of this unending rain we are receiving down to Texas!

  2. Just a beautiful film. So glad it won.
    So glad you shared it.
    I will be adding your friends to my prayer list. Thanks,

  3. Amazing... loved this.

    And prayers to your friends from CT.

  4. Beautiful, Sandra. Praying with you.

  5. So amazing and prayers with you too.

    Enjoyed reading past posts as well. I would have loved to see the Pysanka Museum! Bet it was awesome! I was lucky enough to go to a yard sale when I was back home in ND and found 6 gorgeous pysanka worked eggs and paid $1.50 for all of them! I also own one that my friend had made me. She is Ukrainian and lives here in Ohio.

  6. Wow. . . that was amazing. Such bravery for a young child . . . both of them.


  7. Hello Sandra and Dave:
    The beautifully made and wonderful film has made us cry. It is all so terribly sad but, also, an expression of great hope and joy.

    You both, and Daniel too, are in our thoughts and prayers.

  8. It's a beautiful film!
    Thanks for sharing it!
    We seng our love to Daniel!!!And to you, of course :o)!

  9. Great picture! Lots of prayers indeed.

  10. i will watch this afternoon...

    prayers are being sent to all

    and YES !!! silent on 9/11

    happy to drop by today, my friend


  11. A wonderful film and deserving of the prize. Thank you so much for sharing it with me.

  12. You are a beacon of light!

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  13. Wonderful capture - few words and memorably images. We are all being tested now - prayer is our first refuge!

  14. So beautiful and moving.

  15. Sandra..first my heart goes out to Daniel..I truly hope he can find peace with his mother's passing...and on your comment...i think lack of energy is more my problem ..not apathy...or maybe it is one in the same. take care....get rested up from your trip...start all over again.,,one day at a time.

  16. Porcelain Unicorn, it made me cry. It is well worth viewing....I am sorry for Daniel and his family and will pray for them.

  17. Love the short film -- thank you so much for sharing. :)

  18. I have tears in my eyes as I'm typing (good tears though).... thanks for posting such an uplifting link!


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