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Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Usual Snowy Saturday in January

~ Buffy and Polly...or is it Sally... ~
There's an old saying, "no rest for the righteous and the weary don't need none". Ain't it the truth! Oh, and by the way, the word ain't was in popular usage as late as the 1960's and considered correct use of the language. Also, the word et for eat. I know language evolves and changes but, frankly, I don't think in a good way when words like gay no longer means happy or booty no longer means spoils of war. And, since I'm on an rant, did you know the word booty is used in the Old Testament? Yep, meaning spoils of war and not a fat girls backside. Oh, is that un-PC? bad.
~ if you were a man, I'd marry you Sam! ~
~ Ranger, my hero ~
Polaris makes a UTV, Utility Terrain Vehicle, that is a powerhouse; I'm not sure I could do what I do if I didn't have the Ranger. Dave bought it for me a few years back and it's made farm chores so much easier, safer and warmer. Although, when four dogs and I are crammed inside, the going is slower than usual. At the touch of a button, the bed lifts and dumps the contents to the ground while the heater, once warm, will make me open windows. There's a windshield wiper and each wheel has independent suspension...whooohooo! My Ranger, it's the Bomb!
Clinton, my neighbor, feeding his sheep. I think it's odd that Thistle Cove Farm still has so much snow but neighboring farms are bare and barren again. That should change as we're to get a couple more inches of snow tonight but Monday, the temps are supposed to be in the 50's which means boot sucking mud...again. sigh.
To feed cattle the men unroll a round bale of hay; the cattle line up, either side, and eat until it's gone or their calves take a snooze on what's left. The hay makes a soft, warm bed that's Very Attractive to the youngins.
~ don't hate me because I live in a beautiful place ~
I didn't make it to WalMart yesterday but went this morning, after chores. In between snow storms today, we did have some clear skies and Morris Knob is viewed from a different direction.
This fine buck was camera shy but I managed to get a photo or two of he and his family. I'm not sure but he could be at least a ten-pointer, perhaps 12; certainly he's beautiful and I hope he makes it to a ripe old age. Hear that, Daniel?!
~ John and Daniel, taking a meeting ~
One of my favorite things about living in a rural area is our version of taking a meeting. All of which means, when you see a neighbor, you stop and chat...the weather, feeding, cattle, dogs, children, spouses, neighbors...the usual stuff everyone talks about. It's just our board room is the great outdoors -smile-. 
Perhaps I should have started with this photo. I made bread yesterday, a couple of soft oatmeal loaves that are delicious toasted and slathered with butter and my home made jam or my brother's honey. A neighbor has an uncle who keeps a milk cow and he's promised to get me a couple of gallons of milk. In return, I've promised to churn for butter and buttermilk and will share and, of course, I'll put a loaf of home made bread in the poke as well. 
So, that's my usual Saturday; any day, really that's not Sunday or I have to go to town. Feeding my animals takes a while, especially with all the good helpers I've got, especially with all the picture taking I do, especially with all the rubber necking I enjoy. God has blessed me so much; my daily prayer is, "Please, God, give me the strength to do what You have set before me."  He never disappoints.

Blessings ~ strength ~ health ~ beauty ~ bread ~ neighbors ~ hay ~ deer ~ Ranger ~


  1. Beautiful photos. We have snow here as well...finally! Your bread looks yummy and puts me into mind of baking tomorrow or Monday.
    Hugs and Blessings,

  2. Anonymous4:15 PM EST

    Sandra, I'm blessed getting to 'see' your day through your descriptive words and wonderful images... but I think I like best the shot of your pup (not sure who) chin resting on a gate in the sunshine. I like the rural 'chat,' too. Why don't you come enter it in my 'Weekly Top Shot' meme? We're on Week #13 and I'd love to see you share with me and my readers! Here's this weeks' link:

  3. G;day sweet friend ~ Well, yes I did do NOTHING on Friday ... too frustrated with all these septic issues & otherwise. I TOOK THE DAY OFF & felt durn good about doing so.

    Love the awesome pics of your farm & area ... that is a beautiful capture of the 2 chatting away. Send me some of that snow ... just bitter cold here.

    That bread looks sooo yummy. Have not seen a vehicle like this before.

    Sending you lots of love, sweet friend.
    Have a beautiful day.

  4. Anonymous5:29 PM EST

    Good Afternoon, Sandra. I love your Ranger. I can just see me and my critters taking a ride in that!

    Love seeing your beautiful vistas and all the animals.

    The bread sounds delicious and how nice to enjoy jam and/or honey with it.

    We are finally having a bit of colder weather. This time last year we had snow!

    Have a restful evening.

  5. bread looks delish! recipe please. thanks! have a wonderful sabbath!

  6. Oatmeal bread is my favorite. For many years my children or I made at least five loaves a week for our sandwich bread. Yours looks wonderful, given that I haven't eaten any in over a year!

  7. You are so fun and cute ... and that bread looks amazing. I can picture you around the farm on your rig from Dave. Glad you have some help, too.


  8. Hi Sandra, what an interesting and sweet post! I love your neck of the wood...The photos are awesome! Can I have your day? lol. Actually, I love the farm life... I'm sorry we gave it up! You are such an inspiration to me and I do love you my friend! Take care and I hope you have a Sunday of inspiration...praising and serving the Lord. Love you! Loretta

  9. Sandra, wonderful post! I love your header and where you live is absolutely awesome. What a view out your window, such a blessing!

  10. Aye, those gorgeous photos; those sweet woolly faces; that handsome Sam. I can almost taste the bread and the fresh milk. Surely, the Lord has wrapped you in blessings. Thank you for sharing them.

  11. bread looks like it is calling to me - have some butter ready mama I'm heading to your stomach! good country blog today - life away from Safeway or Albertsons - making butter and buttermilk -- all so simple and a rhythm to it which is much better than rushing to a store, looking at expiration dates and prices --- anyhow - I enjoyed this a lot -- He only sets before us what we can do - just that He knows better than we knows what we can truly get done. Git'er done is my motto on stay home and tend to bidness days!

  12. Lovely pictures as always Sandra. I hope you don't get too much snow tonight!
    Please give the recipe for your bread. I have never had much success with breakmaking here in America. It is always hard the next day, or at least very hard crusted. I don't know whether it's my cooker or the way I do it, but in England when I make it, it always comes out right. Very odd, but I could surely do with some help please. Your bread does look delicious and so soft!

  13. It is snowing here tonight, which is not a regular occurrence, so there should be an excited boy tomorrow.

  14. You know, your definition of a meeting really fits our neighborhood too. Sometimes when I am in a hurry to get errands done in town I almost groan ( O.K., I do groan) when I see a neighbor waving to me as I drive down our gravel road to the highway onward to town. I will now remember to appreciate this and stop to really talk and listen, or really listen & talk ?

    Snow is much better than mud, and I hope your snow is a friendly snow..beautiful, yet workable. I covet your Ranger.

    Umm, home made bread, the best kind.Your pictures are beautiful and if you're not careful Sandra you will attract a lot of people to your area to buy whatever land and homes are available in such a beautiful and historic place.

    Blessings abundant reside with you and yours , and I know you are so thankful for them. I hope your week is one bringing peace and some respite, God knows what you need and He will comfort you, but I know you know this too. Prayers for you Sister.

  15. There is such a peace to reading your posts. Thanks for sharing your life with us

  16. My, you do live in a pretty place. I think the landscape we live and work in can be an inspiration and a balm for the soul.

    And delicious, homemade bread doesn't hurt, either! ;)

    Wishing you a peaceful Sunday.

  17. What fun pictures - thanks for sharing them. Your Ranger sounds like the perfect chore companion! And that bread - yum. I've never churned butter but it's on my bucket list. Hugs!

  18. What a lovely day! My in laws have Rangers and think they are quite wonderful. :) Your bread looks wonderful...and I had to chuckle at your comments regarding the English language! Always fun to read some older things with the kids and have their eyes get big at some word...and then I have to explain that word didn't mean back then what people use it as now. :)

  19. Love this post.. oh, that bread!.. I need to start making bread at This Old House.. so afraid of the kneading and rising thing!.. Why? I have no idea.

  20. Looking at the bread made me hungry (sigh) and I love thee ranger! Thanks for the pics I enjoyed looking at them !Blessings Jane

  21. Would you share your recipe? The bread looks wonderful!


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