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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Rural Thursday Blog Hop #1

~ my garage, built to order ~
oops...forgot to say, if you're looking for the Thankful Follower give-away post, look here; you have four more days to comment.

Nancy, Rural Journal, and Lisa, Two Bears Farm, are hosting a blog hop today and invited me to join them. We're supposed to blog about rural living, recipes, homesteading tips, animals, photography... essentially anything having to do with country living. As I'm writing my post, I make number 30 and cow's tail. What can I say? It's been one of Those Days. This morning I had to go to town for yet more meetings with my Wonderful Lawyer...and I mean that sincerely, I do luv my lawyer!...meetings with other folks with whom Dave did business, library to make copies, post office to mail all those pieces of correspondence and topped off by going to WallyWorld to get an oil change. Yeah, yeah, if you don't like big box stores, do us both a favor and keep it to yourself. When I've got a time crunch, there's nothing like being able to grocery shop, pick up 'scripts and then rest my rear while my car is being serviced. When I'm not in a time crunch and when the weather is mild enough for me to sit outside, I go to our local small business auto shop. Unfortunately, those folks smoke and I'm allergic to cig smoke so big box store it is a lot of times. 

Anyhooooo...I got home in very late afternoon and thought I'd blog about my garage being delivered. Dave and I never had a garage though we have plenty of barns, buildings, sheds and the like but never a garage. A garage would have been So Handy while Dave was sick. I shudder remembering the times when it was blowing sleet, snow, ice and rain and I had to get him, his oxygen gear and his previous frail self out of the house and into the car and then to the doctor or hospital. Of course, all of that was after I started the car so it could heat up enough so I could get the windows scrapped and then move it to the back porch to load Dave, etc. Mercy!
~ brilliant truck driver! ~
Daniel and I were talking one evening about garages and I told him I'd seen a shed that looked like someone was using it as a garage. He told me about a company "down on the 4-lane", as they call Rt. 460 around here, and I went to investigate. Yes, they did sell ready made and made to order buildings and they did deliver and set up. So, I ordered a 20x24 building with a roll up garage door, two three foot x three foot windows and a metal door with nine windows. It also has an eight foot loft inside for extra storage. 
~ putting into place ~
The driver delivered and set the building level and all within a couple of hours; amazing! He told me to let it set for about two weeks so it could settle. We've had a lot of rain and the ground is really spongy so sitting for a while is a good thing. In time, I'll have a wooden drive ramp built so I can drive right into the garage. 

Okay, you folks who have garages may not understand my total excitement but this provides shelter for my car as well as security for me. Daniel is going to put up a couple of motion detector solar lights at the front and rear and, in the spring, he's making plans to have a trench dug so I can put electricity in the garage. My nephew is a licensed electrician so it will, naturally, be to code. 
~ way bye-bye to the nice delivery man ~
Come to find out, there are a lot of folks who are in this type business and a lot of them are Mennonite or Amish. Construction varies but my building has six by six skids while other companies only have four by four skids...Very Important. My floor will hold 10,000 pounds so everything from my car to my truck will not only fit but be held securely. I paid a bit extra for more blocks to be set under my building; so none of the skids are touching the ground and even though all the lumber is treated, I still opted to pay the extra money for the extra blocks. The metal roof is screwed on, not nailed on...again, Very Important with all the crazy wind we have in this valley and all doors and windows lock. There's more good stuff but they aren't paying me to say anything so I'll shush.

If you're interested in who made my garage, it's the Mennonites of Old Hickory Buildings out of Statesville, NC and, thus far, I couldn't be happier! This post might not be perxactly what Nancy and Lisa had in mind but, trust me, it's making my rural life a lot better, a lot safer and a lot more secure. Good things, all! 

Blessings ~ made to order garage ~ Mennonites ~ Nancy ~ Lisa ~ 


  1. We had a store building delivered for our farm. That was one big truck that they used to deliver it. Thinking of you and I enjoyed my visit today.

  2. Sandra, this post is perfect! I think it's wonderful you have your garage and I love the colors. Did you choose them?

    I have a carport, which I never use, so my truck is outside 24/7/365. Maybe someday.

    Big hugs, dear! Enjoy and thank you for sharing at Rural Thursdays. :)

  3. A garage and for you to feel safe, extra storage, kind people to help you . . . made me happy for you and gave me a huge smile!

    One tiny way life will be made just a bit easier for you.
    God bless your happiness today.

  4. OH, Hurray! How wonderful to have a garage for your vehicle. We have an attached two car garage that none of my cars have ever parked in!!! :~? Hubby has his 'restored' 77 Ford Pickup in there along with a gazillion other man things. It's ok. I only have to step outside a few feet to get to my car. Still, it would be nice to NOT have to defrost in the winter. Just sayin'.
    I like how you thought to have a loft for storage. There never seems to be enough storage, does there.
    I really like the shape of it, too! Perfect for a farm!

  5. WOW! I love it and wish I could talk the Prez into ordering us one for his truck!...:)JP

  6. Honestly, Sandra, I am tickled for you.
    Have a wonderful eve ~
    TTFN ~

  7. Sounds like a very wise and practical purchase, Sandra. Good for you!

  8. Oh, I am thrilled that you found just what you were looking for and that the whole process has been pleasant! Since downsizing, we use our garage mostly for storage and the car often sits out in the weather. I know you will love the convenience and safety of this new garage.

  9. Hooray!

    Warm Aloha from Hawaii
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  10. fancy digs for the vehicle and yes - nothing like a good secure garage to make a gal feel a lot better and security lights to boot - woo hoo - I speak from experience - have been on my own more than once in my years and garage/lights/barky dogs - all good things!

  11. What a blessing that will be, Sandra. Good for you. :)

  12. How exciting to have a useful structure appear "overnight" so to speak! In recent years I've had two little sheds built (one for my workshop, one for my goats) and what a difference in day-to-day routines. Maybe a garage will be in my future...sure would be nice in winter!
    Enjoy your brandy-new garage :)

  13. Hello Sandra:
    your bespoke garage looks very stylish as well as obviously ultra practical. We would expect nothing less of you!!!

    Amazing that it was delivered to you and erected in 2 hours. That is what we call service. And, although as you say a garage might not be the most glamorous of things that one could include on a shopping list, it will make your life so much easier and safer, so it is win, win!!

  14. What a cute little building! We could really use one of those around here. Maybe it'd help keep all those mice out of my minivan (sigh).

    Thanks for linking up to Rural THursday!

  15. hopped on over thanks "rural journal" ... i love your header. love the progress of your barn place-ing. (:

  16. Oh, Sandra~ I'm so happy for you!

  17. It's a beautiful thing! And, I love your HOUSE!!! It reminds me of This old house!

  18. Yea! And it's pretty too! We have a one and a half car garage - uhmmmm what were they thinking? LOL Get that chainsaw out and cut that car in half LOLOLOL Anyway, we've never used it for a garage the entire time we've lived here (over 25 years). Right now it's more the cat's house who thinks he owns us than anything else. LOL

  19. Love how you told all about ME going to get my oil changed at Walmart! Sounds just like me. I often joke to my hubby that an oil change normally costs around $30 but not for us because I go shopping while the work is being done. I am forever grateful we have a garage. I cannot tell you how many years we didn't have one, so a few times a week I seriously thank God for our garage. Love yours!!!

  20. I am happy you are finally getting a garage, the convenience is more than convenience, it is just plain practical and needed, especially for a woman alone in the country!

    Our honey-house was put up much the same. Delivered and installed in a few hours, affordable and up to code too. Loved that, and you will love your new garage.

    BTW, there are so many reasons big box stores work that sometimes I am sorry convenience and reasonable prices matter, but they do and like you said, "get over it" .

  21. That would make me happy to, Sandra! Love it, won't you come share on 'Weekly Top Shot?' We're on Week #16 and I'd love to see you share with me and my readers! Here's this weeks' link:

  22. Hi Sandra- what a magnificent building. I love that you had this specially made for you. I'm sure the craftsmanship is exceptional. Love the photos of the delivery process!

    I'm sure you are still " taking care of business". A daunting task I'm sure. I'm praying that when spring finally arrives you will begin to have less burdens in this respect.

    I think of you often- keeping you in my prayers.

  23. I hope that you are surviving - I have been thinking of you - I just took a bit of a blogging break. That is a very smart garage - just the thing for you!

    Pomona x

  24. Beautiful, like a fairytale!

  25. Nice garage, and you can bet if the Mennonites made it, it's going to last a lifetime! I'm jealous. I don't have a garage either, but hope to add one someday!

  26. I have garage envy, LOL! My little house does not have a garage, and I have always wanted to have one. We are still saving up for it. Seems something else always happens before we have enough to get one.

    Yours looks like a dandy structure. I hope it brings you lots of joy for many, many years. :o)


  27. Great garage! We bought a similar one two years ago, insulated and finished off the inside, and it's my studio. I LOVE it!

  28. Awesome garage!! I especially like the green roof!


  29. Thank you for visiting my blog. Looks like you are quite busy. I've switched to blogger, but haven't blogged since Jan. Still trying to divide my time more efficiently and decluttering/reevaluating/changing some things but still don't exactly know exactly what, if that makes any sense. Hence, I have no blogger tips to help you at this time. But, your links have cheered me up today, and I am glad to see that, even though you are now a widow and readjusting, you seem filled with His joy and strength. May He fill your valley with much comfort, courage, and wisdom ahead. Blessings and prayers to you.

  30. Oops, the above comment was meant for "Gift Package, Good Stuff, Fun Stuff." I'm having blogger problems too, lol.

  31. I am catching up on blog posts today...we have a chicken coop that is the same style as your garage. Made here in IL, yes and by the Amish. Hope you will enjoy yours as much as i enjoy mine.

  32. What a beautiful yellow garage. I am glad you will be out of the elements while warming up your car.


  33. Wow ! what a nice garage.Its really looking nice.This parking garage is more useful to park the vehicle.I really like this blog.Thanx to sharing this blog


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