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Friday, August 10, 2012

Hummers and Tears

It's difficult to photograph humming birds, even though there are so many. They flit, fly, swoop and all in the blink of an eye! I think there are ten in the above photo but could be one more.
I think there are eleven in both these photos.
The feeders are placed away from trees, bushes, shrubs and the house. The hummingbirds like having open space so they can fly freely as they go between the three feeders, drink, fight with each other.
Mix well 2 cups boiling water with 1 cup plus 2 or 3 tablespoons sugar. Let cool and add enough water to make four cups. Fill feeders and get out of the way!
The days are getting shorter and cooler; it's down in the 50's F at night and has felt like Autumn since the last week of July. The rain continues and that lowers the temps as well meaning great sleeping weather.
For those living in the USA, have you ever watched Undercover Boss? I've seen it two or three times and each time I'm reduced to tears. The gist is the CEO of a corporation goes undercover in their businesses in order to determine if there are problems or situations that need correcting. Each time I've watched, the CEO's have been really great people who go out of their way to help their employees reach their dreams, help their families, make more money, etc. 
Tonight it was the CEO of The Dwyer Group out of Waco, TX and, let me tell you...she was crying, her employees were crying and I was crying. It was a real cry fest. 
So, what kind of good deeds do the CEO's do for their employees? Dina Dwyer gave one, very young employee, a brand new truck so he and his five brothers would have reliable transportation. Their Dad died last year and the twenty-one year old employee was raising his five brothers but his vehicle had died and he was bumming rides.
She gave another employee $25,000 so the woman wouldn't have to get a second job and could spend more time with her family. Plus, the young woman was asked to participate in a new program to benefit other female employees.
I don't know Ms Dwyer from Eve's cat but she strikes me as an up and up true blue type. A good boss who cares about her employees and her company and I wish her, and them, well.
Dave always teased me about the kind of television I watch...when I watch television. I tend to enjoy programs that aren't frightening or gory. I like television that's kind and gentle, encouraging and uplifting, educational or entertaining, like BBC's Rosemary and Thyme
It's been said "garbage in, garbage out" so it's important to not take in garbage, right? When you watch television, what do you watch and why?

Blessings ~ humming birds ~ cooler days ~ good bosses ~ good employees ~ good memories ~ 


  1. I watch very little TV but when I do my tastes are the same as yours. We've seen Undercover Boss a few times, too, and it's always uplifting.

    I love the way my MIL taught her children about the choices they made in entertainment. She said if we don't believe in breaking God's commandments, why in the world would we pay to watch (referring to movies) OTHER people break the commandments in the name of entertainment? That makes sense to me -- and leaves very little on TV or elsewhere that's fit to watch.

  2. Uplift is always good!

    Have a sweet weekend!
    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

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  3. I like 'Rosemary & Thyme' too, but don't think I would hire those lovely ladies with green thumbs to help me because whenever they show up their is death and mayhem.

    Hummingbirds are abundant here too and I have watched them fiercely buzz around the bees who compete with them for the sugar water. They truly are beautiful feathered jewels.

    I have watched that show too and enjoy it.You must have to watch it with a whole box of tissues.

  4. Those humming birds really like you :o)))!
    We don't have it's easy for us not to take any "garbage in" :o)))

  5. Hello Sandra:
    It seems absolutely magical to us that you have humming birds in your garden. They sound so very exotic to us and it must be truly delightful to see them all swooping with delight at the banquet of sugary water that you have prepared for them.

    As for television. Well, we have not owned one for thirty years. Enough said, we think!

  6. I don't get to watch tv a lot these days. When I have time, I watch the ones related to my profession as they help me cope with the stress of work at times. The photos with those wings are beautiful though the birds aren't seen closely, it shows how life really is...and seeing those birds free inspires one to live and let live...have a blessed day on your side of the world :-)

  7. I love hummers, but they only come through here as long as the bee balm is in bloom.
    I have not had channel TV for over 16 years. When my son was 3 he was drowning himself in it here and at his grandmothers. We called the cablde company, but they would not come to unhook the wire. It took us 2 wks. of asking and finally my husband threatened to cut the wire himself before they would disconnect it.
    We do have movies to watch, but I rarely do. If so, I love a lot of the old A&E films, the History Channel, and old John Wayne films because that was what our Momma always watched when we were kids, she loved westerns.

  8. Hummers in abundance here, too!
    As for TV, I love the cooking channels the most. Monk was my favorite show, hands down, the past few years, but was taken off the air a while back.
    Years and years ago our favorites was The Ed Sullivan show! THAT was entertainment!

  9. There's something so relaxing and almost magical about watching hummingbirds. I didn't realize until I did a blog post about a hummingbird that they are only found in North and South America. I had no idea that our friends in Europe can't waste THEIR time watching the little birdie acrobatic shows.

    Speaking of shows, I'm with you about my choices of TV shows (and movies). Nothing scary, or suspenseful ... I want happy and positive, uplifting and educational. Tell me a story or teach me something. I tend to go for educational reality ... Modern Marvels is a particular favorite of mine ... how they can produce such an interesting hour of content about mundane things like corn, salt, copper, etc., is amazing to me. I also like programs that show smart people ... anyone remember the old British version of Junkyard Wars? Loved that show!

  10. I've only seen a few hummers. Bzzzzzzzzz.
    I like gentle viewing, too. I shudder to think what my students have watched this summer. Yikes.

  11. I love Undercover Boss and LOVE all the old shows on Public Television like Keeping up Appearances and Are you Being Served! I always get a good giggle at those shows!

    I also LOVE Tim Burton movies! So whimsical!

    Happy Saturday!

  12. Mostly program about all kind of animals. But, you are not surprised at that, are you?!
    Beautiful here today. All this rain brought a cold front! It won't last but I sure am getting outside :)
    xo, miha

  13. I've always liked watching Undercover Boss, too...I think there is a good lesson from each look a little deeper at people, to see the trials they are dealing with, and the talents they have. It makes me think more about how a generous spirit truly fosters others. I often think the biggest transformation is to the CEO, whose eyes are opened. And yes...I always cry, too!

  14. I always enjoy your posts! Your hummer recipe sounds just like mine. We are going through a half-gallon about every day or so. I use the DVR, and if it weren't for that, I probably wouldn't watch anything but local news. My current faves: Joey + Rory on RFD-tv (and I like many shows on that network such as Texas Country Reporter). Pioneer Woman on Food Network. I'm so BOring! :D I have watched undercover boss before, and I did enjoy it! Blessings and hugs..

  15. Tears for Undercover Boss each time. Such precious gifts given to deserving people.

  16. We rarely watch any TV b/c we only have one station, and we've only had it about 2 weeks :) I watch a few movies -- children's movies are my favorite. I've enjoyed some Sci Fi over the years (like Start Trek) but nothing very scary or violent. I don't do any horror or violent stuff, although I did watch Lord of the Rings, but even that fighting was a bit much. I also don't like trashy modern movies with people sleeping together or using foul language, so I'm kind of picky. We're always looking for things on Netflix streaming that are clean, interesting, fun, and charming. I love clean indie movies, when I can find them - quirky. Miss Marple, Jane Austen, those types, but I think I've seen them all several tiems!

  17. Sandra-- I do love that show-- just don't seem to catch it very often-- but I do wonder if the "Boss" would be as nice and generous if they didn't know they were being filmed???

    Lately-- all I've been watching is the Olympics!

  18. I agree, we have to be careful what we watch. Once it's in your brain, it's there forever. So some things are best not put it in there.

  19. Michelle, I'm trying to watch the RNC but I'm so tired and there's another long day tomorrow. TV is a time suck!

    You're so right, Cloudia, up is good.

    Hi Kathy, Rosemary and Thyme is one of my favorites!

    Hi Timi - you're a SMART woman!

    Hi Jane and Lance - smart! I didn't have a t.v. until I met Dave but he needed a t.v. for his work...stock brokerage and life a lot of waves and all for the good.

    Hi Kulasa - t.v. is such a time waster but watching the hummingbird...not so much - smile-.

    Hi Annie - glad you got the tv company to do what you wanted; sometimes it takes a threat to make them do the right thing.

    Hi Cyn - I loved Monk and was so sad when he decided not to renew.

    Hi Roses, no, never saw that show but it sounds interesting. I'd rather watch hummers -LOL-.

    Hi Pom - Like you, I shudder to think what your students watched/watch on television. My heart breaks at the thought.

    Hi LuLu - I like Tim Burton too; especially The Big Fish and some others.

    Hi Misha, that cold front didn't last long enough -smile-.

    Hi Linda, we have such soft hearts, don't we?

    Hi Tammy, you are so kind, thank you!

    Hi Pamela - I only hope they are as nice in real life.

    Hi MK - we share similar taste; I adore those old Brit shows.

    Hi Vicki, I wonder as well...? The Olympics were fabulous!

    Hello Garden...SO TRUE! It's best for me to not see a lot of trashy stuff.


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