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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Stuff to Make Life Easier

~ colorful carabiner key fobs~
If you live in a household with other folks who drive, do you, often, get your keys confused? Dave and I used to get our keys confused all the time. One day, I finally figured out that if I used colored carabiner key fobs, it was a lot easier to, quickly, find the keys I need. On a farm, there are lots and lots of keys, handfuls of keys and it's so easy to grab the wrong set of keys. These carabiner hooks stop that from happening. The John Deere keys are on a green carabiner; the tack room keys on a silver carabiner and so forth. I'm amazed at how this small thing makes my life so much easier.
~ office in a pouch ~
Some few decades ago, this "office in a pouch" came my way. I think it was a gift from some insurance company and it's ever so handy. It contains tape, staple puller, eraser, pencil, small knife, ruler, stapler, and a few other things. It goes in one of the vehicles and is in constant use. 
~ office in a pouch ~
This little office in a pouch cost less than ten dollars to put together and has all the aforementioned plus some envelopes, note pads, stamps and packing tape. I was so tired of getting some where and didn't have what I need to mail packages. This prevents "emergency" purchases of stuff I've got at home. 
~ broom stick ~
If you have a patio, or slider, door, this is a great, inexpensive method of enhancing security. I took a worn out broom, cut the handle off and the broom handle fits, snugly, into the door tracks of the patio, or slider, door, preventing the patio door from being opened.
~ dowel rod in window ~
This is the same method as the patio door; a dowel rod is cut and fitted into the track of the window, preventing the window from being opened. In both cases, it supplements the  locks on both doors and windows.
~ Schmidt work boots~ 
I'm a huge fan of good, sturdy, comfortable foot wear. Schmidt boots are my work boots of choice and they are comfortable!  Red Wing Shoes makes Schmidt boots for Tractor Supply and Red Wing is well known and respected as makers of excellent foot wear. A comparable pair of Red Wing boots would cost me twice, perhaps more, what these Schmidt's cost, but I'll wear these boots as long as I'm able to work on the farm...years, perhaps decades, God willing. When I'm working cattle, fencing fences or on the tractor, it's so nice to know at the end of the day I won't be crippled because of shoddy footwear.
Hope some of these things are helpful in making your life easier. Let's face it, life is so dang difficult that any time we can ease the load a bit, we're better off.

Blessings ~ better security ~ carabiners ~ office in a pouch ~ sturdy boots ~


  1. Hi! Thanks for leaving a comment on my giveaway! Streams in the Desert and Springs in the Desert are my two all-time faves. I buy used copies of Streams at church's book sales and give them to everyone. :)

  2. Great tips tonight, Sandra. I love those boots. Hope you have a restful night.

  3. Hi. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love your organization skills.

  4. Thanks for the tips! I especially like the broom handle idea. :)

  5. Thanks for all the helpful ideas . . .

  6. Thanks for all the helpful ideas . . .

  7. Thanks too for your comment on MY's always nice to know somebody's reading it!!

    One of the things that made my life easier was when I introduced a "key bowl" near the front door. OK, so Mr FD doesn't use it very often for HIS keys, but at least I know where my car keys and my house keys live. The only problem is when Mr FD can't find his keys, borrows mine and then puts them down somewhere too!!! But that doesn't happen very often!

    And another thing - as you commented - was doing a menu plan. I know what I'm shopping for, and that way I don't under (or, more often) overbuy stuff.

    God bless xx

  8. Hello Sandra...I do so like commonsense & sensible! Great advice. Kind of why I bought a pack of 12 pairs of scissors so that we're never wasting time looking for the one lost ones. YES comfy work shoes are so important. I wear leather boots all winter & my feet never get wet or sore..what a difference. Do wish I was closer so that I could rent your Thistle Cove Cottage : ) And really love the quote about putting off writing ..applies to Life too I figure. So easy to put it off till we feel we're good at it & never really have a go. Hope you're having a good week. Much love Catherine x0x0x

  9. Hello Sandra:
    Now, why have we never thought of the portable office or colour coding our keys. Perhaps we are just the sort of people that just accept that life in all its complexities is always difficult and we simply accept it for that!!!

    We shall away to put into practice your tips!

    Hoping you are well and that you can find time to put those feet [in or out of the comfortable boots] up for a well earned rest!!

  10. I sure enjoyed all of these helpful hints. Thanks for sharing them with us all. Dolly

  11. Thanks for stopping by. I've color coded keys for years and it helps immensely!

  12. Excellent tips. I love sharing ideas like that. I'm going to make an office in a pouch to keep in the car.

  13. It is the small things that make like a little better. I'm sure a good pair of boots on a farm is a must! Love your idea for the keys. :)

  14. Sandra--- I love your boots!! We both are workboot lovers-- I wear ones like that when I mow the grass.
    I think they make me look sexy- lol!!

    I'm not sure I'm totally cut out to be a farm girl--- but I'd love to be your shadow for a day or two!!


  15. Hello Encourager, giving away good books means stars in your crown!

    Hi Mildred, those boots are ever so comfortable!

    Hi Christine, thank you for visiting Thistle Cove Farm.

    Hi Sara, it's a good safety tip and it works!

    Hi Lynne, you're more than welcome.

    Hi Dormouse, thank you for visiting Thistle Cove Farm. Having a menu plan means I'd eat less cheese and crackers five days a week! -LOL-

    Hi Catherine, we're very alike; I bought lots of scissors so I'd always have them and I love wearing good, sturdy, leather footwear.

    Hi Jane and Lance, I just got tired of always wasting time looking for my keys -smile- and the office in a pouch idea has saved me lots of money.

    Hi Dolly, thanks for visiting Thistle Cove Farm and hope some of the tips help you.

    Hi My Kid's Mom, I've only been using color coded keys for about a year but it's sure helped simplify my life.

    Hi Leigh, both those things will help you save time and money...hurrah!

    Hi Gail, you're so right...small things make life a tad easier and better. Thanks for visiting Thistle Cove Farm.

    Hi Vicki, I'm with boots! I love the farm but not sure how long I can keep it up. -wry smile- It's a tractor load of work.


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