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Monday, August 12, 2013

Very Good Things

 ~ Lorina Blood Orange fizzy drink ~
When I do errands, it takes, at the bare minimum, half a day and that depends on whether I go to Bluefield VA/WV or to the county seat or across the mountain to Wal-Mart. Most people think my life is boring and it probably is but it suits me. Dave and I were content to spend our time companionably and quietly and old habits die hard, especially when I'm not trying to change. On the other hand, today is the 6th or 7th day of hard rain and, after hanging clothes on the line (well, the sun was shining this morning!), I decided to do some errands.

Today, I went to Bluefield, VA/WV and, interspersed with the errands, I did a little shopping and found some delightful items. Everything was on sale, some things a great sale and, at Tuesday Morning, this Lorina Blood Orange Premium French soda was marked down to a couple of dollars a bottle. This sparkling soda has a bottle with a cork top and the bottle was worth the price alone. I'll save this for a special occasion, like a Thursday, and drink it ice cold with fruit, much like here. I'm enjoying the anticipation almost as much as I'll enjoy the drink, me thinks.

Usually, Tuesday Morning has wonderful yarn and they didn't disappoint today, except in quantity. This yarn is a mix of wool and silk and is going to be lovely to knit into scarves or throat cozies.  
There's a new to me store called Ollie's and it's a mark down store, much like Big Lots except with a lot more merchandise...a lot  more merchandise and an incredible book section. Yikes! Books mean serious trouble for me; I've already helped start two or three libraries and promised...promised!...myself I would not buy more books! I lied. I lied big.

 Are you familiar with Stampington Publications? They have many wonderful magazines and one of my favorites is Cloth Paper Scissors. CPS Studio is full of inspiration, great photos, web and blog address...all are fabulous publications especially if you enjoy making things. 

Garden & Gun is my favorite Southern magazine and focuses on two Southern traditions - gardens and guns. I grew up with both and must say am always amazed when people talk about "guns killing people", "being afraid of guns", etc. Dave showed his adult niece her great-great-grandfather's Colt 45 pistol and asked, "Would you like to shoot?" She looked at him aghast and said (rather haughtily, as Dave reported), "I take it as a matter of personal pride that I've never touched a gun!" Dave looked at her and said, "I'm not asking if you want to kill someone, I'm asking if you'd like to hold your great-great-grandfather's gun." Would it surprise you there was no meeting of the minds?

Anyway, Garden & Gun's Aug-Sep issue deals with such topics as cast-iron cook wear (my favorite cook wear), pies, the poodle as hunting dog, bourbon and Coke...all grown up and a slew of other interesting topics. Re the poodle as hunting dog...just remember, the dog doesn't choose the haircut.

 Sin Boldly caught me eye and then my wallet but, lest you get the wrong idea, it's a book about grace...God's grace and, as author Cathleen Falsani's friend said, "Without it, religion will surely suffocate you." Might I add..ain't it just the truth! 

To quote Frederick Buechner, 
" Listen to your life.
See it for the fathomless mystery that it is.
In the boredom and pain of it no less than in the excitement and gladness:
touch, taste, smell your way to the holy and hidden part of it,
because in the last analysis all moments are key moments,
and life itself is grace."
This little paperback, Felt with love, is full of hand crafted sweetness and I anticipate making brooches, bookmarks, the the like while listening to audio books or watching PBS DVD's on library loan. Oh yeah. I'll do that in my spare time...righttttt....
 A bread book I just didn't need but this siren called my name in a low and longing voice. And, considering I've got all that fresh churned butter in my refrigerator and freezer it seemed churlish to leave Nancy Baggett's kneadlessly simple behind...right? There are more than seventy recipes for yeast breads, whole grain, multigrain, gluten free breads, sweet and gift breads along with finishing touches...sauces, toppings, glazes, drizzles and they are all no knead! Hmmm, I think I should start at the very beginning and work bake my way through.

food in jars is by Marisa McClellan and I've been reading her blog for a couple of years, p'raps more. I'm a big believer in putting food by and have been canning since I was 13. The summer I was 13, I found some white fox grapes and Mom said, "If you pick them and bring them home, I'll teach you how to make jelly." I was hooked and have now been canning more than 47 years. Marisa's book is a keeper; she preserves year 'round in small batches and makes use of what's in season as well as what's at her urban farmers market. This is a good addition to my kitchen and I'll talk more about her later.

 This oversized book is fabulous! The subtitle is The fascinating history of its writing, translation & effect on civilization." There are "Over 90 illustrations with 23 Llife-Sized Pull-Out Pages from the World's Most Important Bibles". LOVE IT! When I was in London, I made a point of seeing the Magna Carta and the Gutenburg Bible. I stood at the displays, with tears on my face at the history, the blood, the lives those two displays represented. 
 The English Magna Carta inspired our US Constitution and Bill of Rights and the Fifth Amendment, which says, "no person deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law" is taken from the "Magna Carta's guarantee of proceedings according to the "law of the land." 
The Gutenberg Bible is amazing...simple amazing, in no small part because the 66 books of the Bible were written in three languages by more than forty authors over a period of 1500 years, on three different continents. There are those who do not believe God's Holy Word and I leave that between them and God at judgement day. As for me, I do believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God and do my best to read it every morning. At any rate, this book, The Story of the Bible, will give me precious insight and history into the best selling book of all time.
 Have I mentioned how much I want to learn to knit socks? I mean...I'm a fairly smart woman, I haven't done too badly since Dave died but my feet are nekkid and winter is coming. I've got to leave the sandals and flip flops behind, soon, and I need to learn how to knit socks. Pray for me...'k?
 Chuck Swindoll has been a favorite for more than thirty years. I've been reading his books before he was on the radio, before there was an i-net and it was a delight to find his Insights on Luke. As you know, Luke is one of the Gospel writers, a physician, and was an intimate, a disciple, of Christ. It will take me a couple of months to glean all this goodness but it will be well worth it. 

It looks like I broke the bank, doesn't it? But, everything was on sale, some of it 70% off whoohoo! and all this goodness will give me pleasure for years and years to come. I'm cheap tight thrifty (finally, my Scots blood came out) and love finding great bargains that are gifts to myself. Most women, are you one?, do so much for others and forget themselves. Now that Ollie's has moved into the region, I plan on treating myself more frequently.

Blessings ~ first sip of hot coffee in the morning ~ a green, verdant valley ~ wool and silk yarn ~ lovely books ~


  1. gosh what a bargain - all that for little more than twenty dollars? awesome! I look forward to hearing more about your reading and some nice no knead bread recipes would be good too!

  2. Your going to have to build a new room onto the house for all those books, have fun reading. Can't wait to see what you make with the felt. Enjoy the soda, love the bottles.

  3. I jealous! [ha ha] All these lovely, yummy books. I love books (not the fake virtual ones) but a published BOOK that I can hold in my hands, smell the pages, write notes in, etc. I think it's really special to be able to read.
    Wish we lived closer. Maybe you could teach me how to can. I'm too chicken to try. (Scared to death of botchulism.)
    Enjoy all your projects!
    Luv ~:)

  4. I love Tuesday Morning store. We do not have one here and I miss it so. I love the look of each book you found. I can just see you sitting in your rocker occasionally enjoying these bargains. I'm not familiar with Ollie's. So happy you had a good day. I like to "get lost" in looking at unique stores!

  5. I am completely in agreement with you regarding the word of God and all that truly matters. I loved reading this post Sandra and like you, when I go into book stores I am in big trouble because I simply cannot leave without a few new books to bring home, read, and keep on my shelves. My husband is the same way so when we go into book stores together, whoa !

    I feel real sorry for the young lady who cared not to even hold her great-great-granddaddy's gun. I have never heard of that magazine and am very interested. I am going to check out many of your links tonight.

    I hope you're well stocked up on reading for the next few weeks and I can just picture you drinking that soda, eating freshly baked and buttered bread while reading your stash of books, surrounded by your furry friends. God is good, and with you as a blogging friend, life is even better.

  6. Love the books and magazines Sandra..we don't have a Tuesday morning here an I've never been inside of one but I know all about Ollies. One opened here not long ago and the place is HUGE with SO much merchandise, it can be dangerous if you go in there without knowing exactly what you want...if you learn how to knit some socks let me know I'd like to learn too! :)

  7. What a wonderful supply of reading for months to come! I know what you mean about stocking up on reading; I do the same, and it's so wise to find good bargains. Wish I had an Ollie's! We do have a Tuesday Morning store nearby. I got a electric kettle there, but did not look through the store. I'll do that soon -- I'd love to find a place (besides Michael's) that has interesting yarn.

    My son works at a Tuesday Morning also. I should ask him about those drinks -- I'd love some of those bottles too :)

  8. I would have been begging to take his gun home with me. My fellows have been shooting, but I haven't for awhile, think I'll head up to the mountain soon! I have a love affair with books, too many of them, but now i think I want a copy of everything you bought! Would love the felted brooches, I think! Great post!

  9. I love all your shopping finds! Way to go!
    I want to successfully knit a PAIR of socks, too. I have only knit one big sock and it looked VERY primitive, so I aim to achieve that goal! We'll do it together!
    I can't stop buying books. I really need to.
    I hope the rain stops, Sandra.

  10. Wow- you certainly found some bargains at great pries. I love books, too, and have WAY too many. Hope you have a great week- xo Diana

  11. I like how you shop : )
    You chose a wonderful stack of books! Every one of them looks interesting.
    And I wish you the best with knitting. I've tried to learn and I think the key is patience more than anything.

  12. I'd say it was a very good day :-) Now you have me wanted to shop for that blood orange soda.

    Gardens and Guns.. I won't lie, I'm surprised anyone put those two things together to make a magazine title. And I'm one of those who hopes never to need to handle a gun. I don't like them, they give me an uneasy feeling, I'd never want to use one to end a life, whether it's a game animal or a person for sure. However, I understand how they can be invaluable in many situations, not just the menace some people insist they only represent, and I respect that my unease is not everyones,

    As for the knitting.. I say, if you enjoy the process of making socks, it's a wonderful feeling in your hands to create something you will wear. However, if you're cringing at the thought, that Walmart over the mountain I'm sure can sell you a big bag pretty cheap :-)

  13. OH How I miss Tuesday Morning. I also have many books and threads from there. I keep saying I will learn to crochet, they make beautiful necklaces here from some ribbon yard I have from there. The magazine section in the stores id an aisle I never miss, even if just to browse. The mags have got so expensive, But I do get Cloth, Paper, Scissors too.

    Your yarns are fabulous, I can fell the softness in the photos and I adore the colors. Maybe you can take some down time to read on your porch as I keep trying to also. I got several library How - To Books I have been looking at; folk art projects, Pioneer Women and how they got by, Felting, Beading, and Papermaking!
    Now, to put them to good use. I got an issue of Our State magazine which is about North Carolina, a wonderful looking article on Screen Doors, Tobacco Barns, Cheerwine Drinks, and Grits but I don't like Grits and never have.
    Take time to enjoy!
    Smiles, Cyndi

  14. I had to step away and look up a magazine title before leaving my comment. My mother-in-law once gave me a bunch of back issues of Mary Jane's Farm magazines. I hadn't heard of them before. They're quite special--recipes, farming, canning, how-to, sweet writing, vintage-ey illustrations. . . . If I hadn't cut up those old issues for my idea books, I'd pass them along to you.

    I understand the joys of the quiet life and also of the anticipation of the treat. What great packaging for the orange soda too. :) A local grocery store sells gluten-free chocolate brownies made by a local company, and they're better than any other brownie I've ever had. I buy one every now and then and save it until I can sit down and really savor it, cold milk and time alone and all. :)

  15. I always enjoy book posts. What a nice group you have here.

  16. You just let me know when those loaves of bread are coming out of the oven and I'll be over! I'll even bring some peach jam I made the other day (and it wasn't too bad considering I was a virgin peach jam maker). I love handknit socks but had to give mine away when just half of one was knitted - those tiny needles give me thumb cramps LOL It looks like you hit the jackpot Sandra - good for you!

  17. The French Soda looks yummy and the bottle is really cute. Haven't seen the Garden & Gun magazine but I feel like my husband would enjoy it along with me. He loves his gun collection and belongs to a shooting range. Those books look like something I would like. I will pray about those socks :) Great day of adventure!

  18. What a treasure trove! Lots of fun ahead :)
    I do not enjoy driving for errands, and put it off as long as possible. I've been needing some kind of footwear other than crocs and barn boots since winter, but just don't want to spend a minimum of 2 hours driving and who knows how long in a shoe store. Not a great shopper, me.
    Guns and Gardens! I picked up a copy about 5 years ago, on a rare trip to an actual Book Store, doing research for possible freelance markets. I never pitched an article to them, but it's one of those rare magazines I just never could recycle. Excellent quality and content. Maybe one day I'll visit another actual Book Store and pick up another issue!
    Have fun with all your loot. And if I lived closer, I would be very happy to help you learn to knit socks!

  19. A post that is CHOCK full of good things! Did you know that my family is from WV? Hurricane, Elkins, Buckhannon, Gauley Bridge, and more.
    Tuesday Morning is wonderful isn't it? And Ollie's carries lots of Christian books, and their prices are terrific.
    I would enjoy the anticipation of the soda as much as the actual event, too.
    Standard Poodles do have an interesting history (having had one) Apparently some of the absurd haircuts were to keep joints warm, but not have a heavy coat that would weigh them down in the water.
    Isn't canning wonderful? I am canning several times a week right now. Have always thoroughly enjoyed it, and of course, it's such a better product!
    Love your use of the word churlish. And Charles Swindoll is terrific, too!

  20. This post made for very interesting and entertaining husband LOVES Tuesday morning and is a bigger shopper than I am...but books are my weakness - whether digital, paperback, or hard cover...and cast iron cookware is a favorite of mine, too...I have been handed down many "well seasoned" finds with wonderful stories behind them and also have bought many of my own...

  21. I have book envy!! :)

  22. Lovely books, indeed. Lots of good things in this post.I've never seen Lorina soda. Love the bottles.

  23. Wow. I wish there was a Tuesday Morning nearby. There is an Ollie's in the city but I rarely get to it. Their book selection is amazing! I do go to Big Lots a few times a month. They have a nice selection of yarn but it's rarely anything other than acrylic variations. Jump right in on knitting socks! I'm a lefty knitter and figured it out by watching youtube and reading patterns. It's not nearly as difficult as it seems it would be. Can't have nekkid feet when it's cold!


  24. You made out very well!!!

  25. Sounds like a wonderful outing with great book finds! I've promised myself, too, not to buy any more books for a few months. I know I could never go any longer than that. Pheh! I can't even go a month or two! Pitiful I am. Ha!

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