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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Talking when I should be napping!

~ wild turkey ~
Patrice is hosting Chats Number 118 and here I sit, at the computer while watching it pour rain outside. It's supposed to turn to snow and I wish it'd get to it. The dogs and I walked to the mailbox...correction, Sam and Sadie walked with me to the mailbox while Sophie watched from the upstairs window. Sophie can, sometimes, be a diva and between rain and cold she has an easy decision to make. After finishing Chats, I am seriously considering a nap and the idea of a warm woolen blanket, a down pillow and three dogs, help the decision making process quite a bit. Yes, there are several dozen things on my to-do list but like Dave always said, "Goofing off isn't any fun unless there's something else you should be doing." God in heaven knows, there's plenty I should be doing but my most expensive piece of equipment is me and, right now, it needs some Tender Loving Care. If you read comments from yesterday's post, you saw what Val, Pretty Little Rough Patches,  wrote...there's sage wisdom in taking care of me first, no matter if me is me, you or Val. We all need to recognize it's a fine balancing act...but when the care giver (me) goes down, it all comes to a screaming halt.  So, next time you're trying to decide me first or something/one  else first, think about the extended ramifications. Choose wisely, Hen.
 ~ flock of wild turkeys ~

1. If you are celebrating Thanksgiving, what are [you] looking most forward to on Thursday?  -- I'm looking forward to waking up above ground and things getting better afterwards.

2. My favorite Thanksgiving dish is -- the one someone else made although Mary tells me her favorite dish is my cranberry marmalade. (Yes, Mary, I'm making more.)

3. Do you ever go through periods of time when you get hooked on a specific food?  -- I don't think so, can't really remember.
4. What's the best stuffing for a turkey? -- I haven't a clue but, maybe, one of these days I'm going to make all the stuffing recipes I have so I can make an intelligent decision. Or, maybe not.

5. When you were a child, were you ever in a Thanksgiving play, pageant, mock pilgrim dinner or anything different to celebrate? -- Childhood was so many decades ago, another country universe actually and the borders are now closed. Patrice, stop with the age questions already! People keep telling me...and I memory isn't all that good but ya gotta figure...the older I get, the more there is to remember and the less room to hold it all. 

Gee, Wendell...may I come with you? I've got carrots!

Blessings ~ Thanksgiving ~ food ~ carrots ~ Patrice ~ Wendell ~ Sophie ~ Sam ~ Sadie ~


  1. I enjoyed the answers. Glad you're back.
    Happy Thanksgiving. ~:)

  2. Some wise words; glad you are taking care of YOU!

  3. These turkeys have a happy life!

    You are right: look also after yourself. This week I went to the dentist. I had to wait for a long time, after one hour I almost wanted to stop and go to my animals. But my inner voice said: take just now care for yourself (and your teeth), and then you can take care better for the animals.

  4. Sage advice about putting yourself first. It's NOT being selfish. It's being responsible!

    And I love the flock of gobblers!!!

  5. Oh my do I have a stuffing recipe for you. I'm going to email you with it later tonight. Hugs!

  6. I remember when I was a young mother to a houseful of little kids. So many days, an afternoon nap (for me) was The Most Important chore of the day. When mama was down, the whole household slid downward. Yes, you've got to take care of YOU too! You've got to fill up the cup in order to pour more out.

    My favorite food of Thanksgiving is dressing (not in the bird) with lots of gravy. Oh, and pumpkin pie with real whipped cream. I can't wait!

  7. It's got to be a #1 priority to take care of you! I like what Dave said though, even when it's no more than goofing off.

    I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving Day.


  8. Funny answer to sissie always says when someone asks how she is...'above ground and above water'...she has a sailboat so it's kinda funny...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  9. Beautiful Turkeys, I hope you rested well and have a lovely Thanksgiving.

  10. Sandra- I don't think that any of us fully realized what your days are like in the winter. What you do in the course of 1 day is amazing-- let alone the fact that your tasks are often done in the midst of inclement weather. My prayers are with you as you keep your farm and animals safe and warm during these next cold months.


  11. Cranberry marmalade!!!!! Want some! Want the recipe:)

  12. First of all, I'm glad to know that you were considering a nap...and I hope you took it! For indeed it is necessary to take care of you first!

    You always make me smile when you do the Chats...I love your sense of humor.

    May you be blessed with a good Thanksgiving tomorrow, my new friend!

  13. I had a cranberry marmalade recipe once and lost it. I'd love it if you'd post yours.


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