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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Chat Number 120

~ Carly Shetland ~
OHMYGOODNESS...can you believe it? Patrice is hosting Chat Number 120...although Wendell is a bit under the weather (is it possible too many carrots made him sick?) Her questions and my answers:

1. Have you baked any Christmas cookies yet?  No, but baking short bread is on my calendar for tomorrow. I want to give short bread to the folks at the auto repair shop, library and feed stores; they are so nice to me and I want to say "thank you" in a tangible way. 

2. Have you finished your shopping yet? Oh gosh, I finished most of my Christmas shopping months ago. Although, this year, I'm dong things differently. Family and I celebrated Christmas last weekend and I gave them baskets of home canned goodies, a few store bought goodies and a note that said a donation was made to The Gideons International in their name. Let's face it, all of us have everything we need (food, shelter, clothing) and most of what we want. I've reached the age when I want to share in a more tangible way, so I'm giving the gift of eternity. Most of my friends and I have decided not to exchange gifts as well; when we get together (whenever that is), we'll go out to supper or I'll cook for us. The gift of their presence is what I want; I can never get enough of good friends.

3. If you had reindeer like the story of Santa, what would you name them? Love, Joy, Peace, Kindness, Gentleness, Faith, Hope, Charity and Wisdom.

4. What was the most memorable Christmas gift you ever gave or received? In 1971, my parents sent me to Emmanuel Junior College in Franklin Springs, GA. Just before Christmas break, I was packing to go home and noticed Joni, a classmate from Hawaii, wasn't packing. It turned out, her family didn't have money to bring her home for Christmas so Mom and Daddy said, "bring her with you." On Christmas morning, there were gifts under the tree for Joni...a gift from Mom and Daddy. That's not only my favorite Christmas memory, it's also the most memorable Christmas gift I've ever given and received.

5. Please tell me something new, interesting, or funny. Also, Wendell could use some encouraging words to feel better, just saying. I was in my flannel nightgown, fuzzy socks and fleece mocs at 4:30 tonight. The oil man delivered oil (OUCH!) and as soon as he left, I locked the gate, gave a flake of hay to Carly, came inside and got comfy. Have I mentioned how much warmer the house is since plugging the foundation holes and sealing between the sun room and house?   BTW, Wendell, whenever I'm a little down in the dumps, I count my blessings and that always helps. Then again, so does a good cry every now and again. 

There are three water troughs on the farm and they all freeze; a de-icer is kept in one and that prevents ice but on the other two, ice forms. This ice isn't so bad, it's just a piece whereas sometimes it's a sheet, two inches thick, covering the entire trough. 

Once I drag the ice out of the trough, you can see how crystal clear the water is and, if you could taste it, you'd taste the sweetest limestone water in the world.  

Do you see this stealth 'paca?

Little sneaky thief! But...can't blame him because he didn't leave the gate was someone with two legs 

and I don't mean these critters:
Have I mentioned how nice it is to have dust to dawn lights on the garage? 


It's so cold and, this year, my old bones are feeling the cold so it's taking me a while to visit your blogs. Just be glad you're not here, the smell of muscle rub is quite intoxicating invigorating stinky.
Merry Christmas everyone; remember the reason we celebrate.

Blessings ~ Patrice ~ pure drinking water ~ egg nog ~ so much food to eat, I even have snacks! ~ warm flannel nightgown ~ guineas ~ a warm house ~


  1. I enjoyed reading your answers to the chat and seeing your photos! Merry Christmas!

  2. great post!
    life on the farm!

  3. Simple blessings are the best-flannel jammies and slippers. Shortbread. Contentment with where we are and the creatures and people who surround us. Have a great Christmas!

  4. I sit here laughing as I was just being glad that my husband is at work tonight and doesn't have to endure the smell of horse liniment on my sore knees, as I read your blog. Thank you for the giggle

  5. Interesting answers,heart warming and funny, I love your Paca thief photo, the close up shot is gorgeous. Hope that muscle rub works...your indomitable spirit is beautiful...

  6. It's beautiful what you and your parents did for your friend :)

  7. Fun! and that's exactly what I'd name my reindeer too...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  8. Just love your header. Is that East River Mountain? I want to make shortbread, but I don't know if I'll do it or not coz I also want to make gingerbread cookies. I have already made more goodies than I should have, so I just may skip the cookies altogether. Keep warm and enjoy the beautiful Christmas season!

  9. Thank you for this post! Important to conentrate now for the feast!

    I love the sentence of this post:
    ..."remember the reason we celebrate."

    Wonderful, Thistle!

  10. I mean CON-C-ENTRATE! :) :) :)

  11. I loved this little chat about this, that, and the other. And your philosophy about what to give this year is spot on. (No batteries required, LOL.)

  12. Great reading and finding out more about you. I like your homemade gift giving and the donating too . . .

  13. Karen, thank you, you're always welcome on the farm...I'm sure I've got a shovel that'll fit -grin.

    Annie, life on the farm...daily.

    Lisa, Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    justdifferent, how are you smelling now? -grin

    Lynn, I'm too stubborn to give up, LOL.

    Clarity, we were all blessed by our choices.

    Teresa, great reindeer names!

    Cathy, no, I'm too far southwest for East River Mtn, it's the Clinch Mtn. Range. I'm in the Cove, where Lassie was filmed.

    Dori, here they have a saying, "Jesus is the reason for the season" and it's SO true!

    Donna, as it happens, I'm now out of batteries -grin.

    Lynne, home is, giving, gifts, etc.

  14. It sounds so wonderful and peaceful at your farm. I know this is a hard time of the year for you, missing your dear Dave, but I love how you count your blessings anyway. I also love the names for the reindeer, the fruits of the spirit are much nicer than Comet and Cupid! Praying for you this morning.
    Merry Christmas!

  15. Welcome Gloria, thanks for your prayers; very welcome, needed and appreciated.


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