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Thursday, December 19, 2013

NO Copyright Laws!

~ sorry, no photos, just information that'll scare your socks off! ~

I hope I've got your attention because what I'm about to write about affects every single person living in the USA and beyond. Except, perhaps, that 1% who already misuses most of the resources God allows them to have.

Have you heard about TPP? It stands for Trans-Pacific Partnership and is a free-trade agreement (not so much but that's what it's called) that is designed to do a number on We, the People. It's being called "the corporate power tool of the 1%" by WikiLeaks and Lori Wallach of Public Citizen but Congress and the Senate have not been included in the process. As a matter of fact, they've been excluded...secret meetings, remember?

From Lori Wallach, Public Citizen, "the message to President Obama from his own party is clear: Neither the public nor members of Congress will tolerate more of these NAFTA-style trade agreements, and the text of this deal must be released because there are major concerns about where it is heading.... Last week's leak of the TPP investment chapter sent shock waves through Congress because it showed that U.S. negotiators had totally abandoned Obama's campaign pledges to replace the old NAFTA trade model and in fact were doubling down and expanding the very Bush-style deal that Obama campaigned against in 2008 to win key swing states."

Apparently, the words honest and transparency mean nothing to the great o.

Some of the  more heinous parts...

*a ban on Buy American - in other words, any country participating in the TPP would receive equal access to US procurement contracts...meaning our tax dollars would not stay in the USA to create jobs for Americans.

*corporations would be empowered to attack US policies in foreign tribunals and demand taxpayer compensation for our environmental, health and other laws. The World Bank and UN tribunals deciding such cases are comprised of three corporate lawyers, unaccountable to any electorate, who rotate between suing governments...and act as judges. There is NO APPEAL on their decision.

*more US jobs lost...since NAFTA and WTO, the US has lost 1 out of ever 4 manufacturing jobs to foreign countries. I haven't liked a President since Reagan but that sorry Clinton, Bush Sr. and peanut farmer did horrible, horrible damage to this country. Now Obama adds to his heinous acts with the secret TPP.

*GMO labels would be removed.

*intellectual property...won't exist! You can say good-bye to copyright laws and just get used to the idea your work will belong to whomever steals it quicker. See Article QQ.A.2: {Objectives} on this WikiLeak page.

*bank de-regulations - frightening thought!

Oh, you haven't heard about TPP? Wellll, that's because the meetings are being held IN SECRET! Just like the Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA).

Under TAFTA, click here for the report, we can expect...

*GMO labels removed and as Monsanto public relations president said, "It's not our job to ensure food safety; that's the FDA's job. It's our job to make  money." 

*tainted food: the TAFTA industry group wants US milk standards weakened because the process for complying with them “is both highly cumbersome and 

*increased personal data mining to "flow across borders"...iow, no more personal'll be against the law.

The only reason anything is known now is due to whistle blowers leaking information. Bless 'em for it! Yes, it's a lot of information and, frankly, most of it is frightening but you should do a search for TPP and draw your own conclusions. I don't know about you but I have tremendous problems turning over our democracy to a "tribunal of three judges"; adding "no appeals" is insanity, pure insanity!

Expose the TPP to read more information and then call your Senator and Congressional rep and tell them NO TPP and NO TAFTA! It's not good for America and it's not good for We, the People. Just search your state and the word Senator or Congressman and you'll find the contact information. Please call them as an e-mail doesn't carry the same weight. If you've time, please send a hard copy letter and ask where they stand...that really gets their attention!

I only have one question...if, by chance, folks are able to actually take their money with them when they die, what, exactly, do they plan on buying in hell?

Blessings ~ Lori Wallach ~ Public Citizen ~ WikiLeaks ~ 


  1. " ... if, by chance, folks are able to actually take their money with them when they die, what, exactly, do they plan on buying in hell?" Even though I don't understand all the whys and wherefores of the law I completely AGREE! This Obamanation of an adminstration and the scum that voted for him deserve all the bad things that are happening and will happen under his (lack of) leadership. He is an evil, vile, disgusting man. Obama is an communist and HATES America. Why some still can not see that is beyond me but it boils down to even the real Anti-Christ will be welcomed, adored and voted into office. At least he is losing altitude with the failing poll numbers. I just pray we can get our country back once this hell bound bunch are gone.

    Excellent post my friend.

  2. This is all so distressing..It never ends, day in day out, hour by hour, the news just gets worse and worse. I'm afraid that this is not just a bad is much more than that as you probably already know. We all know so little about anything and even the White House press is getting upset because they are not aloud in any meetings and no photographers are aloud, something that they say has never been done..all to creepy!
    I have to turn it over to the Lord all day long. My heart brakes for our country and all of the people who just want to live their lives and have a little happiness.."Lord please spare our country and help us out of this evil rule..Amen."

    Thank you for sharing with us. xo

  3. The "gemme's"/ give me society wants all it can get for free. This is why they voted for O.O was put in power by big money who wanted someone they could control. Yep. It will happen again and again if we allow it. I'll investigate this Sandra because I know I'll be upset if you're upset.
    And, you know I have my 2 US senators on speed dial on my cell phone. All I can say is hope we get Marco Rubio to run, he's honest, at least so far.

  4. Lord, Have Mercy,Please. Amen!

    Apart from Him, we have none and no hope at all. I remember the better days,,,,.... when America stood for better than this.

  5. This is all horrible for us and my dear husband would have plenty to say if he were still on this planet.

    The first thing that came to mind as a response was a song.

    On Christ the solid Rock I stand,
    All other ground is sinking sand.

    I've not thought of or heard this song in years, so to me the thought was directly from God.

    We do not know what each day will bring us, God is our strength when we are weak and anxious, may we keep our eyes and hearts focused on Him.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  6. This man from nowhere who has no allegiance or loyalty to anything or anyone outside his own little circle has been (ever since he entered the White House) bent on doing as much destruction to this nation as he could with the time he was given. But let's not forget WHO has given him the freedom to do the things he's doing. It very much reminds me of the story of Pharoah in the Bible. What he was (prideful, arrogant, Godless)God made him even more so in order that God could achieve His purpose over the Hebrew people thru Pharoah's actions. Are we not seeing the things we've depended on and invested in crumble? Perhaps in the end it will bring God's children to Him, for we have grown way too dependent on our history of this great nation and the freedoms God has blessed us with, and we've forgotten where they came from. However, Mr Obama could learn a great lesson from the story of Pharoah. But then I'm convinced that, like Pharoah, he is not very teachable.
    Thanks for posting this information. We still have to try and defend what we have left.

  7. Thanks for sharing the info. I remember how hard I fought NAFTA when I was young. This just makes me sick. Thank you so much for the information.

  8. Scary! Sounds like we are heading toward the one-ruler govt foretold in Scripture.

  9. You always keep us in the loop! Thanks my friend! I will hope it will not get past all the watchdog organizations and read more. I hope you have a Merry Christmas!


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