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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Taste of Things to Come

~ Easter Romney, 16 to 18 years old ~
Daddy always says the weather that comes in on the Equinox will be the weather we have for spring. Spring is a few days hence but... Mother Nature and Father Time are sending rain tomorrow followed by sleety snow and low temps...just in case I might have forgotten the horrors of last month. 

As if.

Patrice, Everyday Rurality (almost typed Reality -grin-) is hosting Number 130 Chats on the Front Porch; her questions, my answers.

1. If you're in the USA, does the time change mess you up? Absolutely and I despise DST. I don't know of any farmers, or folks who live close to the land, who like DST. It's difficult for bodies, human and animal, to acclimate and I'm not sure we ever do acclimate. We just bear under, plow through and wait for sun time to return. 
~ neighbor's lambs ~
2. Do you usually drink a beverage with your meals? Yes, it varies between water, milk, sweet ice tea (as we say in the South) or wine. 

3. How often do you iron clothes? When needed and as necessary. When I travel, I wear man-made fibers but, at all other times, I wear natural fibers and am partial, as you might imagine, to wool. . I've found a toss in the dryer, with a wet washcloth, will, usually, rid the garment of wrinkles. Well, that and being spread over my large frame, which helps as well -lol-.

4. When was the last time you took an enjoyable walk? Today was lovely so I took two walks, morning and afternoon, in the pasture. The dogs and I thoroughly enjoyed it and plan to do it each and ever day, weather permitting. When weather doesn't permit, I'll take a few turns on the stationary bicycle.
~ good place for a walk ~
5. Tell me whatever you'd like to share with us. The fire in the wood stove died out so will be laid, ready to be lit, when the weather turns. Yesterday, someone asked what would I do when the farm sold. The plan is to move closer to family, in central VA and almost four hundred miles away, but to another farm. My strong as an ox nephew told me, "Sissie (my family nickname), you just get down here and I'll take care of everything else." As the Bible admonishes, "a good person leaves an inheritance for their children's children, but a sinner's wealth is stored up for the righteous." Dave and I had no children so my plan is to leave an inheritance for my nephews and their children. 

In my attempt to find a house cleaner, I spoke with someone who said she's a widow of some five years. One thing she said was, "There are days I scream I WANT MY OLD LIFE BACK!" It stunned me because I've never said that but with my entire being I've lived it these past two plus years. I, too, want my old life back but it ain't happening so moving on, no longer standing still, seems to be the order of the day. I've been watching the Lord Peter Wimsey DVD's and one line jumped out at me, "One would wake up and there would be a whole day of jolly things to do!" Lord Peter said this as he was contemplating marriage to Harriet Vane and it's how I lived with Dave. We'd wake each morning with an entire day full of jolly things to do! My day is still full of jolly things to do, it's just they come disguised as hard work -lol- but, it beats an office cubicle, don't you agree?
Yes, I do work dreadfully hard but it's work I love. Each morning I get up and, as I told my Mother, "set about wondering which fire to put out first." Even so, I love my life, my animals, this farm and consider it all privilege and joy to tend to these few acres and these animals. Winter is brutally hard, due to weather, but it's still a beautiful place to live and work. I don't mean to complain but want to be honest if, for no other reason, those among you who pray, know how to pray for me. And thank ye. Thank ye very much.
A few days ago, we had a nocturnal visitor, during daylight hours, who spent considerable time up a tree in order to avoid the dogs. Generally, my first thought is rabies but I think this little one was hungry and in an ill humor. S/he kept hissing at me, like I was going to climb the tree and bother it. HA! Winter has been hard and food sources are scarce and animals are being driven off the mountain, out of the forest, seeking food. The dogs kept watch for an hour or so, then enthusiasm wore off, they lost interest and came inside; the raccoon scampered down the tree, backwards, and left, no harm done. 

Nine days until spring...please Lord, let it be gentle with us.

Blessings ~ enjoyable work for hands and heart ~ a good walk ~ inheritance for family ~ a possible house cleaner ~ 


  1. What great pictures of the raccoon! Sounds like you might be doing a bit better. I hope so!

  2. Oh you are a wise farmer and I think you are doing a great job. This winter has been very hard and it is hard enough with help but on your own it takes every ounce of strength you have and you made it and should be proud of that. You made it. Spring yeah I am looking forward to that now that we had a taste of it yesterday, there is a huge snowstorm on its way which I don't mind but the bitter cold is coming back. Calving is starting soon I need strength too:) Hug B

  3. I was hoping I'd read your weather had vastly improved..I had an uncle and an aunt who had a ranch (sheep, cattle,and a massive field for growing hay) even as a child their determination and back breaking work didn't go unnoticed nor unappreciated-she wrote for the local newspaper and some of her articles are similar to your posts. Your life reads like a captivating book.

  4. Winter does make your work and your exposure to the elements high and hard. I pray for a mild spring for you, too. Thinking of you today, Sandra.

  5. Once again you inspire me dear Sandra. I had a widow friend ask me yesterday if I didn't want to 'downsize' now that I'm alone. I told her no, I love this place. It's only 1/4 of an acre and does keep me busy, but I don't want to live in some dang condo, or HOA community. I like my space and privacy. There's something so rewarding working in my gardens and taking care of this place. I wouldn't be able to replace this for what we paid and have into it, by moving.

    Love and hugs to you dear Sandra ~ FlowerLady

  6. Loved your musings and photos . . .
    I really liked the thought of taking off on a walk through snow free land . . .
    Happy spring time days Sandra!

  7. I enjoyed the photos. They always help tell a story, don't they. I hope you can find a reliable housekeeper. It might be nice to have another lady on site to talk to and take some of the burden of the daily load. PLUS, God forbid, if you fall or something, you have someone to care about your well being. Praying for good results for all concerned. God bless. ~:)

  8. Anonymous7:43 PM EDT

    I enjoyed your post this evening. I appreciate the updates and hope you know that you are in my heart and prayers daily.

  9. Hi Sandra,
    What a wonderful post. I so enjoy your experiences and the uplifting way you share your life on the farm. I hope you do find a good housekeeper.
    I will keep you in my prayers.
    Sending hugs of friendship your way!

  10. loved your sharing!
    take care!

  11. I'm definitely ready for the milder weather of spring ... I know you are, too. It's coming!!

  12. You are the cutest and sweetest farmer I know.

    Sending love and prayers.

  13. A "gentle" spring and summer would be lovely, wouldn't it? I'm hopeful. I look forward to shedding heavy coats and wool pants and boots for shorts and tank tops.

  14. Raccoons are so cute , deceptively cute, and I would think "rabies" first too. But hunger must be the reason a raccoon is out and about now. It's s'posed to be coming onto spring and where's the food ?

    I hope the weather prediction is not true, but know you'll fare well no matter what Sandra. Leaving a legacy is what you're doing , by sharing your life via blogging with so many of us around the world, and your nieces and nephews too. Thank-you Sandra.

  15. New to your blog. Your writing reminds me of Wendell Berry. Have you ever read him? He is one of my favorite authors. He speaks of the land and farming and community, and how important it is to preserve. sounds like what you are doing.

  16. Your nephew sounds like a treasure! Reminds me of my kids who are taking such good care of me. I'm glad you'll be able to move to another farm and continue the lifestyle you love!

  17. Great shots of your raccoon visitor. We've had them show up here to eat the cat food we live out and I'm always chasing them off with my pots and pans.
    I do hope your spring comes in gently and gives you some sunshine.


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