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Monday, March 10, 2014

A Week Gone

~ Izzabella and DaniGirl ~
Although colder temps still linger, the snow has melted and daylight hours bring a modicum of warmth. The wind still has a decided bite but, dare I hope, spring creeps ever so diligently by day, and, as of today, spring is ten TEN days still my heart! Due to illness, this last week has been spent doing the basics and not much more. It seems all that spare time available since Carly, Harry and Sophie died, wasn't going to be spent doing fun stuff. Oh No! It was spent taking antibiotics and Sambucol, drinking copious amounts of water, eating (somewhat) healthfully and sleeping. At least sleeping during the night; I'm one of those people who find it difficult to sleep during the day but I can crank out eight to ten hours a night, depending upon exhaustion level. Even so, it would be boorish of me to complain about being sick as the last time I was ill was Dec 2010 and, even this time, it wasn't dreadful. Just enough to make my wagon drag and suck energy like Al Gore's house
Water troughs still have ice but one sunny, warmish day the dogs and I opened gates for Daddy John. He was feeding silage and having a gate opener decreases both the amount of work, energy needed and speeds up the job. 
John uses one tractor to load silage into a loader which will disperse the amount he wants to each individual cow herd.
I'm standing beside the open gate, watching as the cows watch the tractor. It doesn't take long for the animals to associate the tractor sound with food!  If I remember correctly, he put about 6,000 pounds of silage on the ground for these cattle then we moved to the adjacent pasture.

After John finished feeding, I closed the gate and went down the road to take pictures of the new lambs. 

Last week, I put out round hay, a task that I do very slowly, extremely carefully and not without a bit of trepidation. It takes the men fifteen minutes to sit out hay; it takes me thirty, or more, depending upon weather. The hat lots are on a slight incline and backing the tractor on a hill takes extreme concentration on my part.
After moving bales away from the fence, I ended up pushing, not carrying, hay because my summer help put the hay too close to the fence; the result being, HayJ and Bo leaned across the fence, broke it down and started munching. The hay was too loose to pick up and carry so I pushed it into the field and left it.
I was annoyed at my summer help because it was his fault but my responsibility to see the job was finished correctly so am paying the price of having some hay wasted. There's, ultimately, only myself to blame.
HayJ doesn't seem to mind; he's the black and white Curly x Percheron and is a huge horse. He's so tall, he can raise his head and I can't get his halter on him so I trick him. I put a bucket of sweet feed on the ground and make him put his head through it in order to get to the feed. As Queen Victoria said, "We are not amused"...but I am and chuckle anyway. When you're 5'5" tall and your horse is about 18 hands tall, tricks are allowed. 
Mornings begin with dogs and I piled on the sofa and me having devotions. Gray Tom likes loves to curl up next to Sam, long suffering Sam, and the day begins gently. Tonight, it's going on 11:00 which is hours past my bedtime. Have I mentioned how much I despise hate daylight savings time? I want to know what's being saved 'cause it's sure not anyone or anything I know. Farmers, generally, hate dst and with good reason. It's light at 7 p.m. and by the time I get back inside, feed the cats and dogs, feed myself, get ready for bed, check e-mail it's past 9. If I want to update the blog, it's late...going on 11:00. grrrr! It's time to put the dogs out for their last toilet, more meds for me then sleep for all. 

Sweet dreams to you.

Blessings ~ good health for years ~ being helpful and useful ~ animals who love me and each other ~ good hay ~ warmer weather ~ 


  1. You work so hard. I wonder what you want to do if the farm sells.

  2. I am sorry to read you're sick , that must take even more wind out of your sails simply doing the daily necessary chores.

    I agree with you about DST, and haven't found anyone who likes it. I was so discombobulated this morning with the time change and can't figure out why it affected me so much.

    Take care and rest up.

  3. Hello Sandra:

    Oh dear, we do so worry about you although we are certain you would respond by saying that you, and everything, is all right. And so it may be BUT, you really are working very long hours, too hard, carrying out heavy and difficult jobs and then not being completely well. What is to be done??!!

    We think of you so often and do hope that you are looking after yourself. Love as always. xxx

  4. Oh yes farmers hate daylight savings time it is not our friend. The cows don't get it either. Take care and pace yourself. Spring is here if your lambs are lambing there is hope yet.HUG B

  5. I think I left a comment. Will check back later and see.

  6. OK, Obviously not. Thank you blogger. I was saying that I'm sorry you are feeling poorly again. All this weather changing keeps me aching and stiff. I need warmth and sunshine!
    I like DST because I'm an early starter, and like to go to bed when it's dark and I can't see how to do any handwork. I watched the Bachelor last night. Don't know why, just bored and I'd heard he was the worse bachelor they've ever had. I certainly hope so!
    Our snow is almost gone, but we have more coming tonight. Everything is mushy and wet as the thawing starts. My sidekick Aussie is going stir crazy in the house! Glad to know you are being careful. Going to the coast for some R and R anyways soon?

  7. Anonymous7:47 AM EDT

    So sorry you aren't feeling well. Praying for you, dear Sandra.

  8. Hi Sandra! I'm glad you are on the mend, friend! That black and white curly IS SO PRETTY! The sheep with the babies! Beautiful!
    And last, the cozy pets . . . what a great post!
    Please take it easy and finish those meds.
    Sending heaps of love your way . . .

  9. Good morning Sandra ~ I've been thinking about you and here you are. I'm sorry to hear you were sick, but glad you are on the mend.

    Your horses are beautiful! The lambs adorable, and spring is coming to your neck of the woods.

    I don't like DST either, neither did my husband. It screws you up for at least a week. I woke up 'late' this morning, 7:21. I'm usually up between 4-6. This morning I was dreaming I was out front hand watering in my nightgown, seeing lots of seedlings and some larger ones in bloom. They were zinnias, but there were lots more I didn't know what they were. Then I heard my husband say something, I turned towards him and he told me it was 7 o'clock. I was ready to make coffee and headed inside. That little dream made me smile as I don't dream about my husband much, so they are precious to me.

    Love and hugs to you dear Sandra. You inspire me every time I come here.


  10. I am so sorry you lost those friends this year. They have been with you a long time haven't they. It has been such a cold winter.
    It looks nice I love how the hills are all around you.
    I know soon it will be all green. I am glad the snow is gone now. Beautiful horses.

  11. Your horses are beautiful! and 18 hands???... that's a big boy.

  12. Beautiful photos of life on your snow and lambs...spring is on the way. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  13. I am amazed by what you do. beautiful, but hard work. I am so glad I found your blog...there is something in your writing that brings me back to the basics. And now I will say a quick prayer for you, a habit I have been trying to keep when I close out me comment. I hope our snow melts here too this week.

  14. Hope you're feeling much better by now. My spring allergies are starting but not too bad yet thank heavens. I take (or try to remember to take) Sambucol at least twice a week all year long. Glad it's getting a touch warmer up there for you. Hugs!

  15. Despite feeling poorly, my love, I think you live in heaven. It would be heaven for me anyway. Oh, those hay bales! & I know you know I've never set out a hay bale in my life but I can only imagine how difficult it must be. & I am messed up with DST as well, our Lab always knows when it's dinner time, but now she's confused too. And, I'm tired! Maybe for the young children it's good? Love love love YOU!!

  16. Your animals always look so healthy and beautiful. The pictures are fantastic. You have a real gift for preserving life that entrusted to you.

    I hope you can get some rest and heal soon. I think we've all been sick this winter. I'm still wheezing like an old truck with a clogged air filter. This head cold just doesn't want to let go. Ugh!

    BTW, still praying that you can find a buyer for the farm. I know you must be anxious to get closer to the family. I pray that can be soon.

    God bless. ~:)

  17. Wonderful story, wonderful animals!! OH THE LAMBS! I cannot imagine how you make all this work, dear allround-shepherd! And the sleeping dog with the grey cat and the landscape, so huge, and this early March-light! A lot of cows! Incredible! Beautiful big horses! Incredible!

  18. Isn't it exciting that the spring equinox is almost here! It doesn't mean the end of snows, but winter is losing his hold! Get well.

  19. I like the picture of the sheep. This picture is the best one that you have on your blog of Dani Girl. I will show it to Hannah tomorrow. She's really very graceful looking.

  20. Praying for you feel better soon. thank you for your help yesterday...Mary

  21. I pray you are on the mend.



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