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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

After a Brief Rant, Then Back to My Regular Fluff and Nonsense

~ red sky at night, sailor's delight ~
These are the days of insanity, where up is down, right is wrong, black is white and some folks seem hell bent on destroying the USA. Then I remember: we aren't wrestling, fighting or struggling against flesh and blood (although I can see why some...including me...are confused), we're fighting against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil and wickedness in the heavenly realms. My rant, dear reader, is brought on by some of the latest insanity perpetrated upon us by BO and minions, both Dems and Republicans.
Yes, I am against granting amnesty to illegal aliens and my biggest reason has to do with that pesky lil' word, illegal. President Theodore Roosevelt put it best, "In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person's becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American...There can be no divided allegiance here. Any many who says he is an American but something else also, isn't an American at all. We have room for but one flat, the American flag...We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language. And we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people." For more of President Roosevelt's thoughts, click here.

~ Sadie and Daisy ~
We aren't Irish Americans, Polish Americans, Afro Americans, Anglo Americans or ______ (fill in the blank) Americans. Everyone has a heritage and even the Native Americans, American Natives, Indians, Redskins (or whatever is PC these days), came here from somewhere else. But, dang nabbit, if you're a resident of this country, you're an AMERICAN and, to be exacting, a North American.  Lest you think I'm on a tear re. Dems...the traitor John Boehner has included a provision (pages 958 and 959 of the 1,603 omnibus spending bill) giving social security benefits to illegal aliens under BO's amnesty order.  Yeah, I have a problem with that, in part because I know 80 year old widows who have been denied, time and again, Social Security benefits. 2012 figures say the USA has borrowed $363,000,000,000 from China...$1,492,000,000,000 from Japan. We're the largest debtor nation in the world, borrowing money to give it away and the US House and Senate elected officials make $174,000 a year, here while people go hungry and homeless. It's obscene and I weep at our indifference.

Yes, this is the Christmas season and yes, I'm still against illegal's a slap in the face of those folks who came here legally and sweated, prayed and studied so they could take the difficult
citizenship test. It's a slap in the face of those who are living on $1000.00 a month and still paying taxes so illegals can have social security and food stamps. Yeah, I have a problem with that and yeah, my kith and kin are from across the pond...Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England to be exact, but they came here legally, well before Ellis Island, and assimilated themselves into the warp and woof of this country. Legally.

Ah well. What can be expected when people live for the here and now and not the hereafter? When people have no fear of an Almighty God, when they live to suit themselves with no regard who gets ripped to pieces in the bargain. It's obscene and I weep at their indifference.  end of rant...for now...

Dalton, son of my friends, and I filled the wood rack:

The tractor was filled with small feat because a container of diesel weighs well over thirty pounds and it's impossible for me to, safely, lift and pour. So, after lifting the diesel container onto the tractor floor, climbing onto the tractor then lifting the container to the tractor hood, I used a hand held pump to disperse the fluid into the tank.

I finished checking and topping off all fluids in all vehicles.

watched a calf born:

cleaned algae out of a water tank:

watched a buck leap the fence:

wandered around the farm and house, camera in hand:

In five days winter will be upon us but this is Appalachia and actual calendars mean little o' nothing. The weather does what the weather wills and all I can do is be as ready as possible. I've finished pointing the foundation...meaning I've used mortar to patch the places where the mortar has fallen out. This house is 114 years old and has held up extremely well but, like everything else, from time to time needs a bit of patchwork. The inside temps stay toasty and the wood stove is in use only when the temps drop below freezing or it's raining/sleeting/icy with a stiff wind.

The county library has a nice selection of British mysteries on DVD; they're getting a good workout even as the dining room turned sewing room calls out to me. It's the season of nesting and after working so hard to prep farm and house, I feel lethargic, lazy even, and my energy level is low to non-existent. Earlier today, Anita wrote me, "I too need to get my nose out of the book. It has been gloomy here for over a week. So easy to let the hours slip away. OK, I need to start moving!" When she wrote these words, she had no idea of the encouragement she gifted me. There's so much to be done on the farm, in the house and there's so little of me, so little energy and I feel I not only don't keep up, I continually fall behind. Even so, today I told myself I was going to inject some play into my day...after doing some outdoor work, I took some things to the camper. While the weather is a trifle warmer, I'm determined to enjoy tarting up the "canned ham". I'll have a few photos later, along with my recipe for breakfast of champions.

For now, it's time to say good-night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite...ugh...does anyone remember that saying from their childhood?

Blessings ~ never experienced bedbugs ~ my companion dogs ~ blogger buds ~ new life ~ a leaping deer ~ full wood rack ~ vehicles, farm, house prepped for winter ~ red sky at night ~


  1. i agree with every word of your rant.
    If only 90% of the world thought like you, we would have an intelligent planet where common sense decisions were made.
    I can only hope, and dream and wish.
    *God Bless*

  2. I agree 100% with your rant! I have admit it is one of my pet peeves.....

  3. It is unbelievable what o bama does and will do. Unbelievable. Unbelievable. Makes my blood boil.

  4. Add me to the list who wholeheartedly agree with you. I truly fear for the future of this country, when the "elected" fail to follow the will of the people.

    For starters, Boehner needs to go. Period. We need someone with a spine (like Trey Goudy) in his place.

    ...and yes, I remember "Don't let the bedbugs bite." If only that were our greatest worry!


  5. My mother ended every good night kiss with the "sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite" phrase !

    I agree with you and am stunned by the betrayal of Boehner. Wonder what blackmail is being used against him, or is he simply just as much of a snake-in-the-grass as so many other politicians ?

    The only thing that keeps me in good humor about any of this is knowing God really is in control.

  6. If my dear husband were still here he would most definitely be ranting and raving about all that is going on in this country. It's awful! I'm glad for his sake that he does not have to think about it anymore.

    This statement of yours really touched me this morning.

    ** There's so much to be done on the farm, in the house and there's so little of me, so little energy and I feel I not only don't keep up, I continually fall behind.**

    It is how I've been feeling a lot since last week, like life just isn't worth living without my dear husband, why bother trying to keep up with anything.

    That's not a joyful way to live. He wouldn't want me to be like this. He always could bring me back up when I was down. Yesterday I walked around in my gardens enjoying the warm gentle breezes and thanked Jesus for all that I have. He is my strength when I am weak and He will see me through each and every day, even the down ones.

    Love and hugs to you at this time dear Sandra ~ FlowerLady

    P.S. Enjoy that 'canned ham' of yours! Looking forward to pictures.

  7. excellent post! I could not agree more

  8. I do recall that saying from childhood! We said it often, although I don't think we ever had bed bugs, thankfully :) You are such a hard worker! I know there is always, always, something more to do, but sitting in your sewing room, watching British TV, sounds like a very good idea, to balance out the hard work. The body MUST rest also. Amazed you caught that leaping buck in a photo!!! And the pic of the house in snow is amazing and beautiful. I think my parents' old farmhouse in WVa is almost exactly the same age -- theirs was built in 1898 or '99, forget which. It was the manse that went with the church, school, and cemetery on a knoll, I guess the hub of a tiny community then. Only the cemetery and their house remain now.

  9. Oh, my dear, Sandra!! It's like you read my mind and wrote my thoughts! Preach it, Sistah! I feel like there is no one representing me in Congress! NOT ONE. The shenanigans that went on with that spending bill that funded this INVASION of illegals is unprecedented in my thoughts. Excuse the foul language, but do they (BO and Congress) just think we can piss out money????!!! Come, Lord Jesus!!

  10. Dear Sandra, if you decided to run for President, I will vote for YOU!! I agree with all you have said here. Amen on every word!! My thoughts exactly!!

    My mother always said,"sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite" we never had bedbugs and never want them, but it is a cute childhood saying.

    Loved all your pics especially the deer jumping the fence. I miss this scene living in our country home in Ohio. But life brought us to Texas and traded deer for Armadillo. LOL

    Stay warm and wishing you a beautiful winter.
    Merry Christmas my friend!!

  11. Really enjoyed your post today. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  12. All I can say is - God knew this was going to happen and HE alone can make all things work to His purposes - but I do wish lawmakers' mamas were on standby - could go to DC and pull their ears and scold them about being so arrogant and wasteful with what the Lord has given them as work to do.
    Much of my family is immigrant - yes from south of the border - and they worked hard to gain citizenship - legally!
    Lady - I know what you mean - I've been dragging my tired self around lately - but one morning of being out in the yard doing some clean up and I feel so invigorated (yes I came in and took a nap after lunch - one must maintain one's perspective - )

  13. Dear Sandra,
    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas. I hope the world can become a better place for us all.

  14. You do so much I can imagine you have no energy. My goodness!!! You spoke my thoughts about this crazy world we live in so exactly... I pray and pray and wait for a better day. My dad used to say "sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite" along with "see you in the funny papers". I have thought about that for years, lol... Have a wonderful Christmas.

  15. Thank you for these wonderful photos, telling me about blessing in this holy time!

  16. I so agree with you, all I can say about being as old as I am that I enjoy many of my years spent when this country was better off in simpler times. I am so tired of the news broadcasts everyday of someone trying to one up the violence from the previous days news.

  17. AMEN! And bless you for ranting.

  18. You are such a HARD worker.


  19. Anonymous12:47 AM EST

    Oh yes, we heard that about sleeping tight and no bedbugs when I was a child, and then I passed it on to my children. But one young man used to say, "Don't let the bunk beds bite!" and then we would all laugh at the idea.

  20. I completely agree with the rant. Have you been listening in to our conversations? *lol* Thank you for sharing your thoughts too.

    I love the photos from around the farm. And you're such a hard worker.

    Luv ~:)

  21. I always have so many plans of what I want to do when I get home from work in the evenings. But mostly I fall asleep in my chair! I guess I need the rest. Enjoy your cold weather nesting. It's a good counterpoint to working outside in the cold. :)

  22. I absolutely agree with everything in your rant! If you get a chance, hop over to my blog and see what "C" wrote --her rant on a topic of which there is much division!
    Stick Horse Cowgirl V

  23. Sandra -
    We join you in your rant and bemoan what is happening to our
    once stable Nation, but where to
    start to remedy this disaster? What are we doing about it? That
    guy was impeachable long ago but
    our representatives either do not
    have the backbone to back up our
    Constitution or somebody has something on them...When did they stop working for us? Most illegals do not qualify based upon the former three rules for entry to our country -
    Must be in good health according
    to examination by our doctors
    Must prove you have a job waiting for you
    Must prove you have a residence
    in which to live....
    then we let you in...
    That is how our Grandparents did it and could not wait to become
    AMERICANS...and most did not have previous criminal records to boot... forgive the
    got me started...thanks for the vent.....
    A most blessed Christmastide and a joyful New Year.

  24. Wonder what would happen if we choose to go to the "other" country and ask for aid? And that ballots be printed in languages other then the official language of the country? And on and so forth. And Damn it all people blaming the person in office at the time is like peeing in the ocean. None of this would be happening if someone was really against it. It is not one party vs another it is across all lines and none of them are ever what they say they are. I will slink back to my barn now.

  25. You're so right about our seniors not being able to afford to live and get their meds, and it's criminal, really. I wish Teddy was back in office! We have a huge mess on our hands for sure, and who knows who's going to pay for all this . . .
    The picture of the farm in the snow is so pretty, and amazing you caught that deer. Sandra, you do so much work I get tired just thinking about it, Lord bless you! A few British mysteries sound like a restful way to unwind.
    Blessings to you this Christmas. xo Deborah and you remain in my prayers.

  26. Yes, I'm mad at both parties, especially my previous one, the Repubs. I'm becoming more and more conservative as they move more and more over the other way. Guess I'd be called one of those despicable teapartiers. Generally known as people who work and pay taxes. Lots of taxes. And support a constitutional government. On a lighter note, I LOVE British mystery DVDs. I've seen all the Poirot and Sherlock and I just keep watching them again.


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