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Thursday, December 25, 2014

People of a Distant Country, Wending Our Way Home

"I believe in the Virgin Birth in the fullest and most literal sense; 
that is, 
I deny that copulation with a man was the cause of the Virgin's pregnancy."
~ C. S. Lewis

Especially on holy days ...holidays... we people who are aliens upon this globe, with one eye on the here and now, the other on the hereafter, celebrate His story. The greatest love story of all time, meted out in one small Book, giving only glimpses of unspeakable joy because our hearts are small.

For those who have loved ones gone ahead, when you're able, because of hope, choose joy. In a brief instant, this life will be over and we will celebrate His Story, His Father throughout eternity. Our minds cannot conceive no fear, no pain, no sorrow rather an eternity of unlimited, unbounded joy with the Creator of the universe.

Dare I suggest God has saved the best for last?

"I have come so that you may have life and have it more abundantly." 
~ Jesus

Choose joy and life everlasting; 
please join we people of a distant country, 
wending our way home.

Blessings ~ God, the Father who sent His only begotten Son ~ Jesus Christ, the Son who gave His will freely to do His Father's bidding ~ Christians, we people of a Distant Country, wending our way Home ~ eternity in heaven ~


  1. Beautifully said, my thoughtful friend❤️. I am thinking of you this Christmas morning.

  2. Lovely post this Christmas morning. Merry Christmas!

  3. From my heart to yours, Christmas blessings to you today! May the richness of His love permeate your world today.

  4. So beautiful and true, Sandra. Like your words x

  5. It's been a perfect Christmas, weather was great. I cooked Xmas eve and
    went to Daughters today, the sun was out and all is good with the world in Maine.
    Thank you God! big hug and Merry Christmas.

  6. Anonymous10:36 PM EST

    Glad to be with you on the journey. Merry Christmas, Sandra!

  7. Blessings, Dear Sojourner!

  8. We do need to LIVE every moment!
    Blessings Sandra!


  9. Sandra, always enjoy your thoughts in your posts. Hope you had a blessed day on Christmas.

  10. Beautiful Merry belated Christmas my friend. HUG B

  11. Blessings for Christmas to my dear friend so far but near.. Peace in your heart, this heart-peace is the great peace, which is born. Neverending peace between God and His creatures. Christ is born, dead died! LOVE!

    Your Dory from the Bavarian forest.

    Great header-photo!

  12. So true. Our small hearts have only limited understanding. He is very kind and patient with us. I'll join you on the journey! Wending our way home. How exciting!

  13. As my grandchildren & I love to shout, " .. and all god's children said "AMEN ! " .

  14. I always love the way you write and how you share the truths of the Bible .. You have been gifted with such beauty in your writing .. !

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ..

    I know I don't get by often but you are in my thoughts and prayers very often..


  15. Love the title of your post. Beautiful.


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