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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Winner, Winner...and do you know what makes me happy, happy, happy?

Yes, Christmas is over but I leave the wreath up until January end; it's too pretty, adding a bit of cheer to a somewhat bleak terroir to remove too soon.

Lightly, also known as Meri Go Lightly, the easy keeper mare requiring TLC, has a nasty habit of eating all the bird seed from the feeder. I have a nasty habit of allowing her because it's little enough spoiling for being kept where it's easier for her to heal. (I am such a sap!)

Advantage was taken to get in a load of wood from a pile which is getting dangerously low. I've found a seller of wood but am waiting for someone to take a look at it to be sure it's locust and dry.

Debbie, Of His Pasture, in cold IL won the Duck Socket Sealers; they were mailed Tuesday and, is downright nasty here today...sleet, ice, snow and I went to town anyway. You said your house was older than mine, Thomas Hawkins began building mine in 1900, and drafty as all get out. You need these sealers; let me know how they work for you.

BTW. Debbie's was the third name drawn because the first two people did not leave a way to be contacted. When I clicked on the names, a box popped up “no-reply...”. Ummm, that’s not good; if you want a chance to win, you really need to leave a way for folks to get in contact with you. In a few days, Vicki’s third annual Grow Your Blog Party starts and one of her few rules is...ya gotta leave a way for folks to contact you.

It’s winter in Appalachia where weather can’t make up his feeble mind. One day it’s semi-warm, drizzly, cloudy and the next it’s cloud, cold and spitting ice and snow. Yesterday, before going to town, I fixed breakfast of country ham, English muffins and a cheesy egg.

A few months ago, at a thrift store, I found two egg cookers that are specific to the microwave. I cannot begin to tell you how these little cookers have changed the way I eat! One of the greatest problems for me, since Dave died, is fixing a meal; it's okay if I use the crock pot but it's just difficult to remember to leave time in the evening for an actual meal. Far too frequently, I find myself at the end of the day with nothing to eat and resort to cold cereal. 

One or two scrambled eggs, a bit of cheese and, sometimes ham or bacon or sausage is added, a minute in the microwave and I've got a hot, tasty meal. The cheesy eggs are left on the plate or placed atop a muffin or biscuit that's been slathered with my home churned butter. Being somewhat too hungry lazy to make cat head biscuits, I used English muffins...not quite as tasty but certainly a lot easier and faster and, really, when enough butter is used, the difference isn't noticeable. 

For those requiring a bit more instruction...oil the cooker with veg, corn, EVOO or butter, break one or two eggs into cooker, mix well, season with black pepper and salt, add a tablespoon or two of cheese and microwave one minute. I’ve added a few bits of broccoli or a few leaves of spinach; any veg will do and, yep, it’s that easy! Next, I need to search for a few more recipes as this one is getting worn out from use. Perhaps a chocolate cake...

Something else that makes me happy, happy, happy is YOU! Visiting your blogs, reading about your life or projects or what you’re selling or what’s happening where you live, etc. When a post catches my eye, I, sometimes visit more than once, just to savor your words, your life, you. I’m not much good at responding to I age (thank You, God!) I find the energy level only goes so far, especially in cold weather. So, I can read, comment, visit or I can respond to comments; I’d rather visit you and comment.

Something else that makes me happy...when I visit you and wander around your blog, there are so many things of interest. I find out if you’re interested in crafts or writing or traveling, etc. Sometimes I see you’re on Pinterest or! I’ve gotten some really great quotes from your blogs; some have appeared on my Sabbath Keeping and, when possible, given credit. (Meaning when memory decided to serve fully and well.) Time is taken to tuck you in a little prayer; it’s not necessary for me to know much about you because God knows it all and likes when someone lifts someone else in prayer.

When I visit your side bar, I see so many other blogs that look interesting. It’s almost a sure bet to find bloggers I already know and love visiting and am sure to find a few new to me bloggers as well. Thank you for that little gift!

Something else that makes me happy is seeing my blog on your sidebar. Which, makes me wonder...have I listed your blog on my sidebar? I know I read a lot more blogs than are listed, which confuses me. So, if my blog is on your side bar but you don't see your blog on my Cozy Reads sidebar, please let me know. I want to be a good neighbor and fix that immediately!

We all matter; sometimes in ways we’ll never know. When I visit you and tuck you into prayer, it matters to you (although you may never know), it matters to me and it matters to God. Our lives count in ways that are, sometimes, incomprehensible to us, but not to God. It’s taken me a while to get to this place but there are people who have hurt me deeply or owe me money or steal from me. People who claim to be Christians (because they go to church) but, frankly, I think their Jesus imitation is seen through a glass darkly. It’s taken me a while to be willing to pray for them and, truth be told, I still fall off that particular hallelujah wagon but when I do pray for them, I am being obedient to God's Word. This Christian walk can be like walking on broken glass and when I look down, the shattered glass is, often, my heart. Even so, obedience is better than sacrifice and He’s promised to be with us each and every step. Glory Be!

Blessings ~ quick, easy, nutritious meal ~ a treat for Lightly ~ beauty in a bare landscape ~ a winner ~ 


  1. Sandra, is your little microwave egg cooker ceramic? It sounds like a wonderfully useful item! I had a plastic one - bought for 50 cents at a tag sale - but was never really happy with my experiments in microwaved eggs. Glad you found one with better results!

  2. Wow! A nut case wanted to bomb Congress, I have to laugh, maybe we think it , But come on no one would do it. Not today
    they are drinking that cool aide again.
    Have to look for that egg cooker.
    My luck the eggs would explode.
    Love ya, it's a Summer day tomorrow 3o degree's

  3. I appreciate your comments on my blog; I'll take them over responses here! ;-)

  4. I appreciate your comments on my blog; I'll take them over responses here! ;-)

  5. Sandra, I always love visiting your blog and always read every word. You are just such a good soul and it comes through in every word you write. I can almost see you there puttering in the kitchen making your eggs and cheese and checking your wood to make sure it is of good burning quality.

    I love that you let your little "sister" there eat the bird seed even though it is for the birds. You have a servant's heart.

    God bless you and I hope you stay well this winter. xo Diana

  6. Dear Sandra-Thistle, it's so hard, that Dave is not here to shelter you because of some false people, who want to make you fall down or go away. But Dave is not really away. What would he say? You know, that nobody can hurt you really! Stay just quiet and let you friends give you good energy.

    I love your Christmas-decoration and the winter-scenes. Blessing is near you and in you and comes from you. Never give up - carry on - fight the good fight! Think of good people who can guide you

  7. What a loving post, Sandra. I do enjoy your blog, and your visits to mine as well. Thank you for your prayers, though I an often remiss in praying for others. May God richly bless you!

  8. I started reading your blog last fall - so love your stories of the farm in your neck of the woods. I am a little old farm girl myself, but no longer have active farming in my life. Not my choice, but life goes on! I do not blog, but know there's one more kindred spirit out there that follows you.

  9. You're on my sidebar. ;)
    But I don't hold it against anybody if I'm not on their sidebar. There are so many of us!! I agree with you 100% about the joy the blogging community can bring to us. I enjoy my visits so much, peeking into others' interesting lives. It can get kind of lonesome and quiet at times around here, but so many of you encourage me. God bless you, Sandra, and may God guide you as you keep on keeping on, along with the rest of us! :)

  10. Hooray for the lady with the drafty, old house. Now she can plug some holes!

    I love all the varied bloggers out there, including you. It's fun peeking into their lives. It's good to be connected.

    I have a pretty juniper wreath with lights on it that I'm leaving up through January.

  11. I make myself breakfast in the microwave everyday...using egg beaters, grated mozzarella (so creamy with eggs) and whatever veggies I have left over from dinner. I love asparagus, or roasted veggies especially. Just a hearty way to start the morning!
    I always appreciate your visits and your really is a caring, supportive community here on the blogs...xoxo

  12. I have you on my sidebar...and love when I see you've a new post so I can go read it! This has been an upside-down year for me and my own blogging has suffered, but I'm not giving up. I love your witness to the Lord, and that your posts are REAL. None can snatch us from His hands, and He will lose none of His chosen, which is very comforting when I find myself "so busy" with the affairs of this current stage of life that I neglect Him - He still calls me His own, comforts me and calls me back with open arms. For that I'm grateful, and for blog-friends who share their joys and struggles. Like one of your other readers, I grew up in ranch/farm environment, and miss it and all too often think I'm too old to return to it - the mind has one idea, the body another! Kudos to you for all you accomplish on your farm. May 2015 be your most blessed yet.

  13. What a beautiful view from your window! And what a sweet horse. I hope Lightly heals well and fast and doesn't eat you entirely out of birdseed. LOL

  14. The horse eating the birdseed really brought a smile to my face today. I've never seen such a thing!
    The microwave egg cookers sound wonderful!!

  15. Oh keep warm my friend you work so hard and the winter seems long but spring will be here soon. I do hope the wood is what you need. Take care. Hug B

  16. I don't usually comment but always read your posts via email but this morning something hit a cord and I just have to say I know exactly what you mean about being deeply hurt but people . My husband and I were deeply hurt by a couple who attend church every week yet they out right lied to my husband which cost him a lot of money . I try to forgive them but as I said to her it is the lie that hurts the most from someone I had been friends with for so many years . There is a bible passage that goes something like this " forgive them for they know not what they do " I try repeating that when this surfaces in my mind , sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't . I enjoy your blog .

  17. I never tried microwave eggs need to look 'into that, congrats to the winner.
    I don't always stop to write a comment either after enjoying a good read. In the early morning with a cup of coffee or tea I do enjoy reading too
    big hugs-and I am a big softie too when it comes to animals

  18. I don't always post a message but I do read your blog every time one of your posts comes into my email. I just love your style of writing, the phrases and words that are unique to your part of the country.

    Stay warm and healthy!

  19. Beautiful post, and Amen to everything you said - exactly so.

    And what are you doing out on the roads in miserable miserable conditions?

    My wreath is still on the gate too.. :-)

  20. Did you see the egg muffins on my blog.....? they are yummy.....put them in a plastic bag in the fridge, take them out and warm them in the microwave for 1 minute.....they are the bomb.

  21. Always good to read a post from you my friend. Praying for you today,and ALWAYS appreciate your prayers for me. God is good, and He never fails. I remind myself of that a lot!! Praying for the Lord to bless you in a mighty way today, and for Him to use you to bless someone else. I too am so thankful for the wonderful blogging friends I have made. That includes YOU!

  22. I am LOVING reading your blog.. you are so fun and easy to read.. and I am jealous of your horses! lol. Hope we can keep in touch! <3 -

  23. Sandra, thank you so much for visiting me for the New Year! As I am a widow as well, I understand it is just not much fun cooking for only one. Sometimes a baked potato with all kinds of goodies around to put on top, or even instant oatmeal are very easy for the microwave.

    All the best to you!
    Featuring "Inner Spaces"

  24. I'm not sure how long we've been blogging friends, but it's been long enough that I enjoy talking to you like a friend. You're a down-to-earth lady with good sense and a good heart. And not just because I won your duck socket sealers. Although your good sense has been good for both of us here! :D
    I don't like to think of people cheating you, but I sure do envy your ability to see it for what it is and move on.
    Forgiveness is something God says we must do and yet I find it hard to do. I'm working on that with His help.
    I'll let you know when the USPS delivers my little jewels!

  25. Hi there...I have an email listed for people to contact me, does that count for a contact. If we have the reply checked on the blog, we are inundated with comments in our email. If there is a better way, just let me know. In any case, I'm so happy you are happy. If your blog doesn't show up in my sidebar, you just need to click on "see more". Mine are arranged by how long ago they posted, but I'm limiting them on the blog face. Have a wonderful day!

  26. Hi Sandra! You're a super duper blog-community member!
    Egg cookers! So nice. I do love eggs in any form. Your breakfast looks wonderful!

  27. I enjoy that you let the horse clean out the feeder! My neighbor has a problem with his horse since he found the chicken feed containers and ate half of it. We giggled about it because he is such a good old horse.

    The last paragraph, sounds very painful and I agree with you. God tell us to forgive, but nowhere does it say we are to forget! But if it does I know you can correct me! Hugs, I love to read blogs too!

  28. Hi Sandra, So enjoyed your post tonight and catching up with you. Congrats to the winner Debbie. Love the horse and you letting him clean out the feeder. We all need a little spoiling now and then.
    I too have two of those ceramic egg cookers for the microwave. They work out perfect for hubby and I. We find the older we get the less we eat. I guess that's a good thing. LOL
    Loved reading your happy happy happy thoughts. You are such a bright star in blogland and I always enjoy your posts.

    Yes, forgiveness is an important part of our walk with the Lord. To forgive gives us the space to move forward and grow. If not, we are only held back and hurt our self.

    Wishing you a great weekend.
    We are predicted to warm up to 66 degrees tomorrow. WOW can it be??

    Blessings and Hugs

  29. congrats to Debbie, It is so cold this AM, company for Sun. lunch go to get crackin. Have a great Sunday yvonne

  30. we got two of the microwave egg cooker little beauties from Bed Bath and Beyond - cost maybe 5 dollars each and way cheaper than buying one of those chewy "breakfast sandwiches" from a fast food place.
    here you go - chocolate cake in a mug should do for expanding your microwave repertoire

  31. My blog is not on your sidebar. I don't have a "blogroll" on my sidebar so I haven't left you out :-) I thought perhaps you only list blogs reciprocally but then I noticed at least one on your list that doesn't have a blogroll....

    Your story about the fun of going from blog to blog and making discoveries describes what I like so much about this Blogiverse. I'm glad you are still at it through thick and thin. <3

  32. Sandra dear ~ I used to take down my faux Williamsburg wreath
    from the front door and leave the door blank until Spring. This year I obtained a natural wreath like yours at Church, so when the faux one came down, the fresh one went up and I so enjoy how it fits the rest of the season. Happy
    to join the Sisterhood of the Wreath.
    I have found the best way to deal with those who wrong others is to
    pray for them...."Please lead all souls to Heaven, especially those
    in most need of Thy mercy, the fallen and the falling - may their hearts and souls be converted and may they repent, to know, love, honor and serve Thee according to Thy Will, all the days of their lives.." The hurt
    is diminished and finds purpose
    in wishing good for another. I
    knew you would understand, Sandra.
    Blessings ~

  33. I missed that picture of the wreath before. It's beautiful--and a striking picture.

    On to February now! And then spring. Hang in there! :)


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