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Saturday, January 10, 2015

WOW! Almost...almost...Above Freezing! But Not Quite...

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Each evening, I tend to feed the horses a little extra hay so I can buy more time in the mornings in the huge, although as yet unrealized, hope (a) it'll warm up and (b) the ice will have thawed...just a bit. HA! In talking with my brother, I mentioned I was chopping ice twice a day. He asked, "Don't you have a de-icer in the trough?" My response was, "Yes, that's why it only takes about 45 minutes." This photo shows a small area where there's no ice and it's at that point I start.

The only tool I could find was a solid steel pole, normally used for tamping earth, not quite six feet in length, weighing about...guessing here...fifteen or twenty pounds and not the best tool but, in a pinch, acceptable. The best tool is either my crow bar (found today) or...hmmm...can't remember the other just now but my pitchfork is used to lift ice out of the trough.

Most of the ice is gone but this morning, back again so another 45 minutes of chopping gave the horses a clear area to drink. Today, temps got up to around 28 F so the de-icer helped me finish the job and the trough was ice free when I finished. Tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer which is nice considering the low temps and snow expected all next week.

There are two piles of ice, both having twice as much now as seen here. I try to keep the ice to one side where the horses are less likely to step and slip.

If any of you...Michelle...have need to carry a partial load of hay, here's a tip to make the job easier. Make a couple of knots in two ends, take the two loose ends, pull them through the knot and the whole load is easy...easier carry. Small things mean a lot when you're carrying 70 or 80 pounds.

The goldfish stay underneath the de-icer where it's warmer.

Sam P. Spade, Secret Agent/Angel, is one of my best helpers. Today was warm enough to take a 1.5 mile walk so dogs and I all got in a bit of exercise after I got home from buying a laser copy printer scanner fax machine and buying gas. Gas is $2.04 a gallon at Sam's Club; what does it cost where you live?

I'm looking for some stove wood to buy; anyone selling any? I'd prefer locust but as I'm almost out, any hard wood will do and, delivered, natch and, preferably earlier than later, because there are more storms coming this week.

Wow. Just tell me...could you stand the excitement of my life? - lam - (laughing at myself)

Blessings ~ my good helper ~ water trough ice free ~ little helps ~ warmer temps ~


  1. I bought gas for my car this afternoon in the Metro Detroit area for $1.82 a gallon. It was running on fumes and cost just $23 to fill the tank. I have paid more than $40 to fill that tank. I am glad prices are down.

    Hope you find some wood for the stove before the cold sets in again.

  2. Regular gas is about $2.13 in our part of Georgia. It's nice to fill up the tank for under $30 again, and all no thanks to O'blamer or the Dems.

    Don't work too hard and hope you stay warm. ~:)

  3. I should never complain about my weather here again after reading about your days. I do hope it warms up for you my friend.
    I paid $1.77 the other day. I could not believe it.
    I laughed about your remark about writing about your exciting laugh. I too feel that way when I write about my days. haha
    Happy New Year Honey

  4. $1.99 in north central Minnesota. So nice to be under $2!
    Goldfish! Wow! :)

  5. got it here for $199.9
    love the photos
    tired of the bitter cold

  6. Whew, I think all that chopping would wear me out! I saw one station as low as 1.94 today. Amazing.

  7. I love the photo of Sam! I am glad he is a good helper :o)
    Take care!!!

  8. Hello Sandra,

    Well, we are certain that we would not last a minute of your life. Gosh, you must have the strength of three women with the tasks you carry out. We are constantly in awe.

    It us freezing cold here in Budapest too......quite a contrast to the 30C of South America. Everything seems to take so much longer in the cold and hibernation is a real temptation. You must want to do that, we are sure, and simply emerge, refreshed, in the Spring.

    Whatever, you are always in our thoughts and we appreciate so very much your kind messages which you leave for us. We wish you the happiest of times in 2015. May peace, joy and prosperity be yours. All love, J and L xx

  9. We do our temperatures in Celsius and our petrol in pounds per litre. The temperature is hovering about 5 degrees c and it is pouring with rain. We are trying to do without having the central heating on all the time and it is chilly and damp when it is off. The petrol is about £1.10 per litre. The biggest problem for me with winter is the short days. Light from 9 - 3.45 ish just now. Makes me want to hibernate! But it is getting lighter with every day - hurrah! I hope it warms up for you. Eleanor xx

  10. I've seen$1.69/gallon here in DFW this week. Could you put a second de-icer in the trough to keep it ice free? How is Sadie in the cold? My RRs hate cold.

  11. You work so hard. Gas is 90 cents a liter here:) Hug B

  12. My life is as boring , I don't even have a Dog now. Just paint my Thor over and over, God I miss him so. Miss Mamma and my husband too. I tossed my bird feeder and it had 3 inches of ice. The bird bath is solid.
    Got to get dressed for Church, Have a warm Sunday.

  13. I'm quietly coveting all your gas prices. $2.69 in our area of the west. Better than the $4.45 a while back.. ;)

  14. You amaze me GIRL . . . All you do on that farm to keep it running and the animals safe, fed, watered, loved . . .
    Happy it has warned up a bit and you were able to get your walk in.
    Also happy you weren't driving around here on Thursday and into the next morning. 20 inches of snow fell at our house, drifting us shut and a broken snow blower to boot. We managed to shovel ourselves out and THEN get the call that the snowblower was fixed.
    Bitter, bitter cold, tons of snow will make this a history making week in Michigan.
    Two awful car pile ups with two deaths too. One 40 cars, the other devastating pile up was 143 cars, (and not far from where you were driving.). YIKES . . . Thankful you made it home safely!

  15. Good Morning, Sandra! We're at Lake Greenwood in SC this weekend and I saw gas prices of $1.98 in the area. It's hard to believe, but welcomed. Hope you find your wood before the storms next week. I'm like everyone else that reads your blog.....Amazed! Amazed at how you are able to take care of the farm, your animals and house all by yourself. You are certainly an inspiration to me. I pray you stay warm, healthy and safe. I know you'll be posting snow pictures next week and since we rarely get any snow, I can't wait to see them. Warm hugs from your SC friend! ~Laurie

  16. Hope you find a good source for wood supply. I just got a 1/4 of a cord of split oak and it's been a no burn day ever since I got it, oh well that's CA. Gas here dropped to $2.39 and then our wonderful California government added a new tax first of the year, haven't bought any since new tax was added

  17. I feel your pain! It has been -30C here for well over a week. But it is supposed to really warm up day after tomorrow. Hovering between -5 and -10. Yay! I will definitely be getting out for more walks. I'm in desperate need of an extended period of fresh air.
    Luckily, unlike you I don't have a whole lot to maintain outdoors.

  18. Aw gosh Sandra - that's a tough job. I hope you stay warm this week. I paid $1.88 for gas in North GA on Friday but it's about 20 cents more per gallon here where I live. Ir's been really cold here too and I DON'T LIKE IT ONE BIT! LOL Supposed to rain here all week - no sun until Friday - YUCK!

  19. Dear Sandra, You leave me breathless and in absolute awe of your courage and abilities. I can't even begin to imagine the cold; the only ice I've ever dealt with was a bit of frost on my wind screen. The love you have for your animals and your home shines through in a most wonderful way. Here in Sydney it is hot and humid, mid summer. An enormous part of Australia is in drought, bush fires are raging and there are floods. We get a bit of everything, all at once. But somehow, I think your winter tops our summer! Stay well, keep warm, and keep loving your animals. You're a legend! Hugs, Carol

  20. Oh, and in some places our petrol has just gone under $1 per litre. I have no idea how that compares to your gallons but we are pretty pleased about it.

  21. We have plenty of firewood but it's a long ways from you. Good thing we didn't sell any earlier as our heat pump died and wood has been our sole source of heat this season! Smart goldfish....

  22. regular unleaded gasoline $1.65 last week here
    oh thank you Lord I know where I can live with joy - and it isn't where I have to chop ice anymore! I know there are lovers of winter and it is my shortcoming to not be able to "get it" - I come close to hibernating when temps hit low 30's!

  23. Hi Sandra, our gas is 1.84 at the moment.
    You have the stamina far more then someone half your age. It is a gift to do all the you do and the knowledge on how to get it done.
    God Bless you my friend.
    Stay warm! but somehow I know you will.

  24. MAN!! I just got some dairy goats, and I put goldfish in the water tank, but they keep dying off.. and I'm in California where it NEVER gets so cold that the ice freezes.. the lowest temp we get is around 28 degrees? How do your fish stay alive?!?! -

  25. You are living a very interesting life to many, doing things most folks don't do. No de-icing happening here, or hay carrying. :) Sam P. Spade is very dashing in his sweater. Best wishes, Tammy

  26. Sam is so very sweet and handsome. I miss him! Nope -- no firewood for sale here. We have 3 trees in our yard :) I hope you find some!


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