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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

The Best Marigold playing

As I don't have marigolds, day lilies will have to do as I'm watching The Best Marigold Hotel and recognize so many actors from other venues. Penelope Wilton, played Isobel Crowley in Downton Abbey, again playing a crotchety, disagreeable old woman who does not deserve the wonderful husband she abuses. Eventually, she figures it out and makes changes to propel both she and her husband forward even if separately. No, this isn't a recommendation for's a movie...

Then there's Maggie Smith, aka Dowager Violet Crawley, another very, very crotchety old woman who is also disturbingly vocal in her dislike of Indians. Yet, as the movie plays on, we finds out she's been "let go" with no ceremony, after years, perhaps decades of being in service. A younger woman has taken her place and she's been put out to pasture, unwanted, unloved, un-cared for and totally at sixes and sevens. It's sad and I weep for her because I know her. I know many such women and men and sometimes, sometimes, they figure out a way to go on and go on successfully.

Judy Dench is someone who makes the best of a bad situation and, in this movie, does it beautifully ending her part in the movie "happily ever after". I do like her clothes though...all cotton and linen and she's about the only one who dresses for the city and the weather. Smart woman.

If you've seen this movie, no doubt your mileage differs; please tell me how.
~ Dandy Man, he's my boy ~
I've always wanted to visit India, particularly Jaipur where the movie takes place, but there are so many other places I want to see first...Wales, Scotland, Ireland (again), Mongolia, then, maybe India. But OH the textiles...that would make India totally worthwhile...yes? The Kantha quilts are lovely and the next quilt I make, I want to do it in the Kantha style.
Mom and Dad wanted to go to Niagara Falls so a camper was purchased. It's a 19 foot something or other that's no longer being made but is extremely suitable.
 The flag is to remind me to be me. Silly, eh?
 Table seats four and the Mikassa dinnerwear is vintage.

Banquet seating that breaks down into a double bed. The kitchen area has a rooster theme...cute, eh?
Seats four. 
Four burner stove, double sink, enamel cook wear. Pretty much, it's all vintage and thrift store finds. 

 Twin beds in the bedroom, the fabric on the bed will be used to make quilts for each bed.
The mattresses were in good shape but I purchased five inches of foam to put underneath them...which will make a wonderful nights sleep.
 I've sailed a 36 foot yacht with a shower about this size.
 Nice sized sink and
toilet with lots of storage.
A refrigerator a tad larger than a college dorm size.

Now, all this lovely, fun stuff and my parents can't go due to Dad's surgery. He's had complications and a trip to Niagara isn't happening this year. Still, I've had a lot of fun simply sitting in the sun, outside the camper, planning trips to come. And, should those trips not happen, I'm thinking this might be a nice farm stay camper. What do you think?
Recently, I was at Gina and Steve's house and we were visited by babies...twin bears! I'm not sure where Mom was but, to be sure, she wasn't far. I think it's a bit like child will stay put and do what they are told whereas two children will get into mischief so the babies ran off.
They were wandering around the front yard and when I stepped onto the front porch, began scrambling up a tree before scrambling down and running across the road.
which way...which way??? Cute as all get out and just more of God's creation we see in this lovely valley.
And, almost lastly, this is what one of the cats left in the sun room for me. Daddy John said he thinks it's a copper head; I know for sure it's a dead copper head. whew!
In more than twenty years, this is the second snake I've seen on this farm; the first was a green garden snake.
The first photo in this post was taken the same time as this photo...beautiful, simply beautiful. A storm blew through on Friday and Saturday, leaving crystal clear weather, mid 50's temperatures feeling like early September...break your heart beautiful!

As they said in the movie, "Everything will be all right in the end, and if it's not all right, it isn't the end" or as I like to say...God has a plan and that's a good thing because these are trying times. Tempers are running high, emotions are out of kilter, people are being mean, neither side seem to be very tolerant. People, listen's okay to have differing opinions about, well...everything but what's not okay is to turn nasty. Please don't show hatred or even unkindness; if necessary, remove yourself from the situation and walk the other way. If you're a Christian, turn the other cheek and show Christian love.

Blessings ~ on all God's people, saints and sinners alike ~ 


  1. Your countryside is beautiful, you weather sounds FANTASTIC, bears are cute, a dead copperhead is good, that vintage travel trailer is great!

    You are having a lovely summer ~ FlowerLady

  2. Love the pictures, Sandra... the bear cubs are adorable but gotta watch out for momma! So sorry to hear about the camper not being used... it is a very nice one!! Sometimes I htink I would like to hook my truck up to something like that and run away from all the trouble in the world, but... *sigh* better stick around and take care of my critters. *wink*

  3. Love your wide open views . . .
    Vintage camper finds . . .
    Wandering bear cubs . . .
    Thoughts and words . . .
    A visit from Thistle Cove Farm . . .
    Happy days Sandra . . .
    (Cold air swung our way too, wool socks for me late yesterday, 47 this morning!)

  4. Hi Sandra, love this post. Thank you for the movie review. It sounds like a good one. The baby bears are so cute but I think mom is near by watching.
    Love seeing the sweet camper and the darling interior. So sorry it stands still for now. It would make a great farm stay or guest house. The snake, not a fan!!
    Love your lesson at the end. Yes, different thoughts on everything is okay, being nasty about the differences is not~~~~
    Wishing you a Happy 4th of July sweet friend.
    Hugs and Blessings, cm

  5. I loved the movie, honestly it didn't even need a plot and I would have loved it with all those great actors.

    I'm so sorry the trip with your parents is not to be right now and hope that the camper will see future good times, even as a place for your to take pleasure from there on the farm.

    Thank you for your reminder at the end of the post. I've been appalled at some things I've read recently. There has been a fleeting thought to respond to a comment on another's blog--almost never a good idea. Let's be kind, for goodness sake, and try to have a little sense of humor!

  6. travel trailer looks a great deal like the one DH and I purchased - very comfortable and easy to stay anywhere - especially if you can get an electric line hook up!
    Too true - the old song says they will know we are Christians by our love - not our ranting venom filled diatribes. If one is in a state of sinful living - we aren't going to blast them into salvation by showing hatred. On the other side - tolerance is NOT limited to those who agree with your position - freedom to say that which someone else might find offensive is still FREEDOM

  7. Oh I loved that movie and can't wait to see the second one which recently came out. It has been beautiful (some of the time) here in Georgia too - morning cool weather that I just can't believe is in Georgia in July! Your camper looks great and I just know you'll use it at some point. Hugs!

  8. So many new things from travel trailer to bear babies! Thanks for the movie review. I don't often watch movies or television but I have it on my list for when I do. My Daddy always told me when folks were being less than cordial to me that I should "kill them with kindness". I think that this is becoming more and more of a necessity. Sigh.

  9. Looks like a lovely camper. Sorry they can't go this year. Enjoyed all your photos, minus the snake....ew! I did enjoy The Best Marigold Hotel movie. I brought it with me to show my dad. Have a lovely 4th of July weekend.

  10. Hi Sandra!

    I got back from Italy Thursday night, late.
    I cannot begin to tell you what a blessing the Pacsafe was!!

    Soon I'll begin to sort out my notes and memories and start to write it all down.
    Then I'll be posting on my blog.

    Thank you again, for being a part of my prayer journey!

  11. I LOVED The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel! I'm still confused, though. Is there a Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel? I'm still looking for it. I love the whole Indian thing: textiles, scenery, cooking, architecture. Lots of interesting plots going on in this movie.

    The camper is fantastic! If I had a truck and a camper like that, I'd just live in it and move around as the weather changes. Probably not as easy to do as it sounds, eh?

    Seeing those cubs was an exciting moment!

    Thanks for the interesting post! I may have to watch that movie again sometime. ;)

  12. Sandra-- I loved that movie-- it was fun seeing the Downton Abby folks in different roles! Love,love the camper! Love!!!! If those trips don't pan out you can just set it up as a separate little room for my visits!! We will pretend like we are "glamping!"

    Beautiful views of your beautiful piece of heaven..... OMG- the snake. Can't even go there!!
    Love you--


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