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Saturday, August 22, 2015

My Precious, Amazing Cove Life

  This is my view, every single day...I am blessed.

Bald eagles live here

and sometimes I'm able to get photos.

This bald eagle was eating carrion while the crow dared dance too close.

Milkweed, Monarch butterfly food.

 Amazing, how a fawn this little can jump a fence.

 Difficult to see but three fawns on other side of fence.

 Milk time!

 Several twins and even triplets have been seen this year.

Nice six point buck; hope he lives to an old age.

 It was great, watching these two young folks work cattle.

The bald eagle, going home.

My pace is slow and steady due, in large part, to the beauty surrounding me. When I see a doe and her fawns or a bald eagle or young folks working cattle, I slow down and appreciate what I'm seeing. My life is slow, by choice and necessity and I don't miss fast...not one little bit.

Blessings ~ bald eagles ~ fawns ~ young folks ~ milkweed ~


  1. You live on such a stunningly beautiful farm. I so wish that I could purchase your farm. I'm certain that it's a slice of Heaven here on earth.
    Wishing you a restful Sunday, my friend.

  2. There's no better entertainment or therapy that what nature provides.

  3. If ever I am able to travel again (at the moment full time carer for my husband), I would come to your beautiful farm for restoration.

  4. Your farm, vistas, critters, beauty are all a blessing and wonderful to see from right here in my chair. I can only imagine how fantastic it is to be there and enjoy it for real.

    Slow is so much better than fast.

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  5. "I don't miss fast" -- what a true statement! A fast life is a dissatisfied life. Your cove life is beautiful!

  6. You have a slice of heaven right here on earth Sandra. Slowing down to enjoy it only seems like the right thing to do. Love your pics.
    Thanks for sharing your world with us. Have a blessed Sunday.
    Hugs, cm

  7. Amazing beauties. No words for them. The best things have no words. Yet your pictures come thru electrical lines to my computer and they are shared....

    Huge hawk came with our new property. Yesterday hawk & crows were quite loud, and crows not amused.

    Need to learn more about the myriad types of ants on our property. They seem to be marching, marching, marching. They will cross each others lines, as if the other is not there. My city garden did not have this diversity of ants.


  8. Love your views . . . Nursing fawns is a Jewel photo . . .
    Like you say Thistle Cove Farm, beautiful one day, perfect the next . . .

  9. I always love to see pictures of your farm and the area in which you live. It's a feast for the eyes!

  10. Beautiful post, I love all the deer too! I could watch them all day!!


  11. I'm with you, Sandra. No matter how much work there is to do, if we can't take the time to savor a moment of ordinary magic, what are we doing all that work for? :)

  12. Sandra, You are so blessed to live in such a lovely place. Your eagle photos are something! It's hard to capture that! We see eagles soaring over the river and I always wish I could get a photo. Every photo tells a story about your lovely farm and area. Thank you for sharing the slow life! ♥

  13. I always enjoy coming here. Beautiful blog.

  14. What a blessing and wonderful life you live in the middle of such grand nature! I'm in awe of your life, continue to enjoy it to it's fullest!
    Your blog is absolutely perfect!

  15. Glimpses of your farm and cove make my heart beat slower. I love how you take the time to notice and appreciate the things around you. Too many people race through and miss these little miracles.

  16. Sure is pretty and so green there. I don't blame you for taking your time to appreciate the beauty all around you. I like "slow" best too.

  17. You are blessed, Sandra, but the land you live on, the house you live in, and the creatures you care for and enjoy the view of have been blessed to have someone who is such a good steward as you.

    Those fawns nursing, how amazing to catch a photo of that!

    And Kit Carson, what a dear!

  18. What a beautiful world, and you are wise to take it slowly and really see it. Blessings to you.

  19. I go slow every chance I get! Same reason, too.

  20. Your home is a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing it with us through your pictures. A slower pace is a blessing. We all must choose to slow down a little, it is always so nice when we do so.

  21. How lovely, Sandra! I am trying hard to notice the beauty in life everyday, too...

  22. I love that you don't miss "fast". I too try to appreciate what's around me...what could be a better use of those moments? Nothing. Thanks for the sabbath post too. I save so many of the great quotes you post there.

  23. gorgeous photos, your place is gorgeous, imagine all of that in your own backyard. Love the Sabbath kitty photo, too too cute.

  24. Got my fingers crossed...Don't lose touch with me. love yvonne

  25. You live in such a beautiful spot. I love all your wonderful photos.

  26. Beautiful, beautiful photographs. You are, indeed, blessed to live amongst such wonder and beauty. {I am blessed where I live too, though a different aspect}
    Your cover photo just took my breath away as I arrived here.
    ~~~Deb in Wales

  27. Slow is far better a pace to enjoy the beauty of life!


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