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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sabbath Keeping

~ Kit Carson ~

"Above all else,
 guard your heart
 for out of it are the issues of life."

"Follow your heart, never surrender your dreams. Always believe in yourself and let God do the rest."
~ Simphiwe Ntuli ~

"I could take time to compliment you on your beauty and physical features, but I want to get to know your heart and soul." ~ Raghib Clitso ~

"It's okay to follow your heart but take your brain with you."
~ Nicole Hill ~

"It's never the right time for the wrong people in your life."
~ Sandra Bennett ~

"Women, consider guarding your heart until you find a man who is willing to protect it for you." ~ unknown ~

"It is not your experience, knowledge, or skills. Your heart is your most important leadership tool." ~ Michael Hyatt ~

"The problem with letting people tear your walls down, is that you never who wants to take down those walls just for the fun of it. For amusement purposes. Just to say that he knew that he could. At the end of the day...the things you build should stay built. And you are no scapegoat for the sins of other people, in anyone's life. How dare anyone take down your walls not in order to see you; but only in order to feed their ego. In order to make you pay for the sins not done by your own hands." ~ C. JoyBell C. ~

"Some people need to be loved from a distance." 
~ Sandra Bennett ~

"While God does want us to be open with others, he also encourages us to put boundaries in place as we do. He talks repeatedly about guarding our hearts. So what's the difference? Hiding is a response out of fear, while guarding is a proactive choice to protect what matters most. In other words, we're not to deliberately put something of worth where it won't be valued." ~ Holley Gerth ~

"Keep guard over your eyes and ears as the inlets of your heart, and over your lips as the outlets, lest lest they betray you in a moment of unwariness." ~ Anne Bronte ~

"Be careful who you open up to
Only a few people actually care
The rest are just curious."
~ unknown

"A lion never loses sleep
over the opinions of sheep."
~ unknown ~

"Be angry and yet do not sin. 
Do not let the sun go down on your anger."

Prayer Keeping ~ Jim ~ Sandra ~ bus drivers ~ students ~ teachers ~ 


  1. I know we never grow too old for the wisdom in your quotes today, but I especially wish we could teach our young girls this.

  2. WOW - timely words and bless you my friend for the sharing of your valuable heart and mind!

  3. "It's okay to follow your heart but take your brain with you." This one speaks to my mother's heart (who is always concerned about her kids)

  4. Cute kitty picture too. :)

  5. O, sister in heart! What a lovely experience to read your proverbs! I feel inspired in my heart for my hiking with pilgrims tomorrow!

  6. The Holley Gerth one reminds me of where Jesus tells us not to cast our pearls before swine. :)


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