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Monday, November 16, 2015

So, What Do You DO All Day?

My brother, a retired law enforcement officer, now works at flipping houses and he's pretty good at it too. Anyway, one day we were talking and he asked, "What do you do all day? I mean, it's not like you have a job." (I'm glad we were talking on the telephone and he couldn't see my expression.)

So, this is what I did today...

*slept until 6:30 because at 5 I decided I was too tired to get up.
*got up and on my way downstairs, started the first load of laundry
*let the dogs and cats outside in outside in outside get the drift...
*treats for the animals
*made coffee for the human (me)
*settled in to listen to Yousseff and Begg
*read Bible, other devotions, wrote in 'blessings' book
*hung out laundry, started another load
*hung out down comforter to be ready to insert into duvet after washed and line dried
*checked e-mail
*fixed oatmeal, ate breakfast
*dressed, went to barn
*fed barn cats
*got out Ranger, carried hay bales to horses
*set out hay for horses in 2 pastures (using up all hay in Ranger)
*back to house, hung out laundry, started last load
*back to barn, got out tractor, mowed 2 small lots which required much opening and closing of gates while avoiding horses, preventing them from escaping
*put away tractor, moved Ranger in place to throw hay down from loft
*climbed into stables loft, threw down 5 bales of hay and stacked in Ranger then wrestled with old rug to cover hay from guinea droppings
*hung out another load of laundry, started final load
*went to library, Sam's Club and Joann's Fabric, 70 miles round trip, stopped at McD's for ice cream
*got home, unloaded car, fed dogs, cats, got in laundry
*started supper for myself, ate, finished watching Lawrence of Arabia (watching because it was filmed at a location Dave and I visited a few years ago when we were camping in the Sahara Desert), started watching As Time Goes By, Series 6 (LUV this BBC program!)
*started typing this post and when I finish, will mend a few rips in two blankets

So, that's what I do on any given day except I'm sure to have missed something...retrieving mail, picking up pasture trash while setting out hay, giving a few compliments while out, etc.

So, brother dear. Not much. You?

Blessings ~ God given strength ~ good health for animals and myself ~ treats  for animals and myself ~ a cat in my lap (Gray Tom) ~ As Time Goes By ~ 


  1. Bless you! I've often said that my parents did more before 9:00 am than most people do in a day. They are just like you. I hope you continue to have good health. I am sure you are an inspiration to more people than you know!

  2. Bless you! I've often said that my parents did more before 9:00 am than most people do in a day. They are just like you. I hope you continue to have good health. I am sure you are an inspiration to more people than you know!

  3. Sandra, I bet there were quite a few more things not on your list. Did you leave out sitting on the sofa and watching several soap operas while eating bonbons?

    I am glad your brother asked you though because I was very interested in everything you do in a typical day. Give yourself a pat on the back!

    And from what you wrote me about your Christmas preparations, I know you're working on that too!

  4. Wow, Sandra, that brother of yours is lucky he was talking on the phone! I hope he sees this so you two can compare lists. I can only guess yours is longer, not that you're keeping score or anything. xo ♥

  5. That's exactly the kind of thing one of my brothers would say to me. He love to spin me up. At 56 I am finally learning not to bite!

  6. Enjoyed this post.
    I remember a family member asking me what I did all day. She was very young and green. I told her that every day was different and every year was different.
    She now knows what a stay at home momma does. SO tell me, "What DO you do all day?" Been there. Done that.
    Another woman thought all I did was chill out at HOME.
    Oh let me tell you somethin', I'm chillin' alright.
    They are cute... aren't they?
    Blessings to you.
    You are one busy Lady.

  7. I understand that so well!

  8. Hee hee!!! Just as well he asked you over the phone!! xx

  9. Its something I get asked a few times, I usually give a tunge in cheek reply, you have a busy life full of lots of little jobs that are repeated on a daily basis, of course the outdoor work has to be done regardless of the weather making it challenging at times :-)

  10. Yes, you are an inspiration, you may be sure of that.

  11. It's a good thing you weren't on SKYPE where you can see each other while conversing. :-)

    You inspire me dear Sandra ~ Have a great day today ~ FlowerLady

  12. Great post . . .
    I think you set "brother" straight . . .

  13. Never entered my head to ask that question of you. Never.

    All you do shows. Brother can't 'see'. Many can't.

    More than once Beloved has said I cannot multi-task. Alas, he cannot 'see'. Hard to set Beloved straight about inability to multi-task when I'm already doing minimum 3 background functions. Besides, beneath my dignity to engage in that type of conversation, and who has the time !!

    Some things I spend precious time upon are indeed precious and valuable to me. Beloved will question. Again, beneath my dignity to respond fully. Time passes, and Beloved discovers why I do things he considers 'not worth my time'. Ironically he benefits too, financially. I am a plodder. Get more done plodding than running in obviously acceptable fashion.

    Ice cream, you go girl.


  14. Love this Sandra. For most to just follow you around all day would be exhausting. My hubby says he can't keep up with me, and for once, I tell him his right. LOL
    Staying busy is key. My grandmother used to tell me,
    You Rest, You Rust!!
    Blessings for a busy day. xo

  15. Wow, that's quite the day of doing "nothing" isn't it? Ha ha - people really have no idea all we get done in any given day! I get up extra early every day to get a bunch of tasks completed before I ever leave for work....and the same after work. If we want things to run smoothly in our homes that's just what we have to do!

  16. And that was a typical day, no broken well pump, or escaping animals really slow day,lol.

  17. Haha -- you tell 'im, Sandra! I know you meant it all lovingly. I feel much the same way, a bit like the headless chicken. Not much time for any extras like blog reading :( TOO much going on.

  18. Normal days sound exhausting when everything is enumerated like this. Who am I kidding, normal days can be exhausting, no matter how long the list is. Your hands are definitely not idle, so the Devil will have to look elsewhere for someone to do his work.

  19. I truly enjoyed reading this, thanks for taking the time to share your day with us.

  20. You should call him when it's cold, snowy, and icy and tell him what you've been up to! I'm always amazed when folks say how much they love winter. Probably because they are indoors most of the day.

  21. ...I love timeline Nanny (paternal grandmother) used to say there were a lot of 5 minutes in a you could get a lot of 5 minute jobs done...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  22. All I can say is "yup" and "you go girl".

  23. Ugh! If I were with my brother when he said that I would punch him - no kidding! I would start to laugh hysterically as I do when the world seems so crazy, i.e. some people are so clueless it's crazy-making and for some mixed-up reason I laugh at the wrong time.

    Anyway, WHAT did you say to your brother on the phone? And did you send him today's list? He's not worthy, but you could do it anyway. ;-)

  24. A woman's work is never can never know! Thanks for stopping by to visit. It means so much to me.

  25. Wow, I'm exhausted just reading this! :) Just discovered your blog and so happy I did. Your activities sound very interesting to me, especially with all the animals. I'm a new follower and look forward to reading more!



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