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Friday, December 04, 2015

Anna, Last Post's Winner, Vogue Knitting Give Away and Recipe

~ Anna Grace ~

It's a rare occurrence I come home late and almost as rare I come home after dark. It's a dark drive across the mountains so plans are carefully laid so that errands are finished well before dark.

~ taken the day after she arrived,still hungry ~

One night last week, I came home late, after dark and when I parked the car, got out and walked into the yard I was met by this darling face, lungs bellowing "I AM HUNGRY! WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG?" So, I hurried inside (I live to serve), poured cat kibble and put it on the porch where she tucked in eagerly while Girly and Lady Gray watched and waited their turn.

Although Sadie is huge compared to the kittens, she's gentle with them. The other kitten is Lady Gray, named for her color and my favorite tea.

This is Girly, mother of Lady Gray; Girly came here late winter, set up house keeping in the basement which is where she eventually had Lady Gray. In time, they both moved to the back porch, making it ever so much easier on me because I was going to the basement, twice a day, to feed them and mostly in horrible winter weather. Yes, all three females...oh joy.

Lady Gray is about 5 months, Anna's features are similar to a Lilac Siamese, and about 4 months and in January they'll all three be spayed. That is, if I can catch Girly who isn't as gentled as the other two.

Are you surprised to know Anna moved inside? I seem to recall it took her less than 24 hours.

Quinn, Comptonia blog, asked about cranberry recipes and posted a Cranberry Apple Mosaic Cake that looks super delicious. I made Banana Cranberry Chocolate Chip Bread Muffins because I couldn't find my bread pan and, truth be told, it tasted even better as muffins due to the crunchy tops. I added a few chocolate chips because I thought it would offset the tartness of the cranberries. I don't do a lot of food pictures because I assume you know how to mix butter and sugar, etc. If not, visit Martha Stewart or Pioneer Woman; they go in for tons of food photos.

Banana Cranberry Chocolate Chip Muffins
6 large muffins

1 cup sugar
1/2 cup butter, softened
1 cup mashed banana (2 medium)
1/4 cup milk
2 eggs
2 cups flour
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 cup chopped nuts - walnuts, pecans (optional)
1 1/2 cups cranberries, coarsely chopped
1/2 cup dark chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F
Grease 6 large muffin tins.
Mix sugar and butter very well.
Add dry ingredients, mixing til moist.
Stir in nuts (I didn't add), cranberries, chocolate chips.
Spread evenly in tins.
Bake 1 hour 10 minutes or until toothpick inserted comes out clean.
Remove from pan and cool.

Last blog post Kathy, Kathy in Ozarks, won J. Stephen Lang's The Christian History Devotional: 365 Readings and Prayers to Deepen and Inspire Your Faith. The next give away is The Best of Vogue Knitting: 25 Years of Articles, Techniques and Expert Advice.

Click on Vogue Knitting for a photo and review. (I've been on the tractor all afternoon and am crying for my bed.) So, if you're a knitter and would like a chance to win, leave a comment and a way to get in touch with you. Comments will be taken until Tuesday at 5 p.m. when a winner will be drawn via Random.

Blessings ~ a good recipe ~ great books ~ Anna Grace ~ Lady Gray ~ Girly ~ Sadie ~


  1. Oh, my friend...What sweet faces! It was fun to read about them. I've never had cats during my married life, but do love them. Mom had cats until she got on and we were all afraid that one would trip her. After her last one died, she decided against getting another. I know she missed having one around to keep her company.
    I hope you have a lovely, restful weekend.
    You know where I'll be...

  2. I love your sweet pets. Such precious pics. I had to delete my old email/blog. You can click on my name and get the new links. I'd love for you to follow. God bless your day. xo

  3. cute kitties! would love a chance to win,phyllis

  4. Love the sweet kitties. They are all so pretty. I bet they just love having you for their mommy to take care of them.
    Have a great week end.

  5. Anna is beyond lovely. I can't blame her for being an indoor resident. ha They're all beautiful animals and are a blessing, aren't they? I thank God for mine and the comfort they bring me.

    I'm going to try your recipe this weekend. I love cranberries.

    The giveaway is nice, thank you for the opportunity to win.


  6. Hey Sandra. I'm not a cat person. I used to be until our last cat cured that. (I won't bore you with a story).If I were to get a kitten I'd choose a little gray cat like Anna.
    I tried knitting. My mother in law taught our daughter who is very good, and assured me that ANYONE can knit. I managed to change her mind. I do enjoy quilting, sewing, embroidery and crochet, just so you don't think I'm completely devoid of crafty talent. :D
    Those muffins look very tasty and I like anything cranberry.
    I wouldn't know how to begin to tractor. Get some rest.

  7. I loved your kitty photos and story-we have always had a few "barn kittys" that stay outdoors but still friendly. Our Miss Calico has been with us for at least 11 years now and was always outdoors-we had rescued her and she always wanted indoors-two years ago when winter was really rough hubby let her indoors-and she is now our indoor outdoor kitty-we have conversations with her all the time-so cool
    thank you so much again for the winnings-
    Happy Saturday-don't enter me in this one-I don't knit and I already won-hugs Kathy

  8. BTW! I forgot to mention that I did not take your suggestion for good deeds in vain. Yesterday at the ALDI discount grocery I was given a cart by a lady who refused my quarter and asked me to pass on the good deed. So when I went to check out with a loaded cart I told the elderly gentleman behind me to go ahead with his small armload of groceries. Turns out he was a veteran and I love those people! I told him my SIL is a Marine and is deployed this holiday for his 6th deployment. We talked about that, the present state of our government, and He and his wife were so nice and I enjoyed visiting with them. That's all. Later.

  9. Thanks for sharing your critter photos. Likewise for the recipe...I'm going to try it today.

    Have a good weekend!

  10. The muffins look scrumptious! I'd better save that recipe! :)

  11. Dear Sandra,
    These are beautiful cats! Such amazing colours! And how soft is the big dog Sadie!
    it must be a great feeling to drink a cup of lady-grey-tea with Lady Grey on your knees: this is universe! :)

    I can really understand the sentence:"It's a rare occurrence I come home late and almost as rare I come home after dark. It's a dark drive across the mountains so plans are carefully laid so that errands are finished well before dark."...

    I can imagine, that the small cakes taste wonderful!

    Bavarian winterdark-greetings from Dori

  12. Anna s beautiful. We had Siamese cats for many years...they were wonderful. We used to call the one "dog-cat" because you would swear that cat was half dog. Followed us on walks everywhere. I miss them, bet we have too many friends now with allergies. Loved the Sabaoth Keeping. There are quotes I need to copy there.

  13. Lovely kitties, all. And I haven't made muffins in ages, but now I'm wondering why. These look delicious!

  14. What a face! They are all so cute. Muffins look yummy, thank you for the recipe links too.

  15. How beautiful Anna is. I always love cranberries in cake, their sharpness stops them from being too sweet. Ever since I cut down on salt and sugar in my own cooking I notice that some commercial recipes and restaurant meals are intolerably sweet or salty.

  16. Dearest Sandra-- God sure knows where to send a kitty when it needs love and attention!! She is beautiful and she is so lucky to have you!! Guess I'll have a new kitty to love on when I visit in the spring:)��

    Hmmmm those muffins look pretty awesome!! I can almost smell them through the photo!

    Sending you love--

  17. Love those kitties. I have always been partial to cats!

    You asked about the poachers... They are hunting on our land. Last year they actually cut down one of our fences for their four wheelers and were baiting deer on our property which is illegal in Virginia anyhow! It makes me so mad.


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