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Friday, September 02, 2016

Craft Show, GOP Grand Opening, TATERS, Antique Tractors

Saturday past, the Thompson Valley Community Center hosted their annual craft show and I always spend too much money...according to my wallet but not the crafters...grin. Mr. P. makes the most fabulous wood evidenced by the solid oak side table I brought home. I believe he uses mortise and tenon but he could also be hiding the nails...don't think so though. Even without the drawer, it was so heavy I was panting and had to rest a couple few times between car and house. 

Mr. P's table of wooden bowls, lamps, cutting boards, trays, etc. and Mrs. P. does lovely paintings on some of the woodwork. Mr. P. told me, "You need to come over; I've got a whole outbuilding full of stuff." I replied, "Last time I visited you and Mrs. P. it cost so much money I had to write a check." We both laughed because I bought more than a dozen Christmas gifts (and ended up keeping a lot some) and didn't come close to damaging my checking account. (Yeah, I am a sucker for hand crafted goodies and plan a visit to his outbuilding...soon!)

His prices are downright reasonable; these three pieces---cutting board, bowel and rolling pin---costs fifty dollars for the set; I'm ashamed to tell you how much what I paid for my table. 

These are scrubbies, crocheted from tulle and designed to use at the kitchen sink, although one could use them as bath scrubbies. The one I've been using is long past prime but still usable so it's great to find more; the price was so good, I bought three and since they're thick, it'll take a long while to wear out.

After the craft show, it was time to visit the grand opening of the Republican Party in Tazewell County.

Ribbon cutting...left to right...Lynn Ratliff, Chris Ratliff, Party Chairman, Morgan Griffith, 9th Congressional District House Rep, covering slightly more area than the state of New Jersey (unbelievable!); Senator Ben Chaffin and Tamara Neo, local lawyer and, along with her husband, Flux Neo, operate Neo Law Firm. I'm not much on glad handing but did want to shake Senator Chaffin's hand so I could introduce myself and say, "Senator Chaffin, I voted for you and would like to tell you why." He thanked me and said, "Why did you vote for me?" I don't think what I said was what he expected. "Because, sir, I know where you go to church." 

I'm not sure but I believe he blushed. "Yes sir; I've been a visitor in your church and believe you to be a man of God who will endeavor to be fair and honest in your dealings." All those things are true; I have been a visitor in the church he attends and believe a person doesn't attend a truly Evangelical church unless they believe in what's being preached and taught. After meeting him, I believe him to be a humble man as well. I don't go much for the belief that Christians shouldn't be in politics and, in fact, believe Christians should be in politics. I don't care for pagan rule, locally, statewide or in DC and am weary of well meaning idiots saying, "separation of church and state" as if Christians shouldn't have a say in how we are governed! 

The reason I went to the Republican Party Grand Opening is, I'm tired of only complaining and want to be part of the solution. I'm tired of people pontificating on Facebook and their blogs about why they believe Trump can't be trusted or why Clinton is the devil's spawn. Actually, I've stopped listening or reading when folks want to yammer on and on and on and...about their opinion so I'm working at the GOP office a few hours a week so I can say I actually made a difference instead of just made chin music. 

Sunday past, the TATERS...aka Tazewell Antique Tractor & Equipment Riders... visited the Cove. This group of antique tractor enthusiasts have their own Facebook page and a fair number of folks who haul their antique, and not so antique, tractors around Tazewell County to enjoy the fellowship, beautiful days and, in the case of the Cove, a benefit hot dog supper.

For those of you to whom such things matter, my apologies but I cannot tell you the year of this John Deere tractor. Bob H. is driving and I love how he's rigged a canopy for shade...something I need for my twenty-plus year old Deere.

This tractor is driven by Daddy John, valley neighbor, the same Daddy John who cuts and bales my hay but on a different tractor. I seem to recall this is a 1930's Ferguson tractor and believe he told me tractors with back skinny wheels and two closely spaced front wheels are most dangerous for mountainous terrain. I believe it and even though my Deere is much safer and has 4-wheel drive, there are still places on my farm that frighten me but not Daniel, a sometimes farm helper.

There were two of these Ford tractors and looked both sturdy, compact and a lot safer than the tractors with two small front wheels. I believe there were more than 30 tractors and a couple of UTV's (utility terrain vehicles) riding from the Cove Community Center, across Rt 91---the only primary dirt road in the Commonwealth of Virginia---and back again. They left around 2:00 and returned around 5:30 for their hot dog supper.

Bob Moss, Chairman, wearing the straw hat, welcomed the TATERS prior to asking Pastor Danny to bless the meal. Bob is celebrating his 19th year of being the Tazewell Bulldogs 'voice' at the Friday night football games. (Bob also dug the hole to bury Lightly, my first mare, last November...still haven't been able to write about that event.)

I've got a couple of short videos showcasing the tractors to put on youtube; will let you know once they're on-line, hopefully, first of the week. Frankly, after mostly standing for six hours on concrete, my back is crippled and I've been existing on Aleve, Aspirin and the occasional heavy duty Ibuprofen for grins good measure. A good part of my week has been spent with a heating pad between me and the floor, while I'm reading great books. Speaking of...are you familiar with Joe Pickett, Wyoming Game Warden? This series is written by C. J. Box and I have consumed as many novels as I can wrap my hands around! Who doesn't love cowboys, eh?

Thank you for your kind comments on A Girl With a Dream Becomes a Woman With a Vision post; my plan is to respond Sunday, after church, depending on pain level.

Ponder this ~ Don't get so busy making money to buy the things you want that you forget about the things money can't buy.


  1. I love wood stuff.....I would have loved it AND the tractors.

  2. What beautiful treasures! I don't suppose your woodworking friend has online sales, or you would have mentioned it? Probably better for me if he doesn't ;) I love wood, and can usually find a reason to buy well-made pieces if they are useful as well as pretty, as those certainly are!
    I empathize totally about your increased pain level. I had my helper here for three hours today, and even before he left I was longing to reach for an icepack. Now it's almost 1AM and there are Things To Do tomorrow, but this pain in my back and shoulders is just not quitting yet. Times like this are when I dream of a deep tub of hot water to soak in. Well, maybe if I can get to sleep, i WILL dream of that :)
    Hope you feel better soon, Sandra. Hope we both do!

  3. Mercy Sandra did you really say that to him? Poor man must have broken a sweat. Love love love the wood worker! OMG I am a fool for anything wood. Does he ship? Would love the bowl, rolling pin, cutting board combo. Love the table too.

    We certainly do agree on the state of politics. There must be a better way. Try ice switching off to heat then back again. And go easy on the meds you are gonna fry your liver girl.

  4. What a lovely piece of oak furniture you bought!!!! Oak is one of our favorite woods, although, we just plain ol' love wood. That was a great price on the three piece set too. I bet being in that crafters barn is mind boggling and how could you not buy anything when there.

    Those scrubbies look great too.

    It looks like everyone had a good time.

    I really enjoyed the quote at the end of your post. Thank you, just right for me right now, after turning down a job that would have definitely put me in a different level of income, but the cost to my sense of well-being just wasn't worth it at all. Money does not buy true peace or joy.

    Have a wonderful weekend ~ FlowerLady

  5. Sandra- no one writes a blog post like you do!! Incredible. Loved reading about the tractors-(would love to have seen them!). Loved the craft fair stories- oh my those beautiful bowls! I must come for that show sometime!! You purchased a gorgeous table too!

    You will enjoy your time at the Campain office- you are the perfect person for that job. Your enthusiasm and personality will shine there.

    I know that Autumn will be beautiful in your valley...
    Ps- I hope your back is better...

  6. The tractor parade would have been fun to see . . .
    Something about seeing the trust worthy old gives me a thrill!
    I feel that way about people too . . .

    Love the hand made wooden pieces . . .
    Maybe I would have more pie crust success if I had a rolling pin like yours!
    My favorite . . . that wooden bowl!

    Great post Sandra . . .

  7. I neglected to mention . . .
    Sorry to hear about your back pain . . .
    Try some tub soaks . . . It helps me!
    I hope you feel better soon!

  8. What a delightful post, Sandra. As they always are! Mr. P surely knows what he is doing. I love going to craft fairs and shows that showcase such talent. Your table is a beauty! It's getting harder to find such craftsmen anymore. It's nice to see what you've been up to. I certainly pray you are feeling better. We've been edging the flower beds around here and I can tell you my bones don't like it. Keep on keeping on, dear one. ♥

  9. Hi Sandra! The wooden bowls are so pretty. I hope your back mends this weekend.

  10. Please take care of yourself Sandra rest is a good thing. That table is a beauty but I am sure it was heavy and heavy is hard when you get up in years. No, I am not calling you old just a tired farmer. hug B

  11. Tazewell County - interesting, I used to live in Tazewell County in Illinois! Love th oak table, and I'm always fascinated by the bowls. Be well, and enjoy Labor Day weekend.

  12. Ha! I've been hiding posts left and right on facebook. I've also been watching way less news. Good for you for volunteering. Those bowls are beautiful.

  13. I love your little table...and the scrubbies...I've been making mine from leftover onion bags...they're perfect for that...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  14. Hi Sandra, A very enjoyable post. Praying you feel better soon. The table is gorgeous. We met a local man who makes wood crafts and sells at the city park farmer's market each Sat. Good for you working in the campaign office. I know Autumn will be so pretty there.
    You may know that we moved a few weeks ago and we are anxious to see our mountain views once the leaves fall.
    Have a blessed eve.

  15. The wooden tools are wonderful!
    I love old tractors. What fun!

  16. Wooden everything! You struck a gold mine there. And the scrubbies will do you well.

    A tractor pull, how fun. No mention of food to be consumed as you talked with politicians and radio voices. Hmm,.

    Rest that back and quit dragging around heavy objects, for Goodness Sake!

  17. Sandra, you made my day Can't spend it in Hell. Love that
    These guys crawl out from under rocks, hahaha
    Have a beautiful Sunday, I'm waiting for my daughter to get back in the harbor, they sailed 15 miles out to an island yesterday.
    Sending love and happy wishes.

  18. another good visit with you - nice to celebrate the life around you and unique culture of where you live

  19. Hi there. Glad I could pop in to see your special place in cyberspace. Beautiful handmade items.
    All the best,

  20. I would love to see videos of the tractors. If I had been there I'm sure I would have browsed all the beautiful woodworking for hours, unable to make a decision on just what to buy or not to buy. Your table is lovely.

  21. Looks like you have been busy. That wooden bowl is great.
    I have been getting awful emails about Trumps wife and porno photos.
    It's shameful. Why can't they be nice all the mud slinging makes
    us all look like nuts. I see all that money they spend and think
    about hungry children. I am not impressed on what they spend.
    10 commandants "covet" goods Envy, jealousy, greed.
    can apply to unhealthy desires to your neighbor’s material goods
    or to their talents, achievements. IT's GREED.
    I am happy to see you get out and involved. Yvonne


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