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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Good Times

Stephanie, Beloved Sistah, brought Daddy and Mom to Roanoke today where we had lunch and celebrated Dad's upcoming birthday. God blessed my siblings and I when He gave us to Jim and Gladys. We were raised in a Godly household and I remember family devotions, prayers before travel, prayers before a meal and we still do all these things. My whole life I've seen Mom and Daddy reading their Bible every single day and it was due to their influence I began reading my Bible every single day some decades ago.

However, to keep things interesting I'll tell you a little story from when I was about 14 years old. Dad and I were on the way home from evening church service, crossing the Lee Bridge and talking about the night sky. There weren't as many city lights then and the night sky could be seen dramatically as the moon rose over the James River.

Dad looked over at me. "Tell me something. Can you prove to me everything wasn't created fifteen minutes ago?"


"Well, ummm. We're going across the Lee Bridge and it takes more than fifteen minutes to build a bridge."

"Yes, but what if it was created fifteen minutes ago? God created everything; how do you know He didn't create everything fifteen minutes ago?"

"What about Mom, Steve and Stephanie? We're headed home to them and they are older than fifteen minutes."

"Yes, but created that way fifteen minutes ago."

Not only did God give me Godly parents, He gave me parents that taught their children to THINK and to THINK for themselves although I never did come up with even a poor answer to Dad's question. My heritage is a rich gift and blessing, as are my parents.

Daddy blew my mind then and he continues asking hard questions and blowing my mind today. He makes me think and for that and many other reasons, I love him, and Mom, dearly! My heritage is a rich gift and blessing, as are my parents and siblings.

Happy Birthday, Dad! May you celebrate many more in good health and happiness and may you reach your goal of 100!

Ponder this ~ Can you prove everything isn't fifteen minutes old?


  1. I love that your dad did that! What a great way to challenge your thinking. Great family photo. You are blessed to still have earthly parents. xo Diana

  2. A very Happy Day to your Daddy and may you share many more with him.

  3. Happy belated to your dad! How wonderful that you were able to spend it together. My goal is also to make it to 100 and when I tell people that they think I'm crazy! May your dad be blessed with health and many more years of asking the hard questions. :)

  4. Beautiful family photo. I know you all enjoyed celebrating your Dad's birthday. May the Lord bless each of you.

  5. You're going to have to explain that to me. Soon!

  6. wow -- intriguing question. That could be the premise of an interesting book.


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