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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Count My Many Blessings, Name Them One By One...

Miss Emma came home! Miss Emma is a gypsy, coming...and will. Some years ago, I was a participant on a boomer women site and someone excoriated me because I allowed my cats outdoors. I attempted to explain my situation wasn't remotely similar to her situation (she was a self proclaimed phone sex worker in Las Vegas...count my many blessings!...) yet she refused to believe her opinion could be wrong. Yes, I did leave that group...are you surprised? Dave had New Yorker magazine note cards...a drawing of a dog, sitting at a computer with the caption, "On the internet, nobody knows you're a dog"; click here for the cartoon, printed in very long ago. Let's face it, sometimes, in internet groups, one is thrown together with people with the faint smell of sulfur; it pays to be ultra cautious.

These lads are on their way to work...Charles, the middle rider, knows me and wasn't too surprised when I swerved to the ditch, jumped out and began taking pictures. They pulled up and stopped as I said, "One of these days I might get my clocked cleaned but I want this picture!" They were on their way to gather up cattle; see their big smiles? I'm thinking the smiles were for the camera and not laughing at me...ya think? lol

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore... November's super moon is the first in decades and the last until 2024. It was lovely!

The gift of getting oldER means when I over-exert myself, it takes longer to bounce back regain strength with reduced pain levels. Within the past two months, I made the comment my body was about 90%; I've since had plenty of opportunity to regret making that particular comment. Ahem.

A great blessing is the nephew of a friend who has been helping prep the farm and house...particularly the house. When Dave and I moved here, the house was in dire straits...several broken toilets stored upstairs as well as other debris. (I've continued to ponder storing broken toilets...I mean WHY?) The house was, probably, five years from being uninhabitable so we got here just in time to start re-claiming the house and farm. As soon as my desktop is fixed and returned, I'm going to start blogging Thistle Cove Farm Epistles (with photos and from newsletters and journal) but in the meantime, the house is warm, even without the wood stove which may, or may not, be put into use this year. I've been trying to caulk the space between bedroom toe molding and floor but E. was able to do the job better. God bless him! He's also done things to make the house safer so more blessings.

This Pottery Barn pillow was purchased at a thrift store and while pretty, I decided to tart it up a bit.

This crochet piece was purchased at Noravank Monastry in Armenia but I've never known quite what to do with it. In 301 A.D. Armenia was the first country to adopt Christianity as its national religion, a very rich tradition!

The big yellow button was added, but not so sure it adds very much except texture, then, everything stitched down.

The finished piece is now living in Thistle Cove Poppet; with her dining room sunflower theme, looks right at home. Next, I'm working on Poppet's kitchen theme which is roosters. The bedroom theme is luxe comfort and, having my priorities in order, is complete.

The sunsets have been beautiful and today we have rain...thank you, Lord!...with an expected 1 to 3 inches of snow tonight. Winds are howling at plus 20 mph, outside temps are dipping into low 40's and my contentment level stretches for the horizon. The American Legion is serving Thanksgiving lunch and I'm braving the storm to partake; blessings upon blessings upon blessings. To count only three per day seems churlish so I don't.

Ponder this ~ "Beware the barrenness of a busy life." Socrates ~


  1. So happy to hear that you have someone to help you! That is a blessing indeed. God helps those who help themselves and you have been doing that for a long time. So he provided some help this year!

    Stay warm and wonderful.


  2. Such a beautiful place, hard to believe it has not sold yet. Indeed.. here comes the cold weather - right now it's downright balmy here at the farm, but soon to turn frosty.

  3. Snow, yikes! We may finally dip down below freezing tonight but it's been so long since we've had precipitation that I doubt the sky knows how any more. Glad to hear Miss Emma came home! She looks like our Meowy. (And love the pillows)

  4. I feel the same way about counting my blessings... when to stop? It seems better to just acknowledge them all day long in my heart, and stay close to the Giver, who is the Source of them all, and gives something of Himself to us in each part of our world and experience for which we thank Him.

    How lovely to have a warm house to be in after your hard days' work is done. Rest well, Dear Sandra.

  5.'s so nice that you have the help you need when you need it...

    I like your pillow!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  6. What a great thought to ponder by Socrates.

    What lovely things in your life to be thankful for.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week dear Sandra ~ FlowerLady

  7. ByLightOfMoon6:34 AM EST

    It is so nice to have helpful friends, what a gratitude! Your pillow remake is awesome and hope you are feeling better soon!
    I am thankful to know you and read your goings'on.
    Lovely post Sandra!
    Smiles, cyndi

  8. Sandra, I'm laughing out loud at the "phone sex" woman. Indeed! You know I think you live the perfect life with all your animals and friends out in the beautiful countryside. The little girl on the counter made me smile, bigtime. Not sure about the old toilets??? Yes, why? But it is hard to get off dead center sometimes. Love the pic of the guys on horseback. Wish I could go to Thanksgiving with you, I think that is a wonderful way to spend the day. My son & family are leaving town on Tuesday, my daughter is already out of town, so it's just me & friends, which is fine too. Fireworks Thursday night on Post Oak Boulevard, the Galleria area of Houston, when all the Christmas lights in this beautiful district are turned on. It is indeed lovely.
    xx's my friend...

  9. Thank goodness for help on your farm, Sandra! Now, I must ask you what setting do you use on you camera to take that beautiful shot of the moon showing its landscape. Do you have a telephoto lens? Moon shots elude me and I'm on a mission to fix that! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, my friend. ♥

  10. Thankful you have someone helping with "the this and that things!"
    I am finding my older body has dificukty with rapid temperature changes of late.
    We enjoyed a gorgeous November, with temperatures in the 60-70's . . . most days,
    until this past Friday when "she" decided to change up everything in 24 hours.
    We went from 70 to the low 30's in a short period of time. Wind, high, twirly, gusty wind
    with rain turning to snow . . . Brrrrrrr cold . . .
    I am thankful for my wool socks, down comforter and indoor comforts.
    My Aran wool sweater is helping too.
    Happy Thanksgiving Sandra . . . warmth, comfies, friends, smiles, animals, caring . . .
    Blessings many . . .

  11. correction on the 'difficulty' . . .

  12. Handyman is finally admitting that his 'injury' is more than likely just his body wearing out. I've been saying this for some time. Would like to finish up the projects here on this olde house and enjoy just living in it before we retire and move to something more manageable. I'm happy to hear you have help.
    I like your pillow. Great way to relive the memories of visits to great places when we have something to mark the occasion.
    We all have a great deal to be thankful for. Every day. We usually spend it at home by ourselves but are traveling up to be with family this year.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving in America.


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