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Friday, January 06, 2017

Jan 6 - Theophany and Three Wise Women

We're well into the New Year of 2017 and, surely, I hope your Holydays were as cozy, special and peaceful as mine. This season was the best in many years; more than five to be exact. I'm not sure when it happened, but at some point this last year, peace was the lovely gift given by Abba. Peace regarding Dave's death; peace regarding those who've stolen, lied, cheated me in the ensuing years; peace regarding my animals; peace regarding the house and farm; peace that everything will be okay...Everything's Gonna Be Okay!

Today is Theophany (manifestation of God), also know as the Epiphany; some may call it Three Kings Day, when the three kings visited baby Jesus in Bethlehem. It's the 12th Day of Christmas and, accordingly, my few, special decorations are still in place. Three candles represent not only the three wise men but also the Trinity, of which Christ was the human representative on earth. Those three wise men aren't named in the Bible but it's commonly accepted their names were Melchior, Caspar and Balthazar and represented Europe, Arabia and Africa. Gold (representing money), frankincense (adoration of a consecrated life) and myrrh (sharing in the Lord's sorrows) were brought as gifts for the baby. I believe in two more things...the gold represented the thirty pieces of silver given Judas when he betrayed Christ and the frankincense and myrrh represented the ointments used to anoint the body of Christ after His death.

The other I believe is more practical. The gold was used to pay the way for the family to travel to Egypt to escape the infanticide of Herod while the frankincense and myrrh were used to treat physical problems and ailments along the way. Joseph, Mary's husband, was a carpenter and he would have been used to those occasional accidents requiring ointments while Mary may well have been pregnant again by that time so those ointments would have come in most handy.  
Frankincense is known to relieve stress, used as a disinfectant and in healing wounds to name a few. Myrrh is an antioxidant, anti-parasitic with many uses. I've read some who say aromatherapy is "bad and anti-Christian" but my Bible says God gave us plants to use; like Joseph told his brothers, "You meant it for evil but God used it for good." My God is a mighty big God and I trust He'll sort things out.

Do you observe Theophany? If so, how?

Now for a lighter mood...if Three Wise Women visited the Christ Child, as my new mug says...

"They Who are Wise Women...if there had been three wise women, they would have arrived three days early, swept the stable, gathered fresh linens and had a hot meal ready and waiting when the Christ child arrived.  Yet they come today, bearing three precious gifts...Love, laughter & friendship!"

Marti, a friend of decades (Really! I have so few...any?... friends of less than decades!) gave this mug to me for Christmas. It's by the artist Suzy Toronto (Life is All About How You Handle Plan B...and ain't that the absolute truth!)

and has given much joy in the few days since Christmas morning.

The inside says "Wonderful Wacky Wise Women still seek Him" and so we do.

The Cove is in the midst of a snow storm with more snow expected so I've put together a soup of country ham, potatoes, home canned tomatoes, white beans and sweet onions. The slow cooker, otherwise known as my cast iron kettle, simmers merrily on the stove,

waiting the addition of home made bread with home churned butter and honey from my brother's hives, and sweet milk to round out supper.

Do I know how to eat or what?! lol I wish you were here to share with me; it's going to be grand!

This is a day of large beginnings...but isn't every day? I have a few plans for this year...some delightful travel, visits with family and friends, quilting, knitting some hats, boot toppers and scarves. I'm hopeful my aspirations aren't larger than my! I'm leaving a legacy for family, friends and strangers. I'm trying to be Jesus-like and some days I actually succeed; other days I fail miserably but don't let that stop me from trying again and again and...

There's time enough daylight to throw some hay out for the horses and my helpers are willing although not very able (due to lack of thumbs but their enthusiasm is contagious!). My plans are simple...feed everyone (including myself), keep everyone happy (including myself) and treat others the way I'd like to be treated.

Big plans? Not really, but good, really good, plans.

Ponder this ~ life and time are the world's two great teaches us to make good use of time and time teaches us the value of life ~


  1. The dogs look extremely smart!
    I love the three wise women tale, so true!

  2. Enjoyed this post a lot - thanks for sharing!

  3. Love that last pondering. What a great post. I just took my lights down tonight but always have left them up through today in prior years. Some days I don't know if I am coming or going here. lol

    That is such an interesting concept and thank you for spelling it out. I guess I never thought about it much but I did believe the gold helped them escape Herod evilness.

    Love the tale of the Three Wise true.

    Sounds like you have a good year laid out before you. I hope it is twice as wonderful as you think it will be- xo Diana

  4. Lovely post, Sandra! I love this day of the Three wise kings giving these special,presents to Jesus. There are secret spiritual meanings in these presents, and I love what you say about.

    "Three wise women" is a good idea! Just the cup is making nice dreams of reality :)

    I see,it's cold! Here, too! In Europe we have a cold-time coming from Russia. Some people already died - I also feel pain for the animals.

    Your heart-peace is such a grace and gift! Your plans of simple and happy life are good and full of truth and depth!

    Greetings from the winterly Bavarian Forest!

  5. Yes, we need to try again and again. I do enjoy the idea of celebrating 3 Kings Day, Epiphany, Theophany. I chuckled about what 3 wise women would have done...
    Glad you have good plans for this year and that you have found God's peace for so many areas of your life's journey. May God continue to lead and bless you along the journey. Blessings in this New Year!

  6. So glad the gift of peace has settled upon you.
    I'd love some of that bean soup! And bread and butter! Yummy!
    You're going to bless a lot of people with all of that knitting. Have fun!

  7. I LOVE this post! I am so thankful for your gift of peace, Sandra. It sounds like you are ina wonderful place. God is indeed GOOD.

  8. So thankful for you peace Sandra! Your soup looks amazing. Would love to share a bowl with you. Many blessings in 2017. Hugs from your friend in Orego, Prudence

  9. Sandra, I'm so glad you've finally found the peace you've been wanting and needing. I love your cheery spirit! Cute mug and oh so true!

  10. I love this post and have thought about a few of the things you've pondered here. I had to laugh at your thoughts regarding 3 Wise Women arriving and what they'd have done, and yes, that is exactly what they'd have done! I can see why that mug cheers you up.

    Your farm "help" also looks like the comedy relief team too. How can they not cheer you up when the chores are a bit more difficult and reflections on life get sad ? Blessings to you Sandra... oh, I almost forgot, you mean people actually say aroma therapy and using herbs is bad and "anti-Christian" ? They must not read their Bibles.

  11. Love the Life and Time Ponder . .
    Delightful cup!
    Look at those "traveling the Cove Companions!"
    All about "the best" . . .
    Happy about your PEACE . . .

  12. What a great post Sandra! I don't see how anyone can say herbs, essential oils, aroma therapy and such, is bad or anti-Christian. God created the garden of Eden for man/woman to enjoy, and He said it was all GOOD.

    I am glad you have Peace, and I also am feeling God's peace more in my life too. It hasn't been easy, as you well know, but with Jesus it is possible to move ahead each day as we trust in Him to work all things out in our lives.

    "Wonderful Wacky Wise Women still seek Him" Oh yes! More so than ever.

    Happy January dear Sandra ~ God's continued blessings and peace on you ~ Love, hugs & prayers ~ FlowerLady


    Elizabethd - the dogs have many sweaters but these are the only ones that match. Sweaters are a Very Good's 12 above zero and we'll all need to layer when we go to the barn after breakfast.

    GrammaGrits - thank you for visiting!

    Diana - yes, a very good place and God has many plans for this year. My goal is to accept His plans with a joyful, humble spirit.

    Dori - my sister from the other side of the world in the beautiful Bavarian forest! Yes, my heart is in a good place and I am happy. So many secrets in the Bible but, when we get to Heaven, all will be revealed. It's very cold's minus 11 C and I must layer the dogs and myself when we go to the barn. Breakfast is on the stove so will eat before I go. Be safe you "wonderful wacky wise woman"!

    Ellen - Dave used to tell me, "it's my job to provide for you/my family and to protect you" then I would respond, "and it's my job to take care of you all". Although he left me in a good situation, I still miss his provision and protection.

    Lisa - like I said...I do know how to eat well! grin

    Carol - THANK YOU for commenting! I didn't have your new blog address but you have, so very often, been in my thoughts and prayers! Now I can visit and, if I find my password, even comment...grin.

    Prudence - the soup was good as was the toasted cheddar cheese sour dough bread. You would have enjoyed...

    Debbie - I didn't even know I was missing peace...God has a plan!

    Kathy - truth comes on a mug, eh? It's given me much joy and pleasure since receiving. I'm enjoying following your new adventures, blessings to you and Jim as you build your new life.

    Grace - hugs to you and prayers for your safety.

    Lynne - yes, I'm in a very good place...God has a plan!

    Rainey - you and I believe alike...God gave us the Garden and all within for our use and benefit. It's good to hear you're having more peace...peace is hard won and I didn't even realize I didn't have it.
    God's blessings to you...wonderful wacky wise woman!

  14. The uniforms for your willing helpers are great! Grateful you've received and welcomed the gift of peace -" My peace I give to you" was a promise and He is faithful to fulfill His promises
    Of course you have decades long friendships - 'cause you be a GOOD friend - loyal, funny and clever!
    Love ya Sandra dear

    1. I wonder how long the "Reply" has been below each comment? I've been working on getting it so I could respond individually; it saves SO much's a time suck to go up down up down. Yep, low tech but I've got the basic down! grin.
      Yes, God is faithful...although sometimes...just sometimes...seems a tad slow.

  15. I think your plans sound perfect, Sandra! And you do know how to eat...that all sounds delicious!
    I really enjoyed reading about the Theophany...thank you for sharing!

    1. No big plans, Linda, but good plans...very good plans!

  16. WINTER BLESSINGS to you! Enjoyed this post very much. All the best and beyond,

    1. and to you! Thinking of you as you're moving household again. Best wishes in the move.

  17. Sandra you always give me a lot to ponder. Love the three wise women mug. We are getting snow as I write and I'm sure you are as well. Sure wish your willing workers had thumbs! They would be right on the tasks ahead. Stay warm and cozy and do enjoy that lovely meal you have cooking. ♥

    1. Saturday afternoon and it's sunny but extremely cold with about 8 inches of snow but drifts are 3 feet. I've finished P.M. chores and am back inside; the Polaris Ranger is a dandy machine and makes my life ever so much easier, Martha Ellen. I've eaten soup twice and will finish it off tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow I can get to the grocery store for milk...I can bake bread but milking...isn't happening.

  18. Oh, that soup looks divine! And I'm about to trudge out into the snow to feed the horses, chickens and rabbits their evening rations -

    That Peace of mind? Good for you - a blessing for sure.

    1. the soup was delicious...for 3 yep, peace of mind is a blessing and a gift!

  19. I love this post? I'd also love to be in your snow with a mug in hand! Far too warm for the time of year here. And NO SNOW.

    1. it's now a couple of weeks later and no snow here either. warm weather, rain and it's all good. Happy Holydays to Mags and her men.

  20. Nice posting. Your unique mug is not only fun but pretty too.
    Your dogs looked just as happy as our big dog do.
    They are cute!

    1. it's a happy mug and makes me smile. yes, the dogs are happy as well and everyone gets along with everyone else...they have to because I say thanks for visiting!

  21. I'm glad you're having more peace about things in your life than you've had a few years back. That's good news. The puppies look great :)

    1. Grief is a process to process and each walk a different path. While I would have changed things, I've always said God has a plan and I want His perfect will in my life.


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