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Saturday, May 06, 2017

What You Need For A Reading Nook of Your Own

April's Full Pink Moon arrived on my birthday...a joyous gift!...and, absolutely knowing how to LIVE LARGE, (like you!) I treated myself to a frozen! When the kind woman found out it was a birthday treat, she plopped a huge strawberry on top.

There are all manners of good things, on a daily basis, that, almost always, outweigh the not so good. Little kindnesses, treats that are both coming to us and, if we're smart, being given from us. One of the absolute best ways I give myself both grace and kindness is with a dedicated reading space.

After the Epic Mess and putting the bedroom to rights, I made a sweet little Reading Nook. I'm a firm believer that everyone should have a spot to call their very own, where they can sit and read or sit and think or sit and do nothing...all of which are done in my little nook.

The leather chair was a great find...not usually a fan of recliners but this one is on the shorter side and fits my body nicely I've been known to fall asleep...wry smile. The sheep fleece keeps me comfortable, no matter the season, and, some years back, I knitted the purple wool shawl and use it to drape 'round my shoulders. The pillows are used to give back support and under my legs when the chair is reclined. A good reading light is a must and little touches like the battery operated candles lend coziness. Behind the candles is a green cafetan purchased in a Marrakech souk and hung for pleasant memories. Yes, that larger rug is Persian and was destroyed in the flood; while it can't be used in public areas, in the privacy of the bedroom, it's "okay".

Another cozy non-necessity is an electric fireplace that gives both ambiance and a little heat. It doesn't get very hot so the radio on top isn't in danger, neither is it hardly ever turned on. While reading, I'd rather have my imagination in use as opposed to warring with raucous noise.

The bookshelf under the candles contains books, magazines, writing boxes holding stationary, cards and colored pens to send notes and letters. It's not only reading I do in my nook.

The glass carafe was a gift from Sandra 2, my SC friend of many, many decades. It rests atop a small coaster from The Jefferson and another pleasant memory of a weekend with my husband.

This particular Reading Nook is in my bedroom and differs from others in the house and is only used prior to going to sleep. I love my space...each object has been placed with thought and consideration and every night, prior to sleep, great enjoyment is found here. Perhaps that's the secret to its success - loving the space, choosing each object with care, good lighting, comfortable chair, great reading material. It's a (not so small) way I, every night, take care of me gently and enjoy both space and act.

We're all different but the following are things that are a Must Have for my Reading Nook(s) and cozy contentment:

~A comfortable chair with good support...sides and back with pillows, throws, shawls or similar to cozy 'round shoulders should a chill arrive. The chair should have room to stretch out...a recliner or, perhaps a leather chair with ottoman, because one certainly needs a place to put up feet.
~A side table to hold book(s), beverage, essential oils, lotions, etc.
~a small aromatherapy diffuser with lavender essential oil. The diffuser doesn't have to be expensive as it's only going to be used for short periods of time and by the time I've read a chapter or twelve, my eyes are heavy with sleep and the room gently scented with lavender which is sleep inducing.
~Excellent lighting - I highly recommend OTT lights! There's an OTT light in every room in my house and my old eyes are greatly appreciative!
~A book case to hold old favorites and those to become favorites.
~While some do, I don't like cut flowers in a bedroom because their scent is overwhelming.

Do you have a Reading Nook? If so, what makes yours special for you and your situation?

Ponder this ~
"A reader lives a thousands lives before he dies. 
The man who never reads, lives only one." 
~ George R. R. Martin ~ 


  1. Nice cozy reading nook. I like that quote. Happy birthday to you with a strawberry on top! :)

  2. Happy birthday! I'm getting my reading nook perfected in my new place. I'd love an ottoman, but for now I have a chair with a pillow to put my feet on. I like lots of pillows on the couch, a small bookcase and a lamp to light up the corner. Although I'd love a recliner, my place came furnished with a love seat, so I'm making the best of it for now. Happy reading in your nook!

  3. Happy birthday, Sandra - with a strawberry on top!
    When I made the sunporch into a "real" room, I planned to only place items I LOVE in that room. It was such a good plan...
    sigh. ;)

  4. I call my "nook" my
    Experiencing God Place . . .
    I must admit, I experience God in other places too
    but "my little corner, nook" is my "safe place."
    All the musings, decisions, views, novels, ponderings have happened in my little "Experience God" green leather Lazy Boy recliner space.
    (Thanks Sandra!)

  5. Oops . . . Happy Belated Birthday . . .
    Enjoy a year full of "strawberry on top" days!

  6. Happy belated birthday, Sandra! I love your reading nook.

  7. Happy belated birthday sweet friend. I love your reading nook. When we first saw this house last summer, I noted a corner window in one bedroom. That has become my reading/blogging nook. I have a swivel chair and I can turn any direction to watch out the windows.
    I wish you a blessed Sunday with love.

  8. I love that you treated yourself on your birthday, Sandra. Happy belated birthday! It's so nice to have a special nook to read and just be! I have a recliner that finds me resting and reading throughout the day. The older I get the more I find myself here with my laptop as well. Have a nice week. ♥

  9. Happy Birthday!.. kindness, always. Love your nook! Indeed a necessity.

  10. Happy Happy Birthday, Sandra! Your reading nook and all of its details and delights is a wonderful place to settle down at night. I like it.

  11. I missed your birthday but how perfectly lovely that it was during the Pink Moon! It was too cloudy for me to see it well here this year but I remember being amazed one year that it truly was pink.

    Thank you for showing us your reading nook, Sandra. It looks perfect and I agree with all your requirements but didn't know about the special light, clicked on your link and will try to remember about them.

    You have created your own special little personalized world there and it is charming. I enlarged the photos so I could see everything and check out your books, which is something I cannot resist doing. I must get a sheep fleece for the leather chair I'm sitting in my writing room now. And I keep a throw on the back of my reading nook in my bedroom too, warmer one for winter and cooler for summer. I've been using essential oil diffuser since my d-i-l gave me one a few years ago and for my birthday she gave me another one so I have one for the other end of the house, and a whole kit of oils. I've been just ordering a few from her at a time and I know she wants me to try more now. They really do help, I think even my dogs sleep better with them running.

    I hope you got to enjoy your reading nook tonight and I bet you're already sound asleep after a hardworking day.

  12. LOVE your corner of the world especially your special place with the chair in the reading nook. Well done,

  13. I very much enjoyed this post, and while I do have a reading chair, it's nowhere near as cozy and comfortable as your nook! I need an upgrade, haha! My chair is okay, but has wooden arms and is in a rather cramped corner in the bedroom. I have books around, but also bills and work, so perhaps not as relaxing as could be. I'd love an upholstered chair with an ottoman in a corner with one of those lights you recommend, and a small shelf of favorite books. I have a lot of de-junking and rearranging to do this fall after my girl goes off to college.


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