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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Fine Fleece Winner!

We have a winner...but first, the disclaimers. We don't go for that high tech, fancy pants method of picking a winner. Nope, with us, it's simple and easy peasy as pie. I merely wrote the names on pieces of paper, tore them into, approximately, the same size and dropped them into a plastic bag. Dave had the pleasure of pulling a name out of the bag, so to speak.

A Fine Fleece was won by a Ravlery sister as well as one across the mountains...Iris. There were about fourteen folks who wanted to win so the chances were a whale of a lot better than any lottery I've ever seen. For those who didn't win, there will be other opportunities as I'm downsizing my library and will, about once a month, give away a book or books.

Hey Iris...I'm sorely tempted to say, come pick up your book the next time you come across the mountain but a deals a deal so I'll drop it in the mail this week. -smile-

The rest of y'll, stay tuned for more chances to win.

Blessings ~ books to give away ~ folks who enjoy books ~ yarn ~ knitting ~ rain ~ winning ~


  1. Congrats to the winner.

  2. Will you be giving away your Jeanine McMullen books ?

    I hate to part with books, they kind of become friends after awhile, friends with dust!

  3. Noble're Very Gracious!
    No, Kathy, I won't give away my McMullen books as I need the laughter fix, at least, onc a year -smile-. The books will be knitting or craft related and any others that cross my vision. Books are old friends but I'm at that season of life for giving things away. At this pace, it should take me only another hundred years or so!


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