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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


This is Banjo, the newest member of the family, and came to live with us the morning Dave's mother passed away. We figure he's about four months old and has just about tripled his weight since coming here. Of course, that's fairly easy to do when your menu choice is turkey, ham, roast beef, whole organic milk, half 'n' half or anything but cat food. He's not all that crazy about cat food; thinks it's something the dogs should eat and the dogs agree.

The unicorn continues to fly, happily and bravely, over Thistle Cove Farm. Just ask all the foundlings and strays who have made their way here to live, happily ever after.

For those in the unknow, unicorns are the 'patron saints' of foundlings and strays. If you've read Jeanine McMullen's books, you already know about unicorns. If you've not read My Small Country Holding or Wind in the Ash Tree, you're in for a treat. I read them about once a year and still laugh until I have tears streaming down my face! The things that women got herself into... I hear she still lives in Wales, in the same farmhouse on the same small country holding. God bless her.

Blessings ~ rain ~ warm weather ~ thawed water tanks ~ kittens ~ Banjo ~


  1. Oh, I LOVE Jeannine McMullen's books and I have all her books too. I am re-reading them and have one by my bed side. I wrote her a letter a few years ago and asked her about her mother, Mrs.P, but she wrote me back and really never answered the question about her mother. Wouldn't it be wonderful if she wrote another book ?

    So, the strays find your home ? You and my dear daughter-in-law would get along great. She has a house full of strays, and she and our young son have taken in our oldest son and his 4 young daughters as they get back on their feet after a traumatic last 2 years !Prior to that, they have offered hospitality and a home to many young men needing a place to perch for just a little while on their journey in life!Bless you!

  2. This is fascinating, I never knew that about unicorns. What a lucky cat and what a kind heart you have for taking him in.

  3. Ooh a new author! Thank you for the suggestion, I noted Jeannine's name on my library list.

    My dog loves the cat food! I have to put her food on the dryer, so he can't reach it.

  4. Jeanine's mother passed away several years ago and now Jeanine lives very quietly on her farm. She must be in her 70's or 80's by now.
    Another book would be delightful!
    Oh yes...unicorns are beloved by foundlings and strays. Did you know unicorns are mentioned in the Bible? I truly believe unicorns were hunted into extinction many, many generations ago.
    Keep the cat food away from the dogs; it has too much magnesium and can cause bladder stones which, eventually, require major surgery!

  5. I adore your kitty store although I am reading in June, Whoo, I bet Banjo is all settled in by now. I love the unicorn story, I will have to search out the book and I do love another Australian author, May Gibbs! She also writes fascinating stories!

    Ok, I am on the search for the Unicorn author? I adore faeries, and fireflies, dragonflies, and Snugglepot and Cuddle-Pie. I have to have this book, thanks smiles, cyndi


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