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Monday, December 29, 2008

Contests, Challenges

Don't you just love to have a chance to win something from another blogger? I know I do and want to tell you of two.

Check the Third Annual One World One Heart event. It's a ton of fun to make something as well as, possibly, get something. I'd like to figure out how to add buttons to my blog; the One World One Heart button is great! In the meantime, it's listed under 'events' on my side bar.

Visit The Cart Before the Horse for a chance to win a cute little bird. You need to post a comment for one chance to win, comment on your blog for another chance and there are a couple more opportunities. Go and see.

Leah Piken Kolidas is hosting the Second Annual Creative Everyday Challenge 2009, again with a wonderful button. As I'm drawing closer to hearth and home, this seems a timely event to join. What with Dave's mother being with us for so long and needing, almost constant, care my creative-ness has, often, been pushed to the back burner. I'm going to make a concentrated effort to finish my UFO's, complete my trades and be creative everyday in 2009. I'm not an artist...I don't draw or paint, although I'd love to have that talent but I do fiddle around with fabrics, yarn, quilting, textile postcards, knitting, spinning, felting and the like. Leah says 'all' creativity is acceptable so I'm in like flint...YEAH!!!

Now to figure out how to add buttons...

Blessings ~ meeting new people via the i-net ~ a beautiful sunny day ~ hot beverage in a lovely cup ~ a dog's head craddled on my lap ~ the kitten playing in a sun spot ~ contests ~

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  1. Your fiber arts are creative, and your writing on the blog is creative...

    I especially like your 'blessings' list at the end of your post. And yes, new friends, and a dog's head cradled in my lap, extra special!


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