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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Blog Land

~ every day, a new beginning ~
We're at that awkward time of year, the week between Christmas and New Year's when things are either piling on and we're scurrying like mice trying to finish out year of end projects or we're working on some serious down time. Funny how there never seems to be an in-between yet I'm trying to do both - finish projects and work on down time as well as get ready for my January adventure.

I've not mentioned the studio and haven't because it's seriously gloomy. Boscoe Mancat now lives in the studio, healing from God alone knows what, and he's doing much better. His paw pads have completely healed, his coat is looking better, his eyes are bright but he still acts like the spirit has just plumb gone out from him. He shows no interest, whatsoever, in heading back outside and that's fine with me. I still need to do a bit of housekeeping studio keeping in order to place his food and water dishes and litter pan where he can get to everything but I don't have to keep stepping over them and must be easy to swoop up when the dogs enter the studio. The dogs show a most unseemly interest in not only the cat food but also the litter pan. The studio is only 12x12 so it's going to take some pondering to place everything and still keep the dogs bed in the corner.

~ Thistle Cove Farm studio ~
Earlier this month we had some torrential rain storms and I showed photos of the flooding in the valley. What I didn't show you were photos of the studio when the rain blew so hard it soaked the wall, the rug, materials and other things. I'm still not ready to take photos of the interior, bear with me. sigh.

Enlisting help, the wet rug was pulled up, taken to the barn to dry and then we placed a small heater in the studio so, hopefully, the floor wouldn't warp.

It's best to never become too cocky or overly confident, eh? It all happened again The Very Next Week..."deju vu all over again" as Yogi Berra once said. BTW, if you're not familiar with Yogi Berra, please do visit the link; the man was a true wit as well as being an outstanding baseball player. Yep, torrential rain storm, studio flooding, rug/wall/materials soaked...again..., another rug pulled up and taken to the barn...sigh. So, between the rains and the eye injury, I've not been in the studio the entire month of December. I have, however, been amusing myself, most recently, on the i-net; visiting interesting blogs where people are doing some beautiful work. I've also been reading Somerset Publications, Interweave Press and going through my personal library; the county library has been getting some serious use as well.

It's stinkin' cold here, temps is hovering...and none too about 20 above and the wind chill is flirting with zero, below zero actually. It's almost not worth getting out of bed especially as the bedroom temp was a frosty 47.7 degrees F above zero this morning. But I did crawl out of bed and I've finished morning chores and there are many, many things I should could ought to be doing but I'm going to spread some cheer so, please, visit these blogs. It's only a small sampling so enjoy!

KC Willis, Lipstick Ranch, had a fabulous 2009! She's discovered how much she enjoys teaching, she spreads plenty of joy, she's been published in many publications and made teaching DVD's. She's in Colorado and one of my goals is to take a class from her in her studio; what a blast that's going to be! Visit her, via the link above, and see what she's doing and, as importantly, where you can take a class. The Guardian Angel is her gift to anyone who spreads the go ahead...check it out.

Vicki at Field Trips in Fiber is drawing to a close on her December challenge. Somehow I missed it and just found it today. Brave woman actually posted her 2010 goals! Go thou and do likewise and I'll think about it -grin-!

Jude at Spirit Cloth is always doing beautiful work; it's a visit that will spark your creative juices, to be sure.

I just found Bee Creative and have enjoyed my visits. Each year, she "adopts" a word to explore and then plans her projects with that word in mind. Her word for 2009 was "intersection" while her word for 2010 is "direction". It's an interesting concept, one I'll consider.

Jo, Where Women Create, has a visual stimulating blog and publication. She also has dozens, if not hundreds, of links to other visual stimulating and creative blogs and sites.

Beth's blog, Sew, Mama, Sew! appeals on a variety of levels and to a variety of people. Her Handmade Holidays III had tutorials, recipes and a plethora of give-aways; those daily links will keep me busy for months!

Purl Bee is far more creative than I'll ever be but I enjoy visiting, just the same.

Hand Eye ezine is a wonderful publication; very informative and well written.

K. Baxter Packwood is a serious artist who says, "the quilt is the medium, not the subject!" Hmmm, how interesting, I like it. I like it a lot!

Alicia, at Posie Gets Cozy, has a cheerful blog, full of wonder, smiles and good things to make.

Pam, Pam Warden Art, is a gifted woman whose art makes you h-a-p-p-y! It's worth a visit just to stretch your face.

Jenny Doh, former Editor in Chief and Director of Publishing for the Stampington and Company Publications is starting a new venture called Crescendoh and will certainly set the arts community on its ear. Again. She's one of those women you just know would intimidate the socks right off of you yet is, more than likely, as kind and down to earth as is possible. For certain, she has more energy than Superwoman and I'm looking forward to Crescendoh as well as the new Editor in Chief ??? for all those wonderful Stampington magazines.

Lisa Swifka is hosting One World, One Heart, for the fourth year, and that's always the highlight of any year's beginning. It takes place 25 January to 15 February; this will be my third year of participating and what FUN! There are always new blogs to visit, new things to learn, new people to meet...come and join Lisa and the rest of us; you'll like it, I promise! There are only a few, but necessary guidelines, to, hopefully, prevent unhappiness. Last year I gave away four gifts  and am pretty sure those gifts were received. I believe so 'cause the woman I didn't hear from was the same woman who complained her gift "was late" -smile-. Oh well, it takes all of us to make the world go 'round, eh?

My sidebar, Cozy Visits, has a list of interesting, informative, fun, creative, faith inspiring blogs to visit. In looking at the sidebar, I'm reminded of the babies...and the foals...born in 2009, of the saints gone on before, of jobs lost and jobs gained, of families divided and reunited, of wonderful meals, excellent projects, new homes, marriages, beginnings, endings, trials and short...I'm reminded just how small this ole world truly is. When I count my blessings, each of you are included; when I say my prayers, your name is on the prayer list. Yes. You are.

~ light the candles  ~
These dark, winter days keep your candles lit and the blankets piled on the beds. Stay warm and cozy, make plans and goals but save make time to enjoy the experience of now.

Until next time,

Blessings ~ you ~ me ~ excellent publications ~ fun blogs ~ quilts ~ candles ~ good memories ~ goals ~ plans ~ beginnings ~ endings ~ a new year ~


  1. Hi Sandra, love your pics...hope your studio dries out nicely and you get your animals and their space figured out...also hope your cat continues to heal. I have a new cat..we call her Sweet Pea...she is a hoot!! Yes, we are staying warm...lots of blankets:) Good advice: making goals but living in the now. Hope your day is lovely! ~Jeanne

  2. Thanks for praying for us all!!

    I understand the "Not getting too cocky" remark....remember...."Man plans, God laughs"!!!!!! But it still happens to us all. Good luck with getting all your little chores done cause we have a great big Spring and Summer ahead of us!!!!!

    Love and best wishes,

  3. Lots of good things happening in blog land! This weather is really getting to be a bother, though. I'm hoping I can open the shop before spring!

  4. I am going to have to come back and check out all those links, and I am so sorry about your precious studio. If it's not one thing it's another for you there at Thistle Cove. So you really should hunker down and heal for the winter and it already sounds like you are working on re-energizing yourself and your goals....

    Yes, a pile of books and warm blankets are very appealing to me right now. Thank=you Sandra for your prayers and encouragement.

  5. sweet post sandra...
    thanks for your prayers.

  6. I love the picture of your studio out there in the middle of the snow all alone. It is beautiful..wish I had one. I am with you in that cold weather it was -8 this morning so a blanket and book are the way to spend the day.

  7. Gorgeous pics Sandra. We are having an extremely cold winter & more snow than usual, but I love it.

    So enjoyed meeting you this year.

    I'll be in & our of communication over the next few weeks.

    May your New Year be blessed & joyful ... TTFN ~ Marydon

  8. Your pictures a great as usual!

    Makes me miss Washington even more!

    Have a Great New Year.

  9. I'm glad Boscoe is healing. It is so scary when they're ill or hurt.

    I enjoyed yesterday's post & wanted to comment about also being thankful for the warmth of the critters. We had a major "killing frost" the other night where it dipped down into the mid-teens. That is excessively cold for our area. I didn't think about it and left the heater off that night as usual. When we woke up in the morning, we had all nine cats and both large dogs in the bed with us! I was so snuggly warm that I didn't even know it was cold until my feet hit the floor...Ugh!

    Love to your furbabies..

  10. Ach my playhouse floods also if we are not on top of the sump pump in the backyard. I have canceled appts, have family call to make sure I am awake, have family leave work to turn on the pump, have family camp here while I am gone...and more. Just to keep me from crying over my toys getting wet. Did I tell you I love my playhouse? Just as you love your's I am sure. As to the doggys and the litter box, we have that also. YUCK! I do have a lidded one now. You might try that. I it keeps the mess much more contained.

  11. hey thank you! happy new year!

  12. Sorry about your studio. You have had some challenges this year. Thanks for sharing the links.

  13. So I had to go back to the studio tour to see what you were doing in there. From the looks of it, lots of love and creativity with a lot of down-home goodness filled up to the rafters. That must have really hurt to see the damage...twice (as if once wasn't enough).

    And once again, I am astounded as to the depths of your creativity. I guess the perils of all the God-given talents sometimes results in the old worldly storms tearing relentlessy into our treasures. But it will be alright. The blessings will continue to pour their showers of love over you, and life will go on.

    Have a blessed trip, and don't forget to post lots of pictures!

  14. Oh, and thanks for asking about my, ah, how did you say it? My 'lesser' parts? Hehe...

    Walking cast is off, but had I known that my ankle would be stiff and swollen for many months after the fact, I never would have broken it in the first place! Wonder when I'll be able to wear a shoe on my left foot again...

  15. Sandra,

    Blessing to you and getting the studio together again. I have a Booda Dome litter box so Emma cannot get into it. Might Check into them at PetSmart or on-line.

    This is time of change, I also have been clearing out what I can and trying to organize.

    I love the magazines too for inspiration. I have them everywhere! I even jot a Jewelry making Book with my Books A Million 40% coupon yesterday while looking for a desk calender Page- A-day. I will enjoy learning from it.

    Blessings to the cat to heal and the dogs to be it's friend. Also to you in the New Year with the Farm Goodness!

    Blessings, Cyndi

  16. Thank you for sharing all that you do with us!
    You should make a card or small poster out of your closing paragraph! Great advice for winter!
    Peace be with you.

  17. Happy New Year, my friend ~

    Join me at ~

    Let me know if you have problems further,

    TTFN ~Marydon

  18. Happy New Year, Sandra!

    Always a joy to visit and catch up. Now I have more blogs to venture to. As if I needed any more added to my cue :) Not that I mind. They help the work day go by faster. And far lovlier.

    Happy Monday,


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