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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sabbath Keeping

~ olive wood creche, Mother brought from Israel thirty years ago ~


Give Ear to those who cry for crumbs, fill their homely larders high, for Lo! the Joyful son's here-and Christmas comes!
Give Hands to those who need a guide, nor cast a thought of race or creed, sine Brotherhood is all worth while at Christmastide.
Give Steps to those who cannot plod on their own errands to and fro above the crisp December sod as others go.
Give Thought to what you best can do to cheer the heart and soothe the mind and make the world seem good and kind to those less fortunate than you.
Give Smiles to all whose weary load brings gloom and ain and gray despair, and bends them low o'er life's steep road; for smiles with them are rare.
Give Knowledge to the dull, untaught, for some there are who do not know with what our Christmastide is fraught; and speak of Him, the Manger born, beneath the Eastern Star's pale glow.
Give Courage to the fearing band that needs the clasp of friendly hand, and cheering smile and all good will; give courage, then, to such as they this day.
Give Heed to others and their need. They know, they feel, the have desire; nor is it what you think is best, but rather what they most require, that you should give and do and say on Christmas Day.
Give Laughter--not the scornful sort, but laughter that abounds with happy, wholesome, merrry sounds, and so infectious as to bring a like retort.
Give Heart--the heart that beats for all upon this day; the heart that greets the lowly and the high; the heart that glows with sympathy and knows but love for those who pass you by.
Give Joy to all--it may be bread for one, or just a smile, or yet a simple toy, or words of praise or even gold--but give them all and you will give but joy. --Selected

God so loved the world, that He gave His
Only begotten
Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not
Perish, but have
Life."--John 3:16.

There is, in this one verse, the Gsopel; [sic] both materially and spiritually. One can gain sufficient knowledge from this

                                           for eternal salvation"

~ recently found in a torn section of 1929 newsprint, author not credited ~

"Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you." ~ Isaiah 60:1~

Merry Christmas and until next time,

Blessings ~ excellent poetry ~ Christmas ~ yet more rain for a thirsty Earth ~ warmer weather ~ low winds ~ a God who loves us, each and every one! ~


  1. Beautiful country you have in your backyard. IT is so peaceful and serene. Thank you for stopping by Robin's Egg Blues.


  2. Anonymous8:38 AM EST

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  3. I like the What shall I give reading for today. THis would make a great reading for our youth group at Christmas's the gospel with feet.

  4. Sandra...Buddy and I were wondering how Boscoe is doing today.

    We are thinking of you. Know you are in our prayers.

    Sending love and best wishes....

    Kary and Buddy

  5. I just love reading your posts!

  6. what a great find, you wouldn't find that in a newspaper today!

    thanks for stopping by my blog. hope you come again :) I love your blog title and the description sounds fascinating.


  7. The creche is lovely in it's simplicity, and all the more precious because it is a gift from your Mom's trip to the Holy Land...

    The words of true wisdom were a reminder to me, thanks Sandra.

  8. Such beautiful words, Sandra! What a wonderful reminder that the best gifts at Christmas cannot be bought..

  9. Just wondering how Boscoe is doing....

    we're thinking about you and have you in our prayers....

    Be well, my friend

    Kary and Buddy

  10. What beautiful sentiments you have posted. Thank you for sharing. The best gifts truly do come from the heart. I especially appreciate "Give Steps" as that is what my husband has been doing for me and I hobble about with my bum knees.

  11. just beautiful. and much needed thanks!

  12. We used John 3:16 in lessons for the little ones at church a couple of weeks ago. I had the sweetest face turn to me and exclaim," Jesus isn't "forgotten" (begotten), Jesus is famous!"

    Blessings, Misha

  13. "Give Laughter--not the scornful sort, but laughter that abounds with happy, wholesome, merrry sounds, and so infectious as to bring a like retort."

    As I study this list, I think perhaps this one is what I may provide best. Perhaps better to be good at many of the others, but....

    A very merry Christmas to you.


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