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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Maybe I'm too old for this...

 ~ fog following Maiden Spring ~
 In August, we had fog every morning save two and that means a snow for every fog...twenty-nine. It doesn't look as much as 29 but it's still the same thing...a whole lotta bunches of snow coming on and I'm scurrying to ready the farm and home. Oh yeah, the back thing. My back is a lot better and that's a good thing because the work doesn't wait but it does pile up. We have three horses that are in hospital again and that means they are in a short lot, needing attention and meds twice a day and special food. Misha sent me a couple of grazing muzzles and, eventually, they will be put to use but for now, the horses are on a  short lot until they are more stable. If you're one of those people who think grazing muzzles are cruel, then let's just agree to disagree, okay? I'm a trifle cranky from being on my feet for more than twelve hours and as long as we pay the taxes around here, we're the only ones who get a vote.
~ wild turkeys ~

We're seeing a lot of wild turkeys this autumn and a lot of deer; I only hope there's plenty of food for them this winter. I hate to see anything go hungry which is, in part, why I've got horse troubles. I tend to err on the side of "here, have something more to eat." Okay for humans, not so much for horses.
~ Cove Road ~
Cove Road is where we live; isn't it beautiful? We're having a lovely Autumn and, yes, I do know it's not truly Autumn but we're very close. The temperatures have been a trifle cooler and I'm loving not having to work for each breath.
~ fog rolling over the mountains ~
I dearly love watching the fog roll over the mountains. You can see it coming for miles and miles and it blankets everything with white and it also makes everything sort of sound proof. Sound doesn't carry as well in a fog and scent hugs the ground making it a wonderland for dogs. Animals go to ground in a heavy fog, finding shelter and waiting it out until the sun shines again.
~ Sam, watching from a safe place ~
For whatever reason, Sam didn't take a liking to our horse vet and, at the end of the morning, he took a safe position between my legs. "You wanna a piece of me, ya gotta come through Mom first!" He and Sadie are such winsome little characters.

Thankfully, tomorrow is Sunday and as we keep the Sabbath, I'll do little more than tend to animals, go to church, fix lunch and hold down the porch furniture while I'm knitting or reading. I've been turning out projects soon to be showcased in my Studio. Today, someone came to interview me for a magazine article and commissioned me to knit her a scarf in Autumnal colors. Guess I'll have to knit two of those as those are my colors as well -smile.

Did you notice my Thistle Cove Farm button to the upper left? Sandra drew and Angela made it into a button; clever women both! Thank you Angela and Sandra; well done indeed! Now, to figure out how to add a navigation bar so I can link to my Studio, Farm Maven and Farm sites.

Sweet dreams, all.

Blessings ~ knitting ~ healthy animals and humans ~ fog ~ beautiful days ~ deep breaths ~ wildlife ~

Grace and Peace,


  1. I think I lost my first comment Sandra - I was saying that you and I both seem to be enjoying the promise of Autumn. Beautiful pictures you have shared and I sure hope the horses are better soon. Hope your back gets better too and I wish you a blessed Sunday. Can't wait to see the scarves you create.

  2. All is beautiful from where I'm sitting, gazing at these photos; but the snow promised in fog? Yikes! Is that what you mean? Every day of fog = a day of snowfall?

    And your back...and the sick horses...and the work...

    That's a lot.

  3. Hey Sandra - good to see you here. We had fall weather today and will tomorrow, then it will warm up again during the week. Do you mind if I put your button on my blog, if I can figure out how to copy the HTML? It'll then be a link to your blog.

    Thanks for stopping by today on my blog and leaving a comment. Pookie just looks fat, but he is also long-haired, and a stocky build, like a Maine Coon - but don't know his origins since I picked him up as a stray at my old apartment. He was about 12 wks old then, and big for his age even then, according to the vet.

    Sorry to hear you have sick horse, I hope all goes OK with them. And with you and your back. Tomorrow is my Sabbath as well, when I tune in online to The Potter's House in Dallas TX and Bishop TD Jakes, and their services. They rebroadcast them all day/night on Sunday so I can watch numerous times to catch anything I may have missed in the sermon, and re-worship all day long!

    Hope you're having a good evening. It's dark here and I have a meatloaf in the oven that is done and needs to sit a bit before I dive into it. Take care, from KY.

  4. Your place is the stuff cityfolks dream of (not having a clue about how neverending and often strenuous the workload) beautiful beautiful - glad the back is a bit better and sorry the horses are a bit worse. I know people think banding male goats is mean but like you - they are our animals and this isn't a democrazy! Bless your Sabbath and thank you for sharing your home place with us.

  5. Such lovely pics of the fog Sandra. We get very little fog here, so no promise of snowfall ever! Bit of a shame really coz I've never seen it. It's on my list of things to do before I die. Suppose it shouldn't be that hard to accomplish coz I'd only have to drive about 4 or 5 hours in Winter to see it. One day maybe.........
    All the best for your back and those sweet horses. x

  6. Dearest Sandra,
    You do live in a gorgeous place on this earth. Beautiful.
    Visiting you today refreshed me.

    Sorry that your back has been bothering you. Very painful.

    Hope you have a sweet week-end,

  7. Sweet Sandra,
    Finally I am here to leave a little comment. My week has been nothing short of crazy! But, we Farm Mavens come to expect that in our lives, don't we :)

    I have kept you, Dave, and the equine kids in my constant prayer.
    I will pm you Sunday.

    And I would be honered to put your button on my blog!

    God Bless, misha

  8. i think you live on one of the most beautiful places on earth. i am afraid if i lived there is all i would do is sit on the porch and hold it down while gazing at the georgeous view. good thing it is you that lives there and tends to all that needs done. have a great week!

  9. Take care of that back! If I went by foggy mornings on this side of the mountain I think we'd be buried ten feet deep in snow. Things look good there, though, right now!

  10. Taking a day off is what keeps us healthy after all God rested on the 7th day. Hope your animals get healthy soon.

  11. LOL, love the description of holding the front porch furniture while you knit and sit. I've got a great picture in my mind from that.

    Hope you've had a good week.


  12. You are welcome my friend.

  13. Hi Sandra, You have such an intersting blog here! These photos are beautiful! I love the picture in your header. Wow, what a view!


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