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Friday, September 24, 2010

Waffle Irons

 ~ our vintage waffle iron ~
Care to take a guess of the age of our waffle iron? If you guessed forty years, you'd be right on the money! Dave bought it when he was property of Uncle Sam, at the Ft. Lee Army Base in Virginia. It's been a good waffle iron, still is actually, but it has this disturbing little habit of sparking when the plug is placed in, or taken out of, the electrical outlet. It's a small bother but sometimes I forget and the spark startles me. When that happens, I tend not to make waffles for a while and I dearly love waffles! CSN has contacted me...thank you Kate!...and asked if I'd like to do a review and gave me a choice of anything in their tremendous catalog. Furniture such as coffee tables, end tables, dining tables, etc. all came to mind but, somehow, the spark just wasn't there; know what I mean, Vern? Yeah, yeah, I'm easily entertained and can do it all by myself! -grin-

Naturally, a waffle iron is just about first on my list. Wait a minute, it's the only thing on my list. I haven't had waffles in months and have had IHOP on the brain lately. Did you know National Waffle Day is August 24? I didn't, until now, and it's too late to celebrate this year...sob. According to Mr. Breakfast, there's an International Waffle Day as well and that's coming up March 25. Vaffeldagen originated in Sweden and is nine months, exactly, before Christmas. It's also around the first day of spring when Swedish women would set aside winter tasks and begin spring tasks. Like making waffles.

For those of you who notice such things, the bread box behind the vintage waffle iron, is, indeed, vintage. Just about everything in this house is vintage, except the puppies, and well loved and used on a daily basis. Except the waffle iron. Last time I used the waffle iron, I told Dave about it sparking and his ears got pointy and his eyes widened. "And you're still using it?!" "Well, yeah. How do you think these waffles sitting before you were made? The tires on the vehicles have different tracks, you silly billy."

So, soon, very soon, hopefully there will be a new waffle iron in this house. We'll still keep the old one because that's what we do. We're not to the television state yet, we don't perxactly hoard but we do have our fair share of stuff from Dave's homes, his mother's fifty years of living in the same home and my homes. We've given some stuff away; one time we even got bold and threw some stuff away but that was really painful so now I just give stuff away. Except our waffle iron. We're attached to the beast and the fond memories of years full of waffles.

Want to come over for some waffles, WV maple syrup, home churned butter, thick sliced pepper bacon and milk? I'm telling's going to be Great Eats!

Blessings ~ waffles ~ waffle irons ~ churned butter ~ maple syrup ~ thick sliced pepper bacon ~ milk ~ vintage ~
Grace and Peace,


  1. What a cute post Sandra. I love waffles too and have seen many waffle irons like yours. You'll enjoy having a new one to try out - just let us know when to arrive!!! ha ha
    Have a nice weekend.

  2. Gosh, Sandra - I think my parents have a waffle iron like this. There is one side that will do waffles, and the other side is a griddle for making pancakes. Had I known you were looking for a waffle maker, I'd have sent you mine, it makes just one waffle at a time, and is the rounded kind - I think those are called Belgian waffles? Great post today, hope you have a wonderful and blessed weekend. I'll be in touch on my blog sometime next week when I make it to the public library in Liberty. Take care, girlfriend.

  3. Ah I LOVE waffles too - unfortunately my DH prefers pancakes - I make great pancakes but oh my goodness yes waffles are JUST the best. My waffle iron is not where near this sturdy - small one makes cute little heart sections in round waffle - but a big sturdy wafflemakes - not THAT is a kitchen appliance. My favorite Sunday night supper used to be waffles with strawberries and whipped cream.

  4. Now I want waffles! I love the waffle iron. Knowing that it's got a few miles on it makes me think that it makes the BEST waffles ever! I love using older cookware. Everything tastes better!


  5. It IS a lovely post about your old waffle iron!
    I've never eaten waffle, but it is like pancake...I think...and I like pancakes :o)

  6. Yep! I love waffles, too! I make mine on the waffle iron that was my grandmother's! It's over 40 years old, too and looks just like yours, only the plates flip over for a griddle side! Makes great grilled sandwiches. Still works grand but someday I would like a new one, too! Have fun with your new one!

  7. Oh! We have an oldie but a goodie like that it!

  8. My parents own one that's about that age. It's actually at our home right now so we've been making soaked waffles A LOT!! :)

  9. YES, YES, YES, I love waffles and am in the market for a waffle iron. I bought a cheap one and it was horrible if you have any recomendations I am all ears...

  10. That waffle iron probably makes MUCH better waffles than my newfangled one. I sure wish I had kept my grandmothers.

  11. i would love to!!! thank heavens you
    are retiring your dangerous waffle iron.
    the only thing to replace a back injury
    is a terrible shock!


  12. Sister Sandra, of course you know all this waffle talk made me hungry. IHOP is starting to sound pretty good. Maybe I'll talk my wife into eating breakfast there in the morning before church. :-)

  13. Hope you are as happy with your new one! Now I'm getting hungry too!


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