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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Through the glass, darkly

 ~ morning fog ~
In August we had 29 fogs which, as the old timers will tell you, means 29 snows this coming winter. Is it true, you ask? Well, I've seen it true every year we've lived here and am anticipating 29 snows this winter. They may be flurries or inches or...O Lordy...feet but we'll have 29 snows to look forward to. This month, we're still having morning fog although not as much as August. We've begun having rain and the alfalfa field, cut only last week, has already begun greening and growing. The horses and sheep should be able to feast on the field by December 30 and we'll take them off the first of March.

My apologies to you, each and every one. A few posts ago, I mentioned my back had been "acting up". That's a nice way of saying it's been hurting like the dickens and the spasms are just plain nasty. It's been all I could do to get chores out of the way and that's been with help. Daniel, our neighbor, has been coming up and helping me and what that really means is, I've been standing there, gasping like a guppy and he's been doing the work. Like someone told me one time when I was helping...or thought I was helping..."you know, this would get done a whole lot faster if I didn't have such good help."

I was crushed. Still am actually. I truly thought I was helping, didn't know I was just in the way.

All that to say, my time on the computer has been quite limited because the typing position aggravates my back, in a serious way. So, please don't think I'm being rude, I'm just in a lot of pain and hope to be back on schedule soon...please God.

I went to the Cove Community Association meeting Tuesday night and they asked me to update the community blog. The exciting news is we're going to have another wagon ride to the Paintlick Indian Paintings. Visit the blog for more information about this fabulous community event. We ride hay wagons several times miles up the road then cross several meadows and pastures, cross ford the Little River, and ride up to the base of the mountain. At that point, it's all feet on earth as people scramble to the top to see the Indian Paintings that are several hundred years old!

The Thompson Valley Community Center is getting ready for their Craft Festival on October 2; see their website for more details.

Kathy has a new blog where she's showcasing her lovely woven goods; check it out. If you have a blog and would like a mention, please let me know. I'm happy to tell others and since Christmas is coming, now is a good time to get the word out.

I have been knitting, a lot, and have some pretty things to show for my time. I've not been watching television but am thinking about watching some DVD's while I knit. Down time, forced down time, doesn't sit well with me. I mean, I was doing really well with keeping the Sabbath every Sunday and doing only those things that had to be done except extra work. Now, it seems I'm to learn new lessons and, truth be told, not quite sure what those lessons are I'm supposed to learn. It's a puzzle, all right.

Take care, all of you. If your need is known to me, you're name is on the prayer list. At least I can still do that!

Blessings ~ wagon rides, craft fairs ~ Indian paintings ~ down time ~ pain meds ~ porch furniture ~

Grace and Peace,


  1. isn't it the truth - we keep having lessons on patience and healing -- I'm almost certain I've learned the lesson and bam I'm in graduate school with it! So sorry to hear of your back problems - if you were nearby I'd have you in our acupuncturist's office in nothing flat - but since you are not - Don't do things you shouldn't be doing - we'll pray for you also. BTW have you seen Faith Like Potatoes? that's worth a dvd watch

  2. I do hope your back gets better soon my dear.

    I loved the picture you posted of the was just beautiful.


  3. Never heard tell of the number of fogs in August is the number of snows you will have! Very interesting! Wish I would have kept count to see if it is true!
    So sorry to hear about your back problems. I can really sympothize! I herniated a disk a few years ago and it still causes havoc now and again. Have you tried alternating hot and cold packs? Really seems to help. Sending up a little prayer for you!


  4. Oh I do hope you are feeling better dear beautiful that image, making me pine even more for peace and quiet!

  5. Knitting while watching a favorite movie or listening to music entertains me for hours. Hope you're feeling stronger very soon.

  6. We have a very rainy Autumn here...It's raining all day. It looks like someone forgot to shut off the tap...:o)
    I hope your back will be "back" soon!


  7. Still praying your back heals quickly!
    ...and that you only get 29 snows...

  8. Yep, the old timers in our neck of the woods say, that if you have fog, count 90 days until your first snow! That puts us in the first week or so of Oct.

    Praying for you and your back issues. I can somewhat relate, I have two ruptured discs(L4 and 5) It's frustrating when you are the type of person who likes to be on the move.

    HUGS and healing sent to you,

  9. you don't have to apologize to us!
    i will be praying for a complete


  10. Never apologize, Sandra! I know the feeling. I feel bad if I do not post. Then I feel really guilty if I don't go-a-visiting :)


    29 snows sounds better than 29 days of feeling like i am working in an oven!

  11. Oh, Sandra, this post is lovely. Now, all you have to do is get rested up and well!! I love the cows-in-the-mist photo. Would you sell it to me? Let me know. xx's

  12. So sorry to hear you're still having back pain! Hope that's over soon and it sounds like lots of great things happening in Tazewell County soon!


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