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Friday, February 25, 2011

My Crazy Good Life...

 ~ O What A Beautiful Morning... ~
 The wind has been fierce but, today, the sun is shining and it's another perfect day at Thistle Cove Farm. No, of course not, life isn't perfect but the day is and, in between all the home health visits, we're enjoying it fully. I really want to put up a new photo header, perhaps this one? but it's not spring...yet. We've still got a snow, or three, in the coming but will take this spring teaser, gladly, and with a cup of tea. As Goerthe said, "He is the happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home."  Dave and I find peace, sanctuary and happiness at Thistle Cove Farm, in all seasons of both time and life.

~ faithful Ranger, working companion ~
Night before last, Daniel, the dogs and I went on the mountain to cut some cedar trees. I feed fresh cedar trees to the sheep as they like a bit of green in their diet and it helps de-worm them, naturally. Can you tell how wonky the Ranger is sitting? My heart was in my throat as I followed Daniel, in his 4-wheel drive full sized pick-up truck, up the mountain. I, strongly, dislike the feeling of tipping over and as soon as was able, I baled out of the Ranger but after the dogs, of course. In fact, I baled out and left the door open in my haste to get away from the falling down side of the dratted thing!
~ Sadie, supervising Daniel ~
The dogs were in ecstasy at their freedom on the mountain. They are never, never, left unsupervised outside our doubled fenced yard as folks around here set out snares and poison for the coyotes.
~ Daniel, barreling down the mountain ~
Eventually, Daniel got tired of hearing me whine about the steepness and he offered to drive the Ranger to a flat section. I could barely look and he either wasn't frightened at all or it was a guy rescue gal type thing. God bless Daniel anyway, for whatever reason he put the Ranger on flatter ground.
~ timberrrrr! ~
We figured we'd get as many trees as his truck and my Ranger could carry. We're getting on toward greener pastures and all animals would rather eat green and growing as opposed to just cut.
 ~ does this look steep to you? ~
Daniel cut six trees so the sheep will be happy, happy for a week, perhaps two, before they finish eating the cedar trees. It saves a bit on de-worming meds and, I believe, natural is always healthier than pharmaceuticals. Cedar trees are a bane to a pasture's existence so the farmers don't mind if they are cut down. Just after Christmas, I go 'round town and gather up the Christmas trees - those without paint, stain and icicles - and feed those to the sheep as well. It's a treat for them and tickles me to see them happy.
 ~ the sheep of my God's pasture ~
We're adjusting to a new normal life but, bless God, we're both here to make the adjustment! It's a daily struggle and along the way we've both made some mistakes, forgotten some birthdays and, in general, been hugely overwhelmed with and by the process. If you've any suggestions on anything, please let me know as we're, still, babes in the woods. When I've been overwhelmed, which has been often, it has helped greatly, knowing there were folks standing in the gap for us. When I was too overwhelmed to pray, it helped, greatly, knowing there were folks praying for us. So many times, the Holy Spirit has soothed my soul by reminding me, "Not only are people praying for you and Dave, Christ intercedes at the right hand of His Father." Then, and now, I cling to that thought and God bless each of you, greatly.

Blessings ~ home ~ Cove ~ cedar trees ~ an evening of work and fun ~ Daniel ~ prayer ~ praying people ~

Soli Deo Gloria,


  1. Thank you for this lovely post, Sandra and God bless you, too :o)!

  2. So, so lovely to know you are on the farm, and yes, that looked steep. Praying for the times that you feel overwhelmed. I cannot imagine not feeling overwhelmed.


  3. I do think Daniel enjoyed rescuing the babe in distress! Men are like that :) I don't like that feeling of tipping over either~probably why I don't drink alcohol. Ha!
    It is wonderful to know that even when we are feeling sluggish, down, or just plain left with an empty mind~others can lift us up and God just knows how to care for us!
    Happy sheep! I love that you and I think so very alike :)
    I wish J and I lived close by to help out. You would probably tire of us and send us home! But, know that many times during the day, I think of you and Dave. I hope you feel my love...
    xo, misha

  4. one of your nicest posts
    best john

  5. Sandra, you sound like you have picked right back up where you left off. so glad to hear that Dave is home. Treatment is over? For now? Restaging? His prognosis?

    We have prayed as the Lord brought you to remembrance. My husband probably daily because you and Dave were added to his daily prayer journal.

    My computer time is shorter these days as I'm busy learning a new job.

    God is so good. A big hug from me. Welcome home. Finally.

  6. A lovely post! Still praying for you and Dave. I hope the home health is helping. ((hugs))

    Beautiful photo's, even the lopsided. That would have made me nervous also!

  7. Sounds like a wonderful day on the farm! We gathered up Christmas trees for our goats and they loved them! Even gave the pigs one and they seemed to enjoy it too. Have a very blessed weekend.

  8. Your post today brought tears to my eyes, I know you can't see it but when I first found out about you going to the Richmond it seemed so scary and now the prayers that God continues to answer and to see you home, is so very sweet to me. I am so, so very thankful you are home now.
    It is so nice to see the wonderful ways God answers prayers.

  9. Shew! You are one gritty gal! :-) Driving around the mountains like that and walking thru the fire with Dave. God is faithful, isn't he! His strength is made perfect in our frailties. Thank you for being a role model for me personally. My prayers continue for both of you.

    BTW, interesting about the cedar for the sheep --that they will eat it and that it has such good effects for them. God knew that when he made the first cedar and first sheep. He doeth all things well!

  10. Oh my! Steep hills + vehicles of any kind make me very nervous too! I will share the cedar tip with my sister, the sheep keeper. Thanks for the tip.

    Bless you and Dave. I will continue to keep you both in my prayers. hugs, Tammy

  11. Hi Sandra

    I pray that things continue to go well for you and Dave during your time of adjustment.

    I think your choice for a new header is great :-)


  12. Ohhhh those sheep. I love them. I love your property & the life you are able to enjoy. Blessings, indeed.

  13. What a fantastic post. Many times I've dreamed of raising sheep, making wool and such but it's a fantasy. I'm glad that I found your blog so I can experience your posts. Cheers!

  14. Prayer is a powerful thing. I have been finding it very useful lately. May God help you through this trial.

  15. I had no idea sheep ate cedar, etc... no idea!

    So glad you and Dave are HOME while you continue with his treatment and recovery - and I think breathing in the fresh air of the countryside helps anyone heal.

  16. What a lovely place you guys live, it must be so interesting living on a farm. I will lift you and Dave up in prayer always:)

  17. So enjoyed reading your post today Sandra! I love to hear about how the other half live on farms or large properties. I've wanted to live "in the country" for a very long time. You take fabulous pics!
    I wonder if we grow cedar over here, coz I have a good friend that keeps sheepsies and I'm sure she'd be interested to hear about another food source for them.


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