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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sabbath Keeping

 ~ stark beauty ~
"For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand, 
and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you." 
~ Isaiah 41:13 ~
 "I Take Thy hand, and fears grow still
Behold Thy face, and doubts remove
Who would not yield his wavering will
To perfect Truth and boundless Love!"
~ Samuel Johnson ~

"Many of us crucify ourselves between two thieves -
regret for the past and fear for the future."
~ Fulton Ousler ~

"Without an end or bound
Thy life lies all outspread in light
Our lives feel Thy life all around,

Making our weakness strong, our darkness bright
Yet is it neither wilderness nor sea,
But the calm gladness of a full eternity."
~ F. W. Faber ~

"Fear is a darkroom where negatives develop." ~ Usman B. Asif

"What Thou shalt to-day provide,
Let me as a child receive
What to-morrow may betide,
Calmly to Thy wisdom leave.
"Tis enough that Thou wilt care,
Why should I the burden bear?"
~ J. Newton ~

"There is much in the world to make us afraid.  There is much more in our faith to make us unafraid."  ~ Frederick W. Cropp ~

"For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; 
but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."

I'm breaking with tradition and ceasing "blessings" on Sabbath Keeping. Now, there will be a "Prayer Keeping" section; if you'd like your name, or initial, added to this list, please let me know either by commenting on this post or by a private e-mail. God knows you by name and knows your needs so just your name, added to each Sabbath Keeping post, will let me and others remember you in prayer. I still keep my private prayer list but will not post your name, or initial, publicly unless you request.

Prayer Keeping ~ Dave, he's in ICU ~

Soli Deo Gloria,


  1. Praying for an extra extra measure of strength for you, Sandra. And God's healing touch for Dave. His peace for you both. --Linda

  2. hope all goes well and dave heals quickly. you are both still in my prayers. God bless you both.

  3. Anonymous9:58 PM EST

    I am praying for you both. Sending my love, Mildred

  4. Oh no and you were going to come home this weekend. I will keep in in my prayers.
    Thank you so much for your verses today.

  5. prayers continue for you and Dave - and we continue to feel the comfort of prayers for our situation - Skip goes to lung research center on Tuesday - hoping for the best and preparing for the worst - but we trust our Father is in control! Bless y'all - one day , one step at a time.

  6. Oh my. I so hoped you were coming home. While pray more. You are both in my thoughts daily.
    Blessings and love to you both

  7. Sandra I'm sure lifing Dave up in prayer even though we have never met my heart is with you. The Lord is with you always. Please add me to the prayer keeping section as my Son and our family needs prayer. Bless you for doing this for thinking of others during your time of need.

  8. Oh no! And you all were to come home this weekend. So very sorry! Hugs to you.

  9. Praying for Dave...and you! Peace be with you...

  10. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  11. Extra prayers for you and Dave! I am so sorry you weren't able to go home.

  12. Sandra,
    What special Sunday posts. Your blog is beautiful and touching. I am an Appalachian girl, myself...having grown up in Southeastern Kentucky in the coalfields. I didn't stray too far from there. About five years ago, I moved a little farther south to Tennessee. Your farm looks beautiful. I've signed up to follow you so that I can come back to visit and see more of your gorgeous photographs.

    Best wishes and many blessings.

  13. Sending prayers up and hugs out. Take care!

  14. Sandra,
    I read on and on with your blog. I love your words. Your heart is so sweet. I struggle with Jeremiah 29:11... However, I appreciate your faith, (and honesty) especially during this difficult time.
    Because of my own tragedy, my faith has been so shaken. Jeremiah 29:11 is a verse I can no longer feel comfortable with.
    Why did you choose to use that particular one? There are so many others which seem more fitting. Am I missing something?
    Any light you can share would be much appreciated.

  15. I know what you mean man.

    There was a hill top
    where I used to see,
    all of my life's possibilities in front of me.
    Four decades later,
    I returned to see
    that none of it, would ever be.

    The Delaware River meanders gracefully down to the sea by journeying through the magnificently forested hills of The Catskills Mountains first. A lonesome train track follows it's meanderings, also heading south to the sea. I was 14 years old when I first climbed Seminary Hill and saw this splendid sight.

    There was a 30-foot statue of Jesus Christ on a cross high up on Seminary Hill. The image was ghostly against blackening skies, even more so during lightning storms. The Castle-like Seminary was spread out over the level acreage at the bottom of The Hill. Below the Seminary, lies the Town Of Callicoon and The Delaware River.

    I went way out of my way on a sunny day, about 6 or 7 years ago, to return to Seminary Hill, but I never anticipated the subsequent flood of emotions that resulted from looking down that river valley... and all of those years... again.

    Quite accidentally, not long after my return to Seminary Hill, a former seminarian from my class was put in touch with me, and even though we were once very close friends, I couldn't place him when we met again. He had none of the looks, characteristics, or mannerisms of the person that I once knew. He was kind enough to bring me up to date regarding fellow mates and such, but as he talked, I looked into his unfamiliar eyes and felt like I was back up on Seminary Hill, again... searching for the guy that I once knew.

  16. Dear Sandra
    Sending prayers and love to you both, your post is beautiful, blessings.

  17. I have been out of town this past week and wondered how you two were doing. I am sad that Dave is in ICU and pray he is receiving good care there . . . and that they are caring for you, as well. You must be growing increasingly weary.

    Sending my love and continued prayers.


  18. Loving you and keeping you close~both of you...
    xo, misha

  19. Continuing our prayer vigil for you both Sandra!
    With love, Nancy & family


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