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Saturday, April 09, 2011

A Box of Happy

 ~ chick chocs ~
Karen, at This Old House 2, sent A Box Of Happy when my name was randomly drawn. The box of Lindt chocolates are in my refrigerator so when I hope the door, their smiling, quirky faces greet me like a perfect day. Go ahead, I'm sure you've thought it...HEY! You looking at ME??? -smile-
 ~ more happiness ~
If there's one thing that instantly brings me happiness, it's bubbles. The above are Miracle Bubbles, no less and designed, so I think, to bring instant happy. The note cards have already been put to good use as has the Burt's Bees lip balm. My cuticles and my lips take a direct hit when I'm stressed and, right now, my face and hands look like the dogs have been gnawing on them. Sorry you had to read that but it's true. If I get any more stressed out, I'm going to pop a cog.

The insulated glass, with straw, is great! I keep a glass of water going all day long and it's ever so much more pleasant to drink from a pretty glass than an ugly glass. Karen, thank you; you've added joy to my "underfull" of joy day.

After being missing for a few days, I'm going to be missing for a few more days. Dave's cousin is coming and I'm headed to a hotel room to sleep, sleep, sleep. I'll have to take a bit of work with me, trying to catch up -haha- but the main purpose is to try and relax, de-stress and work/pray through the anxiety. I've been 24/7 since August and if I don't take a break, my body and/or mind will break and I don't want that. Dave is doing a tad better, thank God, and we're hoping he'll continue to improve; so now is the time to take care of me. Hopefully, you're taking care of you as well.

Blessings ~ Dave's cousin ~ sleep ~ a box of Happy ~ chocolate ~ Karen ~

Soli Deo Gloria,


  1. I was so glad to see you'd come by my place and left a comment. Be sure and take the chocolates to the hotel to help relieve the stress. Thankfully, it isn't prom time around there! Hope you get much needed rest!
    BYe bye!

  2. hope all continues to go well with dave. i pray you will get the much needed rest you need. enjoy your break. God bless you both!

  3. So glad you get to spend some time on yourself. Rest, relax, and de-stress. You need a break.

  4. Those chick chocs are lovely (and delicious):o)!
    It's important to have some "me-time" and I am glad you are going to have some :o)!

  5. God bless Dave and keep him on the road to recovery. God bless the cousin and impart special strength. God bless Sandra; help her to relax; bring refreshment and renewal to body and soul. Thank you, Great Physician.

  6. we had some of those chick chocolates - had being the operative description! Yum. Glad you will get some rest in hotel - sleeping around the clock isn't a bad thing if it is needed!

  7. So happy to hear you are taking a break for yourself! It is much needed...
    And the goodies from Karen are awesome!She is a sweetheart :)
    Just like you!
    Again, thank you for the birthday greeting! Adorable!
    Always in my prayers you and Dave are. And of course, all the critters :)
    xo, misha

  8. What a wonderful gift you have given yourself with the blessing and help of your family!

    Caregivers of any sort need to care for themselves or they are of no use to those they care for.

    You are in my prayers as is Dave. Enjoy, sleep, bubble in the bath. Treat yourself as Queen for The Day!

  9. So glad you are taking care of "you"... so important and too often overlooked.

  10. So happy, Sandra, to hear that you are getting away to rest. Hope the "box of happy" is going with you.


  11. Such lovely gifts I'm glad that you won this giveaway. Hope you enjoy your time away. Rest and prayer always does a soul well. The Lord knows what you need Sandra and He will be right there with you to restore what needs restoring. Hopeing with you that Dave continues to improve. Lifting up prayers for you both. Blessings.


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