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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday - Rag Wreath

 ~ stash fabric ~
WHOOPS! Liar, liar, pants on fire... remember that one from childhood? Since Dave's illness I've gotten a lot of practice saying, "I'm sorry." My brain works, sometimes, and the memory not at all, most of the time. When I said I'd found the rag rug wreath link at Retro Farm Wife, I well and truly thought I had. But, no. I had a good visit the the RFW but I found the link at Tammy's Recreating Grandma's House, her April 7, 2011 post. Tammy, many thanks for your comment here as that's what started the gray cells sparking; I'm sorry I neglected to give you credit firstly.

I finally spent some time in the studio but couldn't quite get my mind around a project. For a long while, perhaps a year, rain has been finding its way into the studio and every time I go out there, see the wet rug and floor, my heart sinks. It's silly, I know, there are far worse things than a wet floor but life is so crowded that any little thing just pulls me down. We've re-side the studio, the old ham house, and we've caulked and I don't know what to do next. I'm not sure if the rain is coming through, or near a window, which that's what it looks like or what, perxactly. Daniel is perplexed too and if Daniel is perplexed I shouldn't feel quite so bad -smile-. Around here, if Daniel can't fix's well and truly broken.

I visited The Retro Farmwife and, on her sidebar, found a link to The Cottage Home and a tutorial for a Summer Fabric Rag Wreath. Please see Whoops, above.

~ fabric strips ~

That was just the ticket for a fun, quick project and all I had to do was pull out some fabric from the stash and get the heart shaped wreaths from the garden shed. Perfect! Please see Lindsay's blog for more concise directions as I see absolutely no need to reinvent the wheel. I'm sorta a git 'er done kinda gal and there's no way I'm going into the detail she went into. Some of my strips were cut into 12 inch lengths, others into 14 inch lengths and I didn't sweat the difference. Heck, some strips were even longer so I just wrapped them around the heart shaped wreath and then tied the knot. Come to think of it, not all of the fabric wasn't even used but I only remember hours after the fact.
~ heart shaped wreath ~
By the way, I only have a heart shaped wreath and not the circular wreath like Cottage Gal but I think it worked just as well.
 ~ studio wreath ~
So, here's the finished wreath and I do like it. It hangs atop my Spring Gal sent by Misha last year and add cheer and beauty to the studio door. Both make me smile every time I go by, or into, the studio. I've got two more wreaths and am pulling out the black and white fabric for one and, perhaps for Christmas, I'll use red and green fabric.

I liked this little project; it was fast enough to give me some instant gratification and, because of the fabric stash, colorful enough to add cheer and beauty. That's a win-win, don't you think?

Blessings ~ fabric stash ~ heart shaped wreath ~ Misha ~  spring ~ Lindsay ~

In beauty,


  1. very nice.. I just blogged my rag wreath last week.. - I love yours more.. I wish I would have had a heart wreath.. :)

  2. Just the ticket indeed. How lovely to be in your own home and creating something beautiful. After all the weeks of sitting in a hospital, this must have been very refreshing (except for the wet floor part.)

    Happy Spring.


  3. It looks so cute, I have a million wreaths from when my kids got married and they are just out in my shed. I will try that.
    I hope you find your leak.

  4. I really enjoy projects like that ~ that can be finished quickly and enjoyed, and don't cost much or anything, using the items we have on hand!
    Your Rag Wreath is lovely! Just perfect on your studio door to welcome spring!
    Easter Blessings!

  5. I smiled when I read your post. I have plans to make several from homespun I have in abundance here for Market. Made these many years ago and thought it would be a good way to use up the fabric. Your's is very cheery and happy. Sorry your playhouse is being flooded. That is what I deal with (this morning!!) when it rains hard from my backyard. It is very disturbing. And makes me sad also. Hope your day is dry and loverly.

  6. I LOVE that! So pretty!

    When I read rag wreath, it reminded me of the rag rugs my mom used to make! :)

    As you know, my "rememberer" is not so good, but I did remember to come here today. LOL

    Have a blessed day, Sandra. ((hugs))

  7. What a fun project!... I might try this myself.

  8. Oh my goodness, Sandra~ that is so cute! I love it!

  9. I love how happy the spring girl looks with the rag wreath! So sweet!
    I always make tons of grapevine wreaths, but I do believe I can make this rag wreath also! Woohoo!

    Thank you so much for the Easter greeting! Gorgeous :)
    xo, misha

  10. I love how happy the spring girl looks with the rag wreath! So sweet!
    I always make tons of grapevine wreaths, but I do believe I can make this rag wreath also! Woohoo!

    Thank you so much for the Easter greeting! Gorgeous :)
    xo, misha

  11. This is really pretty Sandra. Glad you had some time to work on this project sometimes instant gratification is good expecially when it comes to crafts and decorating. Thank you for Sharing. Your always spreading some Sunshine here on your blog Blessings my friend.

  12. I so very much admire crafty people - skilled with their hands and clever minds people - I am not one so have to admire and refrain from starting yet another project which never is successfully completed - taken me 60 some years to realize this truth - sad but true - clever crafts I will not do! But I like your wreath and shawlette very much

  13. Love that beautiful wreath- crafts that you can do in a day are my favorites! Beautiful colors.

    Your new spring blog header is gorgeous- what an incredible view!


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