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Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

 ~ Thistle Cove Farm flowers in bloom  ~
It's a rainy, warm Good Friday and I always think how fickle are crowds. It doesn't take much, does it, for a crowd to turn from jovial, joyful to murderous, mean. I also don't understand Good Friday? What's good about it? Oh, I understand Christ and the cross and how "God sent His only begotten son so that whoever believes on Him might have everlasting life" but I don't understand the name "Good" Friday. Good Sunday and Resurrection, yes, but "good" Friday...?

~ the sheep of "my" pasture ~
Thanks be to God for His ways which are not our ways neither are His thoughts our thoughts. I see a lot more clearly, in one sense, since I've become a shepherd. My flock is small but I count them daily, several times a day to make sure each is upright, doing well, happy, content. I cast my cares upon Him for He careth for me and He wants me to be well, happy and content in Him.
~ Sam P. Spade ~
Sam is ever watchful and is the first to raise alarm should something or someone be "not right" at the farm. He is ever alert and mindful of his duties and reminds me I should be the same. Having animals makes me a better Christian which is frightening for should I not have animals I'd be a far worse Christian. Being a sinner comes naturally; being a Saint is only through God's power.

This Resurrection Sabbath please take the day off; please, if at all possible, make the choice to observe the Sabbath by doing not much of anything. Do attend church services and, no, you don't need new finery. Do break bread with loved ones, do rest a spell on the porch, do spend time in reflection and calm, quiet activities. Perhaps, for a change, don't turn on the television or radio; don't listen to canned music, even religious music. Listen to the voice of God whispering through the trees, in the sounds of His creation. Let His peace wash over you, embrace you, prepare you.

Blessed Resurrection to you and yours; go in peace.

Blessings ~ His creation ~ today ~ Sabbath ~  Christ ~ the cross ~ the Resurrection~ ~

Soli Deo Gloria,


  1. Happy Easter Sandra!!! He is Risen.

  2. What a beautiful post.
    Happy Easter to you Sandra!

  3. Happy Easter Sandra and Family
    It is also a rainy warm Good Friday here in Israel and the hot cross buns are ready for tea. Why "good" maybe good things can come from bad beginnings like a born again Christian or even Death and then everlasting life who knows that's what I love the choice we have to decide for ourselves

  4. I have always wondered that too, why is it called good when I don't see it as good either. I know we would be forgiven and all of that but to call it good just seems wrong somehow. Sunday is the good day.
    Also some calendars have Easter Monday so what is up with that?
    Thanks for all of the nice reminders.

  5. Hello Sweet Sandra,

    Your post is Beautiful. I understand your thought about it being Good Friday ... Why Good ?

    I guess because it goes back to the saing and I know scripture about Good coming from Bad ..

    A bad thing occurred but Good came from it ..

    Maybe that's a way of considering it.

    Wishing you and your husband, family and sweet pets ..A Beautiful Easter weekend ..

    Blessings ..Sara

  6. Have a blessed Tridium and a very Happy Easter!

  7. Blessings to you and yours, this Easter weekend.

  8. Oh, I do love this post! I have often wondered about "Good" Friday, too. But I know it was 'Good' for me ~ where would I be is Christ hadn't died for me? Even better that He conquered death and rose on the third day and is now preparing a place for me! Good for me!
    Your flowers at Thistle Cove Farm are delicious, the sheep are so bucolic and Sam P. Spade is just adorable! (I love the name, too! He looks just like a Sam P. Spade!)
    I plan to do just as you suggest ~ go to church, spend the day with family and drink in the whispering voice of God through His creation! Can't think of a better way to spend the Holiest of days!
    Rich Easter Blessings to you and Dave!

  9. I don't know why it is called good friday,except jesus had to die so that we might live. Still it's sad,and joyous at the same time. Blessings jane,and happy resurrection day!

  10. Wonderful post, Sandra~ I enjoyed the pictures of your flowers, your sheep and Sam, but most of your exhortation to observe the Sabbath this weekend and forget the rest of the world and it's trappings.
    Hope you have a blessed Easter, my friend.

  11. i just love visiting here! i always say to myself,
    "why do we call it good friday when He was
    tortured and buried on it." it's nice to know
    a kindred spirit.

    happy easter and many blessings,

  12. Happy Easter to you, Sandra -

    What a handsome dog!

  13. Happy Easter - thank you for another BEAUTIFUL post. God Bless

  14. I agree! I prefer Good Sunday over Good Friday. Didn't the sky turn dark that day? Maybe we should call Good Friday.... Dark Friday?

    God bless you Sandra and have a "Good" Sunday :-)


  15. Many Easter Blessings to you and yours my lovely friend!


  16. Happy Easter, Sandra to you and Dave. I love your photo's as usual. :)

  17. Amen Sister in Christ - shepherding taught me more lessons than I could anticipate. Go in peace indeed - in Christ Alone

  18. Happy Easter to you Sandra. I wish the saint part were easier to come by than the sinner role.

  19. Wishing you and loved ones a wonderful Easter. I was luck to go to Palm Sunday mass at Saint Pat's in NYC. What a beautiful place.

  20. Great to hear from you. I have only posted 2 days of the four day NYC trip. I am exausted just bloging it, No wonder I got sick. Sat. night going to see Anything Goes
    NY had a hurricane, I got soaked and chilled flaging a cab. By Sun. night I was so sick.Have a great
    Sunday. yvonne

  21. I remember as a child hearing the name "Good Friday" but never thought about it. After I became a Christian I dwelt on the resurrection, but only in the past few years have begun to think about the whole story, and read more deeply about it. Maybe because it causes me such sorrow to read of the abuse , scorn, and ultimate painful death before He arose. I wanted to think about the end of this story, which is the beginning of ours, He has risen !

    Now I am beginning to appreciate even more His sacrifice, and how he paid dearly for us, more dearly than we can ever comprehend.

  22. Sandra, this post was just beautiful. I could stare at your blog header for hours. I hope you had a restful and blessed day. Happy Easter


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