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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Giveaway - Chateaux de France

Chateaux de France is a delightful black and white, hard cover book, printed in 1951 and covers the great chateaux of France. It's printed on 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper, written in French and includes 64 beautiful chateaux.
 Above, left, is St. Germain and on the right, Sully-Sur-Loire.
This book is a tiny piece of history, the glorious history of France.When you visit the links, you'll see changes of the areas and regions but the chateaux, essentially, remain as beautiful as ever. I believe the  author to be Charles Ferdinand however I do not not read, nor speak, French so this is a guess.
On the left, Bourges and on the right, Brissac. 
Dave and I have been to France, both the isle of Corsica and Nice and loved them. Our favorite was Corsica, probably because we had such a delightful day of walking around and ended up at a little seaside cafe where we enjoyed cheese, bread and a lovely, local, crisp white wine. There were  American's at a neighboring table enjoying American brand soda; Dave and I wanted to walk over to them and say, "OH NO!" But we didn't -smile-. We're rather adventuresome and have had some questionable meals but we've never regretted any of them. We've also not known what some of those meals were but they tasted pretty good or, at least, we didn't get sick -smile- and we've all those fond memories.

This little gem has been in my library for many years but it's time for a new home. You'll have a week to comment - tell me if you've ever been to France and where, or, if you've not been to France, would you like to go and where? Comments close Thursday, May 12 at midnight; winner chosen by and, if you know someone who is a Francophile, please tell them about this giveaway. This little book deserves a home where someone will love it dearly.

Au revoir,


  1. I have been to France a number of times ~ mostly Paris, and Nice once. Would love to roam the countryside more. And we love to eat local, too.


  2. Hello Sandra and Dave:
    We are so fortunate to know France reasonably well as it is in such close proximity to the UK. Also, we have friends with houses both in mid France and in Provence.

    One of our most interesting holidays, many years ago, was based in Arromanches when we visited the many war graves in that area.

  3. Never been, but would love to! Went to Europe a few years ago...Germany, Italy, Czech Republic to name a few. But not France. Maybe next time?

  4. Sadly, I have never been to France but hopefully I will get there one day. I would love to see Paris, of course, but your description of the time you spent on Corsica makes me want to go there too!

  5. I have never been to France - both of my daughters were privileged to go while they were in hs - my oldest went on a mission trip and spent the summer working on a church building. My youngest went with her hs choir.

    I would dearly love to see the Louvre.

    Purplemoose on ravelry

  6. How I would love to go to France. My grandfather was born in Paris - but, I never knew him...

  7. Years and years ago, when our now-grown daughters were little, my in-laws watched them for a week and I joined my husband on a business trip to Paris. I flew over using a free business-class ticket (because I never could have afforded airfare at that time otherwise), landed in Frankfurt, Germany ... and we took the train to Paris.

    We had a wonderful week away, just the two of us wandering Paris in the evenings (because this WAS a business trip, after all, and he had to work during the day.) The food, the scenery, the shopping, the museums, and the PEOPLE all stick with me and create such great memories.

    I am the child of a soldier, we lived all over the world. We always sampled whatever the local food was and, in most cases, learned to love it. One of my most memorable meals was in Venice when I was a teen. I ordered 'Frito Misto', which was a mixed fried fish platter. None of the fish on the plate was any larger than a goldfish, and they were all whole ... but they sure tasted good!

  8. I've been to France 3 times. My favorite places are Fontainebleau, Provence, the chateaux de la Loire and of course Paris.

  9. Oh, I would so love to win this! I've never been to France, but I will make it there one day! I want to visit Paris (of course), but I would really like to see everything I can!

  10. Hello Sandra how are you? Keeping you and Dave in prayer. Hopeing Dave is getting better each day. Thank you for this neat giveaway. I have never been to France,but would love to go. It's hard to pick which area because All of France from what I have seen in pictures is just amazing with beauty. If I had to pick I would want to go to the Rhone Alpes. It's looks so pretty there and so much to do, hicking, skiing, mountain climbing, which I'm not sure I would do well on that. I live in Florida and I'm Orginally from the North Cincinnati acutally and I really miss the snow:) so I know if I could travel there it would be when it was full of snow. Blessings my friend. Thank you for continuing to keep my Son and I on your prayer list.

  11. I know a lovely French husband and wife here in Prince George and this book would make a perfect coffee-table-book for them!

  12. Looks like a nice book. I've not been to France, though several folks I know who've gone loved it.

    Swinging by all Bridge members today to remind everyone the contest is in full swing. Hope to see you SOON, and often.

  13. I love France! For years I was fortunate enough to attend the
    Salon Du Cheval De Paris each year!
    Always single on each trip, I would love to return with my J!

    We collect vintage books and would love to give this one a good home!

    You are too sweet, Sandra!
    xo, misha


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