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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Last Day of May, 2011

~ dancing, frozen on the line ~
It was 90 degrees F here today, this last day of May. Needless to say, the clothes on the line today didn't resemble the above, no, not in the least. It's so hot, I can't get into the garden until after 5:00 or I chance a heat stroke. At dark, I'm coming in so tired, I can't hit the floor with my hat but the garden is beginning to look really, really good. The first fifty pounds of potatoes are getting bushy and green, the onions are popping their little sprouts above the ground, the Alaska peas are...well, they'd rather be in Alaska but I took a chance. I should have planted them two months ago but you know how that goes.

Tonight I planted thirty-six marigolds and they look so cheerful edging the tomatoes. Seven sugar baby watermelons I grew from seeds also went into the ground. Tomorrow morning, early, at sunrise, I'll put in the sweet corn and, if I've still time before the heat, perhaps more sun and other flowers.

In closing, please remember, Jesus loves you.

But I'm His favorite!

O come on...don't tell me you didn't smile!

Blessings ~ gardens ~ seeds ~ plants ~ rain ~ humor ~ Jesus ~


  1. Yes, you made me smile! Take special care in this heat!!

  2. do marigolds around tomatoes help keep the bugs away?

    I did chuckle when I read you're His favorite! I know He is very fond of you!!!

    One of these days I will have a garden again. Though your temps are hot, you're garden sounds wonderful.
    God bless you!

    One of the Lord's favorites as well,

  3. You are making me hungry! We are having very hot days also. Take care and yes, you made me smile. Reminds me of the song from childhood, "Jesus loves me this I know!"

  4. Hello Sandra and Dave:
    And now June is here, at least for us!

    Working outside in the garden in such heat is, as you clearly know, well nigh impossible and then by the evening, when the temperature drops, tiredness sets in. Whilst it has been very hot, unusually so for May, here in Budapest, for you it seems to have been a heat wave.

    We do hope that you have water for all of your vegetables.

  5. Of course You are His favorite :o)))!!! ♥

    We have warm days here too...

  6. Yes, I did smile! I remember my kids saying things like that to each other about us~ I still smile at that too.

    Goodness, you are having summer weather and we are having temps in the upper 50's. I love this type of weather but the garden only produces slugs and weeds for it.

    Watermelon, oh that sounds very tasty now.

  7. The cool thing is . . . we are all Jesus' favorite. :)

    There will be some good eating at your house, later in the summer. Glad you are getting some digging in the dirt time. Are you sleeping well, after working outside so late?


  8. Ha ha ...that line totally took me by surprise. Love it! Thanks for the laugh. Blessings to you and may your garden grow!!

  9. in fact I laughed aloud! something along the Smothers Brothers' line about mom always liked you best - well apparently Jesus loves Sandra best! Ya know what - I luvs u too!

  10. Yes, indeedy, I smiled BIG!!

    Take care in that heat, Sandra. It was 97 here yesterday!

  11. LOL! Yes, big smile. Your garden sounds WONDERFUL. It's so great to get out and play in the dirt. Wanna send some of that heat our way? We've had cold and clouds for two days!

  12. Of course you are his favorite. That is why he has blessed you with the hot weather. He doesn't like me as much and it is a bit cooler here. Mid 70's. ;)

  13. lol..yes a big smile! But before I got to that line I was thinking..."Hmmmm...i don't think so"

  14. I smiled :-)

    And I always thought that Peter, James and John were His favorites :-)

  15. Me too! Smiling that is.


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