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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Facing Fear

~ Myrtle Beach helicopter ~
Wouldn't you agree, some fears are easier to face than others? For example, I am terrified of heights yet it was I who encouraged Dave and S-2, as Dave calls her, to take a helicopter ride over Myrtle Beach. Dave calls her S-2 and me S-1 to let us know to whom he's speaking, otherwise, both of us would always turn and say, "Yes?". Sandra's sister, nephew and Sandra's daughter had all taken such a ride and pronounced it "wonderful!" and that was incentive enough for me us.
~ Dave and S-2 ~
Dave was buckled in right behind the pilot, Sandra to his left and me in the co-pilot's seat. HA! The only thing I'd be good for if something happened would be praying loud and louder; I'm not sure I could have piloted a 'copter because it's so very different than a plane. I have had a lesson or three in what to do should trouble arise in a 2-seater airplane and, with God's help, think I could get it safely down. But a copter? Probably no as in No Way! I used to date a pilot and, on a brilliant weekend, we'd fly thither and yon so we could have lunch in far flung!
~ Highway 17 ~
If you've ever flown in a 'copter you're familiar with the whoosh of leaving the ground; it's a fabulous feeling, one akin to actual bird flight or so I think. I love that second you're on the ground, waiting, the next second you're in the air, turning...whoosh!
~ south, over Atlantic Ocean ~
We flew south, toward Surfside Beach and Murrels Inlet and saw boats, sharks and schools of fish in the ocean...not that they were very clearly seen, after all, we were 800 feet in the air!

Murrels Inlet is the home of author Mickey Spillane, one of the first hard nose detective writers and, imho, one of the best. He shared the reputation of his Private Investigator, Mike Hammer; while both were hard and, to some, difficult to get along with, they were also endowed with a righteous sense of justice. Spillane's books were filled with sex and violence and, dare I admit it?, I enjoyed them, mostly. I wasn't as thrilled with the sex part...already know pretty much what there is to know about sex -smile-...but I thrilled when the good guy, Mike Hammer, did in the bad guy and Boys Howdy did he ever do in the bad guy! There was a lot of violence, blood spilled, bones broken...and this was on both sides of good and bad guys...but, eventually, the good guy won and justice, albeit vigilante justice, prevailed. Hurrah for the guy in the white hat! So to speak. As Mike Hammer said in I, The Jury, "I don't want to arrest anyone, I just want to shoot somebody."

There have been two actors to play Mike Hammer on television; Darren McGavin did 78 episodes in the late 1950's and early 1960's while Stacy Keach played Hammer in the mid-1980's. Keach called Hammer an "Old Testament kind of guy. He has little or no tolerance for bureaucracy and political expediency." 
 ~ estuaries ~
From the air, estuaries may be seen; this is where fresh water flows into the ocean and, where it meets, the water is brackish. If you click on estuaries, you'll have a lot of information which is especially useful if you home school.
~ bird's eye view ~
We're headed back to land and the entire way I've been taking pictures with my right hand and my left hand has a...death grip -yeah, I had to say it, smile-...on the side of the copter. When we landed, one of the other pilots asked me if I enjoyed it. I said, "yes, I loved it and if grip alone could have saved us, we'd have flown forever!" He looked startled and then laughed. "Why did you go up if it made you uneasy?" he asked. My response, "I wasn't uneasy, I was frightened to death but it's always a good thing to face fear, pray and come out the other side a better person. Besides, the pilot doesn't want to die today any more than do I."

So, what's your fear and how do you face it? I know there are fears that are more difficult to face than others; God knows that I know! Yet, when I face fear, I also always face God and pray. Whatever happens, He hears and I know He hears. If He can calm the ocean, He can calm my fears!

Blessings ~ fear ~ prayer ~ 'copter rides ~ good pilots ~ great view ~ estuaries ~ friends ~


  1. YOU ARE BRAVE! Only people with phobias can truly understand just how brave you were.

    So here's a big WOO-HOO to YOU!

  2. That is a fantastic ride. I have never been up in a helicopter but I would like to take one and go around the Grand Canyon. Fear? I think most of my fear stems from not trusting God. Fear about my loved ones suffering always gets me.
    I think that would be it.

  3. WOW! What a post about your adventure!!! I am so glad you had a great time...and you were very brave!!!

  4. Beautiful view but I like it just fine from here on my computer. :)

  5. I'm with Jill~ I like looking at your pics but prefer to keep my feet on the ground. Probably comes from the fact that, when I was very young ~ 7 years old, I was held out over a 600 ft. high bridge and was (teasingly) told he would drop me! I've never been the same since!

  6. good for you! and how beautiful. i try to brush my fears under the rug and ignore them!

  7. We have nothing to fear but FEAR itself... and as I get older, I know this to be true. Have I stopped fearing? Heck no.

    Would you catch ME in that helicopter, Heck no - squared.


  8. Wow! What an encouraging post! I don't know if I could have been as brave as you though! The pictures are really beautiful and I'm glad you were able to take them with one hand! Enjoy your day!

  9. Bravo! The most fun I have ever had is two flights. One in a glider with DH and another in a Bi-plane with DH.

    No guts, no glory! Awesome!!

  10. This is awesome, S1 :)
    You are brave in so many beautiful ways. Fear? I have many fears and lately they have been chasing me. I have had to remember that sometimes I fail to connect with God.
    ~slaps forehead~

    Thank you for Sabbath Keeping! I just caught up on this too :)
    Love and blessings to you and Dave and all the critters!
    xo, misha

  11. Great example about trusting God and facing your fear. I used to like going on that helicopter ride at the amusement park where you could make the copter go up or down by moving the bar. That's the only helicopter I've been on.

    Since you were used to flying in planes, I'm surprised you were so afraid of a helicopter.

  12. I still say you are an intrepid woman Sandra. I have discovered I am afraid of too many things, spiders rank up there on top, along with twisty, windy, no shoulders or barriers roads with steep drops.

    The last plane rides I took left me white-knuckled and my thoughts were " the pilots and stewards have flown many times, still fly ( and are alive ) and don't want to I am as safe as God allows". Makes me ashamed to be so fearful, but I cannot help it. Yes, you are a brave woman !

  13. Wonderful! You are a stronger woman than I am, S-1! I am not sure I could have done it. Your photos are breathtaking : )

  14. Hello Sandra and Dave:
    We felt quite queasy just reading this and looking at the pictures. As for actually entering the cockpit and leaving the ground.....oh dear NO!! We are practically hysterical every time we are on a jet plane but with no real visible sign of support underneath in a helicopter, we should be frantic.

    Since we met you Sandra, a day we shall cherish for ever, we regard you as a role model when it comes to facing fear. To travel so far and alone we felt to be very brave indeed. You are inspirational, Sandra, truly you are!

    Thank you so much for your kind words on our previous post to which we have made a general reply. They mean a great deal to us.

  15. Sandra- good for you for conquering your fears. You guys are amazing!! I've flown in helicopters for years as a neonatal transport nurse- the view is amazing- but my time was always spent tending to sick wee ones. I gave that up finally- just getting too old for all that.

    Mark that off your bucket list!!

  16. This is so so good in so many ways ~ I must admit I am a wimp about most things and I know how to put on a brave face (when inside I'm gripping).
    I enjoyed your words and photos so much today ~ thanks for sharing!


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