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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Swamp Folks

 ~ watch yer own dang kids ~
Dave and I are struggling along at a condo in Satellite Beach, FL owned by Vicki of 2-Bags Full. It's a tough life but someone has to do it and, dang nab it, we stepped right up to the plate. Vicki and her Gardner love to travel and a lot of their traveling is done in the beautiful sunshine state. Right now, she's having a give-away on her blog so hurry along and sign up; while you're there, stay a while and enjoy yourself. Vicki is an uplifting, energetic blogger and there's always eye candy abounding. We've become friends and I'm anxiously waiting for the day when we meet face to face. As for her condo, never have I been in a more personally decorated, warm, cozy and friendly property. Dave and I walked through the front door and it felt like home. There are personal touches throughout...actual artwork and not the mass produced generic "art" most people throw on their rental property walls; hand stitched artwork, a fully stocked kitchen...every where the eye lands, there's room to rest. There's not a jarring note to be found; it's simply beautiful! Well done, Vicki! We are finding rest here.
~ our fearless leaders ~

Well now, today, in the tradition of Swamp People, I went 'gator hunting. I've seen nary an episode because the commercials scare the socks of me and I'm not talking about the wild life...wink, wink. Anyway, I went gator hunting while Dave waved good-bye...did he mention something about life insurance as I was leaving???...on a 'gator hunt air boat ride. That's okay though; he can watch this and it's just like being there. I did see some alligators; a 7' long mother and her babies. 
 ~ baby gator ~
 It's pretty difficult to see and Dave thought it was a snake, but in the upper left of this photo possibly you can see a long, stripped body. That's the baby gator. I missed the baby gator snatch but found it on you tube, watch it here. Now, these boys good ole boys apparently either aren't much afraid of baby gators OR their mother OR they are juiced up on "something". Care to guess which? -wicked grin-
Back to the beginning. Dave and I started our day at Son on the Beach where we had breakfast. I had fried green tomatoes, shrimp, poached eggs, hash browns and a glass of milk. Why no, I'm not going to plow today, why do you ask?
~ Gullah Benedict ~
Dave had pork tenderloin, sausage gravy, hash browns, two eggs and a biscuit and he didn't work today either, though, I think he might have napped later on -grin-.
~ Country Fried Pork Loin ~
The rest of the day was spent unloading and re-loading the car. Why, you may ask? Well, because I finally found a thrift store that had something I wanted! A matching rocking chair and rocking ottoman that was "fun sized". In other words, it fits my short, stout peasant type body just perfectly! However, I think I'll be able to fit in the three or four bags we have to pack so we can leave Saturday morning. It's either that or leave Dave here and send come back and get him later. We talked about that but I don't think he was as serious as I so...I re-packed the car -grin-. You'll have to wait until we get home to see a picture of the rocking chair and ottoman; it's buried too deep to go back now.
~ me, blown away on the air boat ~
When people I don't even know call me Grandma Sandy...and I'm doesn't leave a lot of room for pride -smile-. Thus, this self photograph of me on the air boat today. Have you ever seen one of those commercials with the high powered hand driers? That's what it felt like on the boat. It felt like my face was being blown off the bones and I spent most of my time gritting my teeth and keeping my mouth shut. "Oh, why", you ask? Well, let me tell you a joke. How do you tell a happy motorcycle rider?

Because of the bugs caught in his teeth! -har-de-har-har- The young woman next to me kept squealing like a pig girl because she couldn't keep her mouth shut and kept getting bugs in her mouth. If it wasn't bugs in her mouth it was bugs down her shirt...her skimpy tee shirt, duh!...and bugs smashing against her legs. Me? I looked just like a granny. I had on long pants and a long shirt and nothing, but nuttin' bothered me. At one point the young woman anxiously patted my arm; when I looked at her, she nervously pointed at my leg. OHMYGOSH! There was a grasshopper on my leg! I just smiled and kept taking pictures but I'm not sure my calmness rubbed off on her. Too sad. 

Time for some ice tea and a wind down before bed. I'm trying to get a lot of sleep and walks on the beach; will try and remember to take my camera tomorrow to show you some of the beautiful shells.
Good-night all, sweet dreams.

Blessings ~ Vicki ~ Paradise Beach Club ~ Satellite Beach ~ gator hunting ~ air boat rides ~ rocking chairs and ottomans ~


  1. It sounds like fun and since I am a fan of Swamp people I knew what you were talking about.
    Have a blast!!!

  2. I am so glad you are having a wonderful time!!!


  3. How fabulous for you both, my friend. Sandra, enjoy the warm weather, it is chilly, windy & wet here.

    Look forward to your entire trip, but I'll pass on those swamp fellas. Chuckle!

    Have a wonderful weekend.
    TTFN ~

  4. This was a great post! Sounds like you're having a wonderful time! Too funny about the girl getting the bugs in her mouth. I hate to think that would be me, screaming at the bugs! Can't wait to see your rocking chair. Hope the rest of your trip is good!

  5. ok sandra bugs in teeth I thought that when I saw the photo! you are one brave lady-no gators here please. it would produce auto culling of the goat herd for sure!

    what a blessed time you and Dave had and are having. I remember you both in my prayers daily.

    as for breakfast-OMG- did , could you, even eat the remainder of the day?

  6. What fun! Glad you and your honey are out and about LIVING life. Making memories and just being. Enjoy!

  7. noooo way
    noooooo way
    I will not go gator hunting.
    No can do.

    no swamp fever for me!!!

    You're very brave,

  8. Mr Stumbles12:04 AM EDT

    Shucks! No 'gator stew,..... again.

  9. Wheeeeeee!

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


  10. Hello Sandra and Dave:
    How thrilled we are to think of you both having a well earned rest in such a beautiful spot and enjoying all the delights of being away from home. In this case alligator hunting [perhaps not quite our scene], eating delicious food cooked by someone else, walks [we are sure] on the beach, and acquiring interesting items of furniture to be transported home.

    A safe return and jó hétvégét!

  11. This sounds like a very good place to stay a spell and get some R & R. Looks like your R & R includes a lot of excitement.

  12. Every thing sounds fun! Funny you should mention eating and grandpa always would say that..but he did plow everyday and had a breakfast like Dave had everyday. YUM!

  13. Ha! Sandra the swamp person. Next thing ya know, I'll be seeing you on TV wrestling a gator! You are a lot braver than this big chicken.

    God Bless and have a Wonderful Weekend :-)

    *The Old Geezer Blog

  14. That is so cool seeing an Aligator in the wild. It looks as though you are having a great time there.

  15. Sounds like home to me, I too am in the swamp, but Georgia not FL I love Fl and go often there, have fun and catch a gator for me, I love gator tail, have you tried that yet?

  16. You and your adventures, Sandra! I envy your wanderlust. Enjoy the beach and the warmth.

  17. What a wonderful getaway!!... my grandmothers florida condo was like that too.. you'd walk in the door, feel the homey environment and smell the salt air..immediately feeling relaxed.

    Enjoy! and Oh man, that breakfast looks awesome!!...

  18. Florida sounds good about March.
    I remember those Gaters.. My friend lives in Sunrise and on a canal. Her dog was eaten by one. UGH! be carefull they run fast..

  19. Sandra, you were a hop, skip, and a jump away from J and I lived in Florida! We were about 40 mines south right down the coast!
    Gators lived in all the canals that surrounded our property. Hence the reason e kept no outdoor cats at the time :)
    Glad you are having a ball!!!!!
    I just wrote a post about working somewhere in south Fl. If had driven straight down A1A, you would seen it :)
    xo, misha

  20. I really do like spider webs not my mouth LOL. What a great time for you guys.

    I want to eat that food! LOL

  21. Absolutely can hardly wait for your trailer post....a trip to Arizona this winter??

  22. Gosh, it's been awhile since I've visited you (too long) and here you are, in Florida, chasing alligators. You go girl! Sounds like a fun, fun trip. :)

  23. Anonymous8:13 AM EDT

    Thanks so much for your visit to Ashleigh's blog.
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    Blessings to you today XXOO

  24. I hope ya got a great nights rest. 'Gator huntin' can be quite exhausting!!! Heeehehe!

    When we owned the semi company I'd go out with Hubs a couple times a year. (I don't sit well enough to have gone more) Down there in the swamp country we'd have to check under the semi before we got out after spendin' the night somewhere.

    For some reason they liked the heat and hummmmm of the motor and liked to 'hide' under the truck.

    'Kinda like my feet....Heehehehe!!!

    God bless ya sweetie and have a remarkable day! :o)

  25. Sounds like you guys are having a wonderful time!! Having lived in Savannah, GA, which is surrounded by swamps, I can just imagine what it was like weaving through those backwater alleys. I've always wanted to go for a ride on those air boats. What a blast!

    Glad you are having fun! Tell the ocean I said hello :)

    Jen xo

  26. It sounds like you're having a marvelous time! I tell you I could have just jumped through the screen after that Gullah Benedict! And although I love fried green tomatoes - no fried foods anymore whaaaaaaaaaaaaa But I sure would have eaten the shrimp and eggs!

  27. So glad you are enjoying your time away Sandra! Sending you blessings and gratitude for the words you left for me on my blog. Lovingly, Katie

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  30. I really enjoyed reading the posts on your blog. I would like to invite you to come on over to my blog and check it out. God Bless, Lloyd

  31. What an adventure - sounds like lots of fun!!

    Pomona x

  32. THAT was an adventure! So was the breakfast. We love to eat big breakfasts, especially on days when we'll be plowing (or working hard).


  33. what a great day! I like gator hunting and air boat rides...

  34. Anonymous1:35 AM EDT

    Yikes! I've never had to watch out for aligators...

  35. How nice of you to take time to visit! I have just been catching up with your posts and cannot believe you were right here in our neighborhood of Murrell's Inlet and I missed you-ha! Wonderful copter pictures! I am so happy you are having a wonderful trip-enjoy! Hugs, Kerrie

  36. This post was hilarious. Funny thing, we were over in Satellite Beach yesterday at a friend's condo. We live about 45 minutes inland from there(near plenty of gators). We spent the night. The wind was kicking up lots of waves. The gusts didn't keep us from taking a long walk. Love that you did an airboat ride. Now that is true Florida fun! lol


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