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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Good Stuff

~ Dave and Sandra Karen, not Sandra Kay ~
Lately, I've been remiss about blogging in a timely fashion. Sorrreeee. Life has just gotten its teeth in me and I feel as shaken as a stuffed animal after Sam P. Spade has finished chewing on it. Maybe that cold had something to do with it. Or, perhaps the upper respiratory infection followed by antibiotics; meds always make me feel wiped out and then it takes a while to put myself back together again.

In the above photo, my two BFF's are having a grand time on our recent Low Country boat trip. We departed Georgetown and went with Cap'n Rod and Fran, his wife, for Shell Island where we found a boat load, no pun intended, of shells. I'll show you soon. 

So, some good things to make one feel happy with a sense of well being.

Did you ever read the book Wicked or see the play? I've still not finished reading the book but, in a word, the play is fabulous and made me nature/nurture and how both effect/affect us. The Good Witch, Glenda, nearly always introduces herself in a breathy voice, "OH, it's Ga-Linda...with a G!" I always think of "Ga-Linda, with a G" when I think of Glenda's blog gg-notes on the journey. On October 1, Glenda began posting 31 Days of Christmas Wonder and it's been a treat. No, it's not too early to begin thinking about Christmas and how to make it more wonderful, magical, mystical, enjoyable, peaceful, relaxing, calming, loving, memorable. Please, make it part of your day to visit with Glenda and prepare your heart, home and family for Christ and Christmas.

Amy, A Farmish Kind of Life, has a receipt for Pumpkin Buckle that looks pretty darned spectacular! I can't wait to try it out; anything with pumpkin has got to be good, imho -smile-.

Mr. Fish serves no spam, never fear! Mr. Fish is our new favorite seafood restaurant; they serve the best fried green tomatoes with shrimp I've ever tasted! However,  Nibils serves the best she crab soup we've ever tasted. Now, you do realize when I say "ever tasted" that, of course, means outside the Thistle Cove Farm kitchen?! -smile-

Are you a writer? Yes, of course you're a writer; you have a blog, don't you? Women of Faith is having their annual writer's contest; check it out.

Colorado Lady is hosting Secret Santa for the first 100 bloggers to sign up. This sounds like so much fun and I'm signing up, how about you?

Smokey Mountain Cafe's green bean casserole; I'm just saying...

Separating Bad Behavior and the Individual.

Down on the Farm is having a Cross Measuring Spoon giveaway.

All righty then, I've been at this computer way too long. I need to gather myself and get some things done that will make our lives easier. For those of you who have read since about this time last year, you know our situation; please keep us in your prayers.

Blessings ~ ocean ~ full moon ~ sunrise ~ good stuff ~ love ~ faith ~ hope ~


  1. I loved the book Wicked, but have not seen the play. I hope you feel all better soon!

  2. Hi! I have not seen the play nor read the book! BUT I hear wonderful things about the play. Thanks for your comment on my blog today, but the college I was referring to was Queens College in Queens, NY! But that's an amazing story! The links you posted look interesting. Going to head to a few now. I absolutely love the picture in your header. It is beautiful!!! Enjoy your day!

  3. I have a friend who saw Wicked and thought it was spectacular. I myself have never seen it although while in Pittsburgh this past weekend, I noticed that it is coming to one of the city's theaters. Thanks for mentioning the writer's contest. I actually just found out about it while at the WOF conference this past weekend. Thanks for visiting my blog this morning.

  4. Enjoyed your Good Stuff today.. as always :) Saying prayers! -Tammy p.s. you *must* make the pumpkin buckle. It was really a hit at our house! found it on Pinterest... but looks the same.

  5. Sandra, thank you for your grace and beauty over at my place, a simple comment of beauty really means alot to me.

    Thank you for all that you inspire over here and the wealth of information you have spread.

    I am going to enjoy your visits and getting to know you better, what a window view to love...


  6. I actually had a ticket for Wicked and still didn't manage to go. It is on in London, right opposite the tube station. My friend did go and enjoyed it very much.
    Lots of interesting links to follow on your Blog today, thank you.
    Hope you feel better soon! and thank you for your birthday wishes.

  7. It's good to have you back, here, "blogging in a timely fashion" :o)))!

  8. I had a cold for about two weeks and I know what you mean -- makes you tired and cranky. :) Hope you are better very soon.

  9. Thanks for the sweet mention, Sandra. My whole life people have asked me . . . "are you the good witch?" I was always glad that Gl-inda with a G was the good one, not the bad one.


  10. That green bean casserole sounds absolutely deluxe. I make this casserole for Thanksgiving every year, but never with the fine fresh ingredients like this one uses. Call me lazy, but I'd sure like to try this fancy version.

    Tossing It Out

  11. Sandra...always good to see a post from you...but I hope things are ok...or as ok as they can be. let us know...

  12. Wow, you sure have lots of information for us today. My husband was going to read WICKED but started it and didn't like it so gave up on it. I have no interest in books about witches so nope, didn't read that one.

  13. I've heard good things about Wicked and keep meaning to get the book...thanks for the reminder! So good to see you blog - I was getting worried. And glad to hear you are feeling better - colds are never fun. Hugs!

  14. Sandra, It's always refreshing to read your words. You are in my prayers. K

  15. Anonymous6:03 PM EDT

    can you tell me if the cove area is going to have the "Paint Lick" ride to view the cave paintings again this october?

  16. Wow my dear talk about not food for thought but a feast of food! Don't know if it was the AB's or a burst of energy after the infection that spewed forth all the goodness!

    Haven't read or seen Wicked. I do know my dear daughter, the dancer, singer, artist child would love it.

    Right now we are concentrating on the "move". Yes we are finally with God's hand in escrow and have found a place with 42 acres, log home and totally off the grid. Boy did God put us there in a big way.

    So your post filled with energy is giving me the energy I need. As I too have the nasty bug. But we just keep chugging don't we?

  17. "Knowin' your situation" and amazed and encouraged by the uplifting and encouraging tone, THANK-YOU. You & Dave have a very sweet life together and I am so happy you share the high notes, and occasionally even the low notes ( with praise to God )all leading me to remember He Who Hath Made us. Thank-you Sandra, now I need to check out the links you posted.


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