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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Farm Life

~ laundry on the line ~
Do you notice as the days, weeks, months, years pass there's less of you and more of work? It seems more difficult to get as much out of the days as before. Before what? you may ask. Well, before that last birthday; actually, before the last decade of birthdays. Seven loads of laundry means the washer is going all day and with the wind blowing at 15 mph, it also meant the laundry dried lickety split. A good thing because I could get more laundry done; a bad thing because it meant I kept doing laundry all day. And, come to think of it, I didn't get all the laundry finished. The children spent Easter with me and all their bed linens still need to be washed. Lawz, there's always something!
While I was on the ground, taking the first photo, I decided to take a photo down the valley. Or, rather, up the valley as the farm sits at the toe and the head of the valley is the direction you now see.
As of yesterday, the house still smoldered but rain began last night and it's still raining as of Wednesday night so the fire should go out. It's been a full week; the fire started last Wednesday. I caught up with Russell's wife, daughter and grand-son; they said Russell is terribly despondent. I asked them to ask Russell to please call me as I have some good news. People have donated a lot of, household goods, clothing, food, personal items, money...and we'd love to help them set up housekeeping. My heart breaks for the family; they have so many troubles beyond their home being lost; please keep them in your prayers.

Yesterday, Donna made me a delicious lunch and we caught up for the first time in ages. People are being so kind and it's so appreciated; small acts of kindness are a gift and a blessing. It's been a rich week because today
Peggy met me for lunch and asked how was I doing. I told her I thought okay and then, when I went to get in my car and leave...the battery was dead because I'd left the lights on. Yes, as a matter of fact the bell does ding but, for whatever reason, I never heard the bell. For the second time since last Wednesday, I never heard the bell and my battery died. Neither one of us had jumper cables so I asked a gentleman in an equipment store if he would help me. He worked in a store that sold small farm and home equipment and said yes and brought this handy machine to my car.
It jump starts the battery, has a handy light on the side, it can be plugged into a regular wall socket to charge and it has a hose so a flat tire can be pumped up...WOW! I'm buying one of these things and, no matter what vehicle I'm driving, this little item is going in the trunk. I'm telling you, it's handier than a pocket on a shirt! The feller was telling me I needed to go to Sam's Club and buy one, pronto! He said, "just think, if it's dark you no longer have to worry about flagging someone down. It's a safety issue." He is so right and God bless him for helping and for his suggestion. I'm making him a pan of shortbread and taking it to him tomorrow. 
Daniel disced the garden last night so it's ready for potatoes. I'll drag the potatoes up from the cellar so I can get those in the ground. Daniel wants to bring the 'tater planter because he said it makes straighter rows because it's drug behind the tractor. Apparently, he doesn't like my curvy rows even though I can get more 'taters planted in a curvy row. (smile) He said, "humor me and we'll do straight rows this year." Welllll, okay!

There's no more of 'me' left for today; it began early but I'm stopping now. Daniel, Morgan and I trimmed horse feet and de-wormed horses then re-arranged horses this evening. American Curly horses are bad to founder on spring grass so I've got three on a short lot. Meaning they can only eat what I give them...diets! Daniel trimmed feet and Morgan and I handled most of the rest. Although yesterday was beautifully sunny, today was rainy and chilly, a combination that sucks the life, heat and energy out of the body. 

Blessings ~ Daniel ~ Morgan ~ gardens ~ gadgets ~ beautiful days ~ rainy days ~ Donna ~ Peggy ~ 


  1. Sandra, it sounds as though you're picking up the pieces, no pun intended. Maybe we can do a post about Russell and family and ask for contributions of any amount. People could donate via PayPal to any one of us who has an account, and all the money would go to you to distribute.
    This really hits home hard, doesn't it? Right in your own back yard to see someone homeless from this tragedy. It makes me want to cry. I'll do whatever you tell me. Seriously. If I have something I should share it with people who don't...isn't that what the Lord wants us to do? Sending love, precious.

  2. O, my , yes! Run, don't walk, to Sam's and get that gadget for your car. Skip a meal if you have to, but get that gadget. Think we need to look into it, too.

    Besides a lot of hard work, your day sounds so interesting. And if I had a place for it, I would have clotheslines, too.

    The view up the valley is priceless. Thank you for sharing it.

    DH put a young homeless man, who was looking for work, on the rototiller yesterday. I heard him out there grinding away for the longest time. DH came home and immediately put him on the lawnmower. Seems he had done a good deep job on the rototiller.... tilling up the garden path!!! Poor dear needed more supervision. :-)

    Happy spring to you!

  3. Thank you for your comments on my detergent post. I also tried the vinegar in the rinse cycle. I loved it. Please let me know where I can send a donation for this family. I would like to help.

  4. Song of the Worker Woman . . , should be a Sandra song. You are a dynamo . . .

  5. my goodness! you do live a busy life!
    i'm so sorry for your neighbor's terrible

  6. I'm getting very tired just reading about your day! We just happen to be going out of town tomorrow, where there is a Sam's Club, and we are members. We are going to look at it!

  7. you have blessed my heart with this post!
    People are lovely + you are a people = you are LOVELY !

    So glad you are being loved.

    "It's ok to keep your grief,
    as long as you have room
    for other things."

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } (°>


  8. Farm life sounds busy.

    From your city friend,

    ps. Glad you had some great people in your life this week.

  9. Hello Sandra:
    Work, work work!! Oh dear! But, we do understand how there must always be things to be done, both in the house and on the farm, and better to tackle these jobs than to wish them completed.

    But such bad luck about the flat battery and so annoying but we are really pleased that there was someone on hand to come to the rescue for you.

    Russell and his family have been very much in our thoughts. The whole situation is so very distressing and we are not at all surprised to learn that he is finding life depressing. How good it is that the community is rallying around in the ways in which you describe.

    Now, take great care, Sandra, and do not work too hard. Let those potatoes be in straight rows rather than your normal curvy ones!!

  10. Oh, Sandra, you ARE busy!!! But I am so glad every time I read your posts :o)!
    We have quite good Spring here and today it will be sunny, so I would like to wash the clothes, too :o)
    I am thankful to Daniel helping you in the farm!!!
    Take care!!!

  11. You are so busy! The Lord gives you lots of strength.
    Maybe tomorrow you can put your feet up for a little while.

  12. That is a handy gadget to have!

    I'm impressed you trim your horses hooves yourself. I have never tried it, in all the years I've had horses.

  13. Your place looks beautiful. I love your header photo! Reminds me of our place in the mountains.

    I am sorry about the family who lost their home. That would be so traumatic.

    Thank you for visiting me! I hope to stay in touch!



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