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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

~ Gypsy Rose Lee ~
Praise be to the Almighty! I've had two good days...yesterday and today...where I was able to do something other than cry. I've been catching up on bill paying and took my laptop and printer to Kewloff Computers and put everything in the capable hands of Jason and Tara, the owners.  Dave found Kewloff when the shop first opened and Jason has proven to be most excellent at his job as well as public relations. Tara is just as wonderful and I first met her in WalMart. She was buying kitty "stuff" and (of course) I had to give her my opinion. She's since forgiven me...right, Tara?...and both Jason and Tara are sturdy, responsible, conservative folks who will, hopefully, be in business a long, long, long time. Tara is one of those people who picked up the phone and called me one day. "You're on my mind; how are you doing?" If you've never had someone ask then you can't possible know what those few words meant/mean. She called during a low spell and it meant the world that an acquaintance would ask. God knows few friends were asking. So, never, never, ever underestimate the power of a phone call or a note; God may want to use you in such a way so don't disappoint Him or the person He wants to bless through you. The mission field is under your feet; bloom where you're planted.
I'm trying to make the most of the good days and get a lot accomplished. It seems I'm moving forward although I seem to focus on what's left on the ever-growing to-do list and not on what's been marked off. How about you? What's your focus?
Gypsy Rose Lee came to me via Freecycle in Abingdon. This was shortly after Dave died and someone needed to find a home for Gypsy and I responded. She was spayed and had her shots; how could I say no? Are you familiar with Freecycle? It's all over the USA, perhaps internationally as well but I'm not sure, and where people off-load "stuff", bicycles, animals, clothing, electronics, appliances, etc. The key word is free so I try not to look too closely at their listings -grin-.
It's raining although the thunder and lightening have passed to the east; there might be a little while left where it's comfortable enough to sit on the back porch. I need to relax a bit after getting so much accomplished today. Tomorrow will, hopefully, be another good day and there's plenty more left on the to-do list.
I'm getting the children for Easter break so need to get the house ready so we can do some outside work, weather permitting. Those little ones are great with the wagons!
BTW, please say a prayer for my Beloved Sistah; she's sick with upper respiratory epizootics and severely under the weather. That's about it; bless God for a couple of good days and something accomplished other than tears.

Blessings ~ the strength to do the work God sets before me ~ a good day ~ the children ~ my Beloved Sistah, the best one in the entire Universe! ~


  1. Dear friend Sandra,
    I am sure that eventually the good days will outnumber the bad....but for now I am giving thanks for the couple good ones you just experienced!

  2. Take'em as you get'em - life is never a smooth road and after the year you've had - roll in it when you have a good one! (I sometimes envy my dogs when they find a particularly odiferous pile of something in which to roll - their eyes go all squinty and they look SO happy!) Good to hear from you and as we say in Texas - that Tara earned some stars in her heavenly crown by staying in touch with you!

  3. Oh Sandra....I just can't tell you how wonderful it is to hear there have been some bright spots for you!!! As I continue my prayers for you there will be much praise and thanksgiving!!

    Love ya!

  4. Just catching up with your blog. You just make sure you keep on going. I can't imagine how hard it is. I think we all smarten up as we age and figure out some things we just can't waste energy on. Hope you start having more good days. Enjoy your animals & the sunshine on your face.

  5. I am happy for your two happier days . . .

  6. That's a pretty cat - is she large, or does she just appear that way?

    I've been poking around here - I'm so sorry you lost your husband.

  7. Bless You sister

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral


  8. Here's to more good days!!!
    God bless and shine on,

  9. Sandra~
    Your two good days are the answer to my prayers the other day! I asked if He would give you one good day this week, and He outdid me and gave you two! (That's just the way He is!) :~D
    I will have to be really specific like that more often!
    Praying for more good days ~ in a row!

  10. Gypsy is beautiful and looks so content. I hope you will be cheered up with your little visitors on Easter, will you be having an egg hunt? I wish you peace and joy.

  11. Hello Sandra:
    Tara and Jason sound to be exactly the kind of people to have around on a bad day. How wonderful to have their support in that way. And we do so hope and pray that those days when life seems absolutely impossible to bear without Dave are becoming fewer. Time will, and does, heal but never takes away all the memories you cherish.

  12. Gypsy Rose is gorgeous. I'm so glad you found her. And I'm also glad you're having some tolerable days. Hopefully as the spring weather gets better you'll have even more days like that.

  13. I'd like to think that you and Gypsy rescued each other!

    Will keep you sister in my thoughts, Sandra. Here's to better days ahead.

  14. Have a blessed time till Easter! Imagine, dear Thistle, I can visit your Blog today by going from your mail to the lovely view of your window with the smart yellow Easter-Bells.I think of you with love and friendly feelings!

  15. So glad to hear you had some good days and kitty is just beautiful! Hugs!

  16. such a gorgeous cat...happy to read your thoughts...saying a prayer for your beloved sistah...


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