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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Here She Goes Again...

It's a rainy, drizzly, overcast, cool day here on the farm. A great day for staying inside and working on the many inside chores facing me. But, not having shed the irascible gene, I'm on another tear.
~ thistle, gone to seed ~
I know language evolves but must it evolve in a downward state? Healthy Meals...aren't...or, maybe they are which is even more frighting. It should be Healthful Meals but I suppose the "powers that be" think "dumbing down" the population language is acceptable.

Using less when fewer is correct, as in grocery lines when a check-out sign states "less than 20 items". In Oregon, Dave took a photo of a Whole Foods sign that said "fewer than 20 items"; he said it was worthy of his pixels -grin-.
~ storm moving down the valley ~
Those who use quotes as if they "own" them. I once heard a lay minister, using the word quite loosely because that person left their spouse and shacked up with a much younger person...but I digress onto another tangent...quoted G. W. Cooke, "There is so much good in the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us, that it hardly becomes any of us to talk about the rest of us." If it's not your quote, give the quote it's rightful parent because, trust me, when we find out it's not your quote (and we will, eventually, find out), we're not going to think any better of you. Just the opposite, actually.

1st Annual...can't happen; it's impossible.

The word awesome when it's used cavalierly, as in "that's an awesome hamburger!" Now, it might be good, might even be great but does it truly inspire awe? Probably not. This year I attended a woman's conference and thoroughly enjoyed it but I heard the word "awesome" by almost every third mouth. Unfortunately, never did I hear the word "awesome" in reference or context to sad.

Focus on the Family - treading on a scared cow here but there are a lot of people who don't fit your demographic of a Dad, Mom and 2 children. Or, kids, as you like to call 'em. Sometimes there's only one parent, due to divorce or death. Sometimes, there aren't any children, just a husband and wife or one spouse, no children. News flash...I'm still a family even though I don't fit into one of your prescribed categories and because I don't fit, I don't write checks. No hard feelings on my part though; hope not on yours either.

Doctors who say, "Well, I take it so you should too." Well, guess what? I read the two pages of warnings that came with that danged Crestor, a statin drug, and decided I didn't want to be part of your guinea pig trial, nor contribute, indirectly, to your boat fund, and I stopped taking it. Those warnings include increased risk for Type 2 diabetes, heart attacks, cataracts, liver dysfunction, kidney failure, muscle fatigue and (this should be put into bold for male readers) erectile dysfunction. There are some doctors prescribing Crestor for healthy young adults as a "preventive" medication but I ask, "preventing what, exactly?" In 2009 the FDA approved Crestor even though the data still questions the wisdom of such a move. Ah, but it's the to help...just ask obama who received $900,000.00 in campaign donations from Astra Zeneca, the makers of Crestor. People who have stopped taking Lipitor have told me it's even worse.
~ dog sweaters, electric blanket washed and ready to use ~
Do you know of a young couple having trouble conceiving or having miscarriages? It might be BPA in the male that's killing off viable sperm. So, if you know of someone using plastic baby bottles to feed their male child, please tell them to consider using Dr. Brown products from Germany. No BPA, reduces or negates colic and no, I'm not receiving any compensation; I just want the (tax paying) population to continue.

Dr. Mercola is a great newsletter and site for information regarding health, health care and the government. How about a tot of "beaver butt secretions"? No?, but it's "all natural" and, according to the government, perfectly legal to be used in things like chewing gum, puddings and other items where vanilla is an ingredient. Strangely enough, beaver anal secretions, called castoreum, smells like vanilla and those pesky FDA folks say can be used in place of Mexican or Tahitian vanilla.

Another site I enjoy reading is Natural News but it's not for the weak.
~ chestnuts, ready to X, roast and eat ~
The government shutdown...why is it obama, senators and congressional reps are still receiving their salaries, perks and benefits while Veterans cannot access memorials dedicated to their military service? It continues to amazes me how DC folks are completely and totally shameless. How much did it cost to shut down federal parks that bring in $30,000,000.00 tourism dollars each day? How much did those man hours, barricades and signs cost? As a matter of did the government have those signs and barricades constructed and in place so quickly? Let's face it, the government moves at a snail's pace, usually, yet in the shutdown, it was almost faster than light. How many business owners have had to close and/or lay off employees? How many bankruptcies have been cause to the petulant, pettiness of elected government employees? Will we ever know?

Time to sell Wal-Mart stock! Here's an excellent reason to despise Wal-Mart; Sam must be rolling in his grave!

The the name of Allah...have vowed to kill Malala Yousafzai, one of their own whom they've already wounded. Why do they want to kill this 12 year old? She wants an education.

If you're a Christian, you should have trouble sleeping at night due to the Islamic agenda. In the last ten years, eleven Christians an hour have been killed, all in the name of Allah. Earlier this month, in Germany, ten Muslims beat, kicked and stomped a pregnant woman causing her to lose her baby and then beat her husband, putting him into hospital.

It's happening all over the world AND in the USA.

And, to conclude my inconclusive list of things that annoy'd like to thank...FOR PETE'S SAKE DO IT ALREADY!!! I see it All The Time in the local newspapers...someone starts out by saying, "I'd like to thank...". News flash: it ain't about YOU, it's about thanking someone else. Communications 101 says "I" is self-focused while "you" is other focused. Is that such a stinkin' difficult concept to understand?
~ apples for cider ~
Whooie, I might have a trifling headache brought on, I'm sure, by the low barometric pressure. Yeah, that must be it, eh?
~ Daddy's West Virginia home place ~
BTW, the house in this post is Daddy's home place.

While you're helping me down off this soap box, tell me your pet peeve or hot button. I might be in need of some new material -grin-.

Blessings ~ education ~ Christianity ~ Mexican or Tahitian vanilla ~ the King's English ~ the Queen's English ~ 


  1. I love the new header photo, it's beautiful, and really loved the look at the homeplace photos. The apples just speak of fall.

  2. You've got me chuckling and scratching my head right along with you. I loved this post! (And all of your gorgeous photos, too. What beautiful countryside you have around you.)

  3. OK how about Very Unique - something is either unique (one of kind) or it isn't - like being a little bit pregnant? and there is the perennial misuse of accept/except or elusive/illusive -
    I know I make mistakes - but some folks ain't got the smarts to know they are mistaken!
    thanks I needed a little rant time!

  4. I am so happy I have you in my life. A woman in blogland who actually speaks her mind! You and I are unusual or may "very unique." I know we're "awesome." I love your rant. You know how I feel about o. Terrorist in Chief. Look up Dylan Ratigan, he's my personal hero on all this politico stuff. We should de-elect ALL OF THEM. Shameful behaviors from ALL of them, they continue to get $$ from lobbyists, corporations, paychecks while the rest of the USA suffers?
    How could this happen? Is it because we have allowed everything to go unchecked? Thinking it's not our problem. That we don't have time? If not us, then who? The last thing on my list is one that will touch your heart. Killing our animals must end. Trophy hunting especially. But, I truly believe no one has the right the shoot a beautiful living being, we really don't even have the right to continue to slaughter our food. The Lord above never intended this, of this I am certain. God Bless you, Sandra, and Thistle Cove Farm.

  5. I enjoy your soap box posts! It's interesting to learn the source of the quote. In my genealogy searches, I once came across that quote as one having been used by an old-time sewing circle(prior to the 1950s, perhaps earlier) in a teeny tiny town near my own hometown. No reference as to who originated it was given.

    You hit on some of my own peeves, especially drugs, and especially the latest, greatest name brand drug. We've experienced the side-affects of Crestor & Lipitor and no longer take them. I also quit taking blood pressure meds when the doctor kept trying to up the doses, with yet another brand new name brand drug that would cost more out of my pocket.

    Some of my own peeves: bicyclists who "own" the road but don't obey traffic laws while expecting drivers to read their minds, driver's who think freeways are for leisurely Sunday drives, sexualized commercials (just saw one for Liquid Plumber), cell phones.

    While I too am guilty of frequently using "awesome", I try to use it less, as our pastor once explained that the only true usage of the word is and should be,in reference to God.

  6. What a mouthful! Great post!

  7. What a mouthful! Great post!

  8. Hmmm... welllll.... I am one of those awesome people how uses 'awesome' in a way you might not approve :-)

    One of my pet peeves, though.. is when people refer to the President as a terrorist. *sigh*

  9. I agree with the rants Sandra, especially about the TERRORIST IN CHIEF Obama and his idiot female followers. They must be zombies.

    My pet peeve, other than zombies, is the great misuse of other words in our language, as in "like", "wow", and "Oh my G--". Those three especially really get my goat.

  10. Another good post, and I hope you keep that soap box handy.

    I just saw on the news last night 2 restaurants in the Yosemite National Park area, one had to lay off 12 of their 15 employees and yet another one is closing due to not being able to pay rent and utility payments. All this due to the government furlough, resulting in no tourists, on top of the diasterous Rim Fire that started back in August. And yet our congress men and women were not the least bit inconvienced let alone need to worry about how to pay their monthly bills.

    I say it's time for a change in Washington. Why were the National Parks the target of their shutdown, look at all the tourists some international tourists even that planned trips well in advance that would have spent their money on food, lodging, fuel and even souveniers. And now that we have lost all the income they are going to make pay retroactive, what part of just cause the book still has checks do they not understand they don't have the money.

  11. I have to disagree with your opinion of Walmart, my friend. After all, would YOU like to raise the ire of the feral, entitled populous?



  12. I think you did an excellent job with what ought to be everyone's pet peeves!

  13. Annie, thank you, loved making that new header.

    Susan, it's beautiful here all the time, each and every day.

    LindaSue, I forgot Very Unique, that one always gets my goat.

    Marsha, throw them all out, we're in total agreement. As to killing food, I know a LOT of men and women who hunt because they NEED to put food on the table. Folks are struggling, here, farm laborers make less than $8/hour, it's a matter of food not trophy.

    Lee, see what I mean about finding out, eventually? I hate it when folks claim something that's not their's theft, pure and simple.

    M.E., thanks for visiting.

    Karen, I hate it when we "de-moralize" our language; eventually, we'll be reduced to wow, gee, like, you know.
    Oh wait...we are now, aren't we?

    Sparky, I despise it when people say OMG. I don't hear anyone saying Oh My Buddha, do you?

    TL, I saw that same news report and it's awful! Yet, the same stinkers keep getting re-elected. It's insane!

    Andie, you are right! Thank you for putting it into perspective for me and you are right.

    Leigh, thanks, it was fun.

  14. Oh my - the beaver thing. Oh, brother. Oh. Brother.

  15. Lisa, it's so crazy a person can't keep up!


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