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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Is Your Congress Rep a Hero or a Putz?

I'm fed up with this stupid government and the idiots who are playing fast and furious with WE THE PEOPLE'S MONEY. Yeah, it belongs to us and they are supposed to answer to us...those heinous people like Pelosi, Reid, Obama, Warren, Biden.

HEAR THIS...I am sick and tired of all of you and want you all to QUIT and GO HOME.
P.S. Leave the money. It doesn't belong to you and if you take it, you're a thief.

Congressional Representative Randy Forbes represents the 4th District of Virginia and has written the Chief Administrator of the House of Representatives to request that his salary be withheld. Further, he has cosponsored H.R. 3160, the Government Shutdown Fairness Act, which would withhold all Members of Congress' salaries until the impasse has ended. He also request that Congressional paychecks be reduced by the number of days the government is shut down.

Rep. Forbes has voted against Member pay increases and also introduced H.R. 284, the Congressional Accountability Pay (CAP) Act. This would make Congress members personally accountable for overspending and would tie their salaries to grown in government spending. IOW, the more the federal government spends, the less Congressional members earn.

WAIT, THERE'S MORE! Forbes has supported legislation that would require the President, the Vice President and all political appointees to join Congress and all staff in obtaining health insurance through health care exchanges and eliminate any employer contribution to health insurance purchases. No opt out!

Nonessential employees in Mr. Forbes' office have been furloughed but essential employees are on site to ensure constituents have a voice in the process. IOW, his phones are being answered and he's fighting for the people of Virginia's 4th District.

If you want to tell your "representative" you want him or her to support and vote for Mr. Forbes' house bills, click here. If you want to read more of Mr. Forbes' revolutionary ideas, click here.

So, is your representative in favor of reducing his or her salary? How about being a part of obamacare? In my book, Congressional Representative Forbes is a HERO. Which is yours...a hero or a putz?

Blessings ~ representatives with integrity ~ H.R. 3160 ~ H.R. 284 ~ Randy Forbes ~


  1. Thanks for dropping a note on my blog. I'm sorry about the loss of your husband. I'm in Texas now but we are originally from Fredericksburg Virginia. You certainly are in a beautiful part of the state. I miss the seasons. My camera would have a field day out there.


  3. Oh since I am Canadian I am not going to jump in here we seem to have some of the same things going on in our government:) Hug B

  4. Well, I don't hate the President... you read my post yesterday... Obamacare was actually a Republican plan to start with. What I do hate is what our government has become.. a laughing stock. A joke. We need a clean slate, and I don't know how that can happen. New, younger, more open-minded and vibrant people who can grasp the notion of change and reform and working together - regardless of party affiliation.

    And yes, Bravo Mr. Forbes.

  5. I'll claim Ted Cruz. Hero. 'Nuff said.

  6. a few thoughts...

    * obamacare was NOT a repub idea in the first place.

    * the only path to communism is through socialism. we can be assured the current administration is socialist to the extreme.

    * the constitution is being shredded, word by word.

    * i applaud the courage and voice of those who raise the glass of truth and honor.

  7. we continue to be in a "none of the above" situation with our political candidates. Fed up with the attempts to brand Tea Party people as anarchists - excuse me? Most of the Tea Party people I know are veterans or wives of veterans - people who actually put something other than someone else's money on the line!
    I'm from Texas - so we are shakily holding out against the bait of "let the government take care of everyone" - Proverbs 24: 33“A little sleep, a little slumber,A little folding of the hands to rest,”
    34Then your poverty will come as a robber And your want like an armed man.

  8. There is so much misinformation about the shutdown from the Lame Stream Media, it's phenomenal. The Republicans are doing their job by passing a budget and waiting for a discussion. It's the Senate and our alleged President that's dropping the ball by refusing to negotiate. Also, Obamacare was NOT a Republican plan. I don't know who fed her that line. Actually I'm enjoying the shutdown. I hope more of the government shuts down, gets defunded and stays that way. The only reason the Gov is closing National Parks, war memorials, and such is to make pretend "pain" for the general public. They're thinking that we'll pressure the Repub's to cave on Obamacare (again). NOT!! I say, stay the course guys. And did everyone know, the Gov had to hire more people for the pretend shutdown!? Geez, I thought they said they where out of money?! So, the longer this goes on, the more O'blamer, Scary Harry, Nazi Pelosi and the other Demon's are going to look like the evil, America haters that they are. They don't even believe in the US Constitution.

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  10. Alice, thank you for visiting Thistle Cove Farm and your camera would have a wonderful time here.

    Indeed, Glenda...bravo.

    Great idea, Michelle.

    Buttons, the world is in a mess.

    Karen, to call Romney's plan a Republican plan is to say Obama's plan is a Democrat plan is not quite true. Not only our government but our country has become a laughing stock in the world's eyes.

    Vic, wish I could -grin-.

    jAne, we are in agreement.

    LindaSue, excellent Bible verse!

    Sparky, too many people have been blinded by obama's "hope and scheme" plan.

  11. P. S. Anonymous comments are no longer welcome. I believe one should have the courage of their convictions to be held accountable for both words and actions. It's your choice to disagree but it's my choice to not allow anonymous comments.

  12. "New, younger, more open-minded and vibrant people who can grasp the notion of change and reform and working together" ???
    There is no substitute for experience and a sound mind. Looking at the past is the surest way to predict the future.

  13. Debbie, I'm appalled when people want to throw out the elderly and all that wisdom and experience. The past IS our future, I do believe.


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