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Monday, February 10, 2014

AMTG - Another Monday thank God!

~ blue skies headed our way ~
Last week, I told Connie at Heartwood Roses, I'd blog about having my blog printed into a soft cover book. As Connie is now well aware, I have not. Good intentions and all that, doncha know? I have no excuse and my reason is takes me a good long while to recover from being so dang cold and working outside. Breaking ice, carrying hay to the animals, vetting on the old and ill and doing everything it takes to keep this farm going all take a toll and the older I get (thank You, God!) the more difficult it is to do everything and then quickly recover. Although, quickly is subjective in that I've been fighting a pulled back muscle and several sore spots that are twingy. Truth be told, I feel like I've earned a medal if I get Sabbath Keeping up each week. I'm not complaining mind, I'm just letting you know why I don't get around, more frequently, to visit your blogs or to respond to your comments. I read them all and throw myself in your lap for your kindness to me but I simply lack the energy necessary to do it all. It would be ever so much more tempting if you'd make hot chi tea (yes, I do know that's redundant) and cookies or cake...then I could drag my old bones over more frequently. I post, every now and again, to let you know I'm not dead. -grin-
~ a roll in the pasture makes the day seem better ~
So Donna, I am working on the post regarding blog into books but in the meantime...veering off into a tangent...when Dave was a small lad, he was simply terrified of the term "meantime". He heard a grownup say, "We'll do thus and so but in the meantime...". Dave said he always wondered when the mean time was going to happen and when it did, what would happen. Bless his heart! How many children have a wrong impression of something, an idiom, a grownup has said and not explained? Not to mention those for whom English is a second language.

But I digress...Connie is in charge of Rose Day at Hollywood Cemetery which happens to be where Dave is buried. There are more American presidents buried at Hollywood Cemetery than any place else in the world as well as a burial site for more than 18,000 Confederate soldiers. Hollywood Cemetery has an interesting history and is a major Richmond tourist attraction; for more information, read here. Rose Day is March 15 and volunteers are welcome; click here to obtain contact and more information.
~ morning at Thistle Cove Farm ~
Please visit here as well; Hartwood's Attic has some lovely furniture for sale, all lovingly restored to beautiful condition. I am one of "those people" who doesn't care for painted furniture...until I see it and then I love it! Go figure -wry smile-; Connie's furniture is lovely and very glad she lives hours away from me although I've several pieces that look quite similar to those she has for sale. Of course, my pieces are pre-beautifully painted but still, it gives me ideas.

Another lovely site is Miss Mustard Seed Pages. You might be familiar with Marion of Miss Mustard Seed. Well, she's started a new enterprise, one to bless and help folks who want to sell things with folks who want to purchase things. She does this at No either seller or buyer and, from what I've seen, all the prices are Very Reasonable.

Yes, I do receive something for telling you about the above. I receive the satisfaction of knowing I've done some good in this frosty ole world. I receive the satisfaction of knowing I've introduced you to some fine women and their businesses and, most importantly, I receive the satisfaction of knowing I've cast good bread upon the water.
~ a neighbor ~
On Wednesday, we are due for a storm of some magnitude so I'll spend tomorrow setting out hay, making sure everyone has food, water and shelter available. I also have to get in a load of wood for the wood stove;  but, all told, tomorrow is a full day of work. I'd like to participate in Patrice's Chats on the Farmhouse Porch but everything turns on getting the work done.

One last thing...some of you have sent me invitations to join...something or other. Please do not be offended when I don't respond but I'm just not that computer savvy and don't have the time to figure out that kind of stuff. Remember, I'm focused on Food/Water (animals and human), Shelter (animals, wood for the stove), Clothing (to keep warm during outside chores) and, by necessity, most everything else goes by the wayside. Be gentle with me...I'm doing great to put up a blog post every now and again; let's not overtax the old gal, okay? -grin-

P. S. Please be in prayer for Loretta's family...her SIL was killed in a house fire Saturday morning.

Blessings ~ Connie ~ Hollywood Cemetery ~ Rose Day ~ Heartwood's Attic ~ Marion ~ Miss Mustard Seed and Pages ~ 


  1. I would love to have a sit down with you over Chia tea and cookies my favourite also. We would talk about the whole farming while you are older thing and laugh and thank God everyday that we can still do it. I understand the extra effort it requires when every bone and muscle you have does not function as it used too. Good for you. I also understand the pressed for time thing and I think you are doing a wonderful job. It takes a lot of work to keep everything on the farm running smoothly in this winter that seems to me to be very very long and very very cold. Take care I will wait to read whatever and whenever you choose to post:) The kettle is boiling:) HUG B

  2. The story about Dave and the "meantime" misunderstanding reminds me of how I used to be confused with the term "gettin' above your raisin' ". (I am Southern, you know.) When a tot all I could picture was someone standing over a shriveled grape and why was that a problem? *lolololol*

    Hey, no problem about the commenting on my blog. PLEASE take care of yourself and the animals first. I know you're still there. Thanks for 'splainin', though. :) Now I don't feel so bad when I'm super busy and can't visit and/or comment anyone either.

    Stay warm up there. Spring is just around the corner. ~:)

  3. Don't you ever just think of retiring to florida and reading a book on the beach??? Must be so hard to keep that farm going by yourself. It is so beautiful though.

  4. Dear Thistle, you make a good hard work, and this with heart for each of your animals. I can imagine, that sometimes some questions arise: how long will I be able to do this work and in this top-quality? I have the same feelings, sometimes. So lets use all time and energy to carry on with our work with the animals as long as the Lord wants us to do this for his beloved creatures. They give us back a lot of heart-light, you know this better than me.

    Beautiful photo of "morning in Thistle-Farm"!

  5. Keep loving that Farm and keep doing what your doing as longs as you can. You don't want any regrets when you love this soulful life on your farm.

    Thank you dear for taking the time to visit, and your comment joyed my heart.


  6. It's the time of year when we often grow tired and cold AND tired of the cold. You must rest when you can. You love animals more than anyone I know, Sandra.

  7. I'm with Buttons, I would love to have a sit-down chat and tea with you . And I mean any time at all. I hope we meet this side of heaven Sandra because you & I have enough in common and even more-so because of our sister-hood in Him.

    I really do know what you mean about taking care of needful things on the farm and then all other endeavors. Sometimes, ( many times ) after taking care of my animals, our place, and mundane chores and obligations, I have no energy for anything else, but feel I need to be on-line for some things. But when it has all been said and done, what really matters ? That is the question and between you and God, and that is what really matters !

    Sandra, you are an inspiration to me even more-so because you are blunt, truthful, hard-working, and in spite of hardships love God all the more. I do not count your ( or anyone else's ) comments as my basis for reading and commenting on blogs. I value truth and passion for what I think is right above those things and thank you Sister for your continued friendship.

  8. Uncommonly beautiful sky!!! Gorgeous.
    I was thinking about Spring today.....let it happen.

  9. Dear, dear Sandra ~ You are such an inspiration in all that you do. Don't ever worry about not leaving comments in my blog, you have enough to do in keeping your life and your critters' lives all together there.

    I hope this next round of winter weather isn't too hard on you.

    Love, hugs and prayers ~ FlowerLady

  10. Praying especially for you and your animals through the storm, as I am my friends in North Georgia. It sounds bad, but as the old hymn says, "Be not dismayed whate'er be tide, God will take care of you" and He will, Sandra. Be safe, and don't take any chances. Blessings!

  11. When you are all alone and are responsible for the food, shelter, clothing, etc....that leaves little time for anything else. Especially in this cold weather. Be gentle with yourself and take care of your body and spirit. May God bless and keep you safe.


  12. I don't know how you get it all done and still have time to do ANY blogging. I will pray that you stay safe and warm during this next storm event!

  13. You and the critters are in my prayers. You will do well I know.

  14. Good morning! I was very touched by your visit and kind words on my blog post, and as I came to return the visit, I read your profile. To live in an environment away from the craziness of city life, to have animals (I LOVE HORSES) and to make memories and keep them there, you are living your dream. I see you too are a writer; I teach French language and I am now venturing out as a freelance writer. I wish you so much success in using your art of writing to live life twice (Anaïs Nin) and to make a difference in the loved ones around you. Thank you so much for your comment that reminded me how much I cherish my husband. Love to you, Anita

  15. May comments always be the least of all our concerns! Stay warm! Rest your back (as much as is possible). ♥

  16. Buttons, a good chin wag and cuppa is just what's needed, thanks!

    Sparky, spring may be just around the corner but the corner is two blocks away!

    Jeanne, a FL beach and a book sounds boring as a lifestyle. I love my life, as hard as it is and would rather be exhausted over my life than working in a cubicle.

    Dori, that's a great question - how long will we be able to do the work necessary to keep the animals? I don't know and it's a cause for concern.

    Dore, no regrets thus far, even when there's 2 feet of snow and my boots are 1 foot high - haha.

    Karen, I want to be a good steward and it takes a boat load of work and of me.

    Kathy, I kiss your hands for your kindness toward me, thank you. Are we not called, as Christians, to be transparent, to be real? It's hard but, I imagine, standing in front of God and saying, "Nope, didn't do it 'cause I didn't feel like it" would be harder.

    Deanna, spring could happen really, really soon...that's my vote!

    Lorraine, lots of snow but not much wind...a blessing and a gift, thank God!

    Sara, bless you for your kind note, love the Bible verse.

    Charlotte, love the "keep you safe" part...may it ever be so!

    Donna, this morning I was up at 4:00 a.m. -wry smile-

    Goatldi, bless you and thank you.

    Anita, I wish you well in your new venture and thank you for your visit to Thistle Cove Farm.

    Val, one thing about the old sheep, they weigh next to nothing so aren't as heavy to life these days. Poor things, nothing but skin, bones and fleece.

  17. Hi, Sandra - stay warm and tight and buttoned up in this snow storm. It just turned into rain for us, but the rest of NC got slammed, as I supposed you did too. May God keep you and your charges in good care.


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