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Friday, February 28, 2014

Kicking February to the Curb!

~ daffs, maybe? ~
If my vote had been taken, February would have been kicked to the curb in the first week; maybe in the first few days. What with the brain freeze, it's hard to remember -lol-. March can come in like a lion all it wants...and it's wanting plenty because temps are dropping, storm is coming from the south and the wind is blistering!...but all that means is, it's one day closer to spring. Bring it, I say...BRING IT!
~ sheep and 'paca lot ~
Nancy, A Rural Journal, is hosting Random 5 Friday. If you've never visited her blog, she's is a Fine photographer and you're sure to enjoy. She mentioned wearing a back brace due to shoveling snow and carrying firewood. Nancy, I'd forgotten all about my back brace so thanks for the mention. I've got to bring firewood from the barn to the back porch tomorrow so my back brace will come in handy. The wood will be hauled from the barn to the right, in the above photo, through the lot, into the driveway and then to the back porch of the house. Actually, around here there's someone somewhere who doesn't have their back brace because I found it in the middle of the road, picked it up, brought it home and washed it. Finders keepers, doncha know? -lol-

1. Ahem. Did you notice how clean the sheep lot looks? That's because I hauled the spent Christmas trees to the garden lot where they'll be burned in a bonfire later this month or next.
~ trees waiting for a bonfire ~
Nancy also mentioned doing her taxes...brave woman! I don't do my taxes, that's just one more thing on a long list of things I don't do but I don't mind paying what I owe. Like Nancy, paying taxes is the rent for living in this wonderful country and it also means I made the money to pay the taxes. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to pay one penny more than I owe, mind, but I'll pay what I owe.
 ~ Kinsley's hat ~
2. Kinsley, my almost four week old Grand-Neice, will be pretty in her pink hat that I'm not so sure is gong to fit her so I'm knitting another. She weighed 8 pounds 14 ounces and has nothing but gain weight since coming home from the hospital. None of that lose a few ounces after birth nonsense for her, nosirrebob! The pink tulle topper came via Vicki at 2 Bags Full blog; she knitted a hat and put a tulle topper on her and I asked to use the idea.
This is a quilted panel, that I hemmed, and that will be sent along with the hats, a fuzzy lamb Bible and a chenille bear that has a recording of me singing Jesus Loves Me. Why no, that chile is NOT spoilt; whatever on earth would make you even think of such much less say it?
3. The dogs and I went for a pasture walk, other wise known as trash pick up. Why some folks think it's all right to throw their empty beer bottles, soiled diapers (well, their baby's soiled diaper...I think...I hope!) and a host of other things into my pasture is beyond me. (I'm onery enough to wish that empty beer bottle would bounce off a fence post, fly back and hit them in the head.) So, the horses are 2 pastures over and see me walking...wait for it...and come RUNNING to see me...Sam scatters and runs far and fast away while Sadie runs up behind me to hide behind me, then, pushes her way between me and the fence.  She'd throw me to the curb in a NY second, that girl!
4. We had a skiff of snow yesterday but it didn't last. All day it poured snow, the mountains couldn't be seen and the ground was covered...for an hour or two, then it all melted. It did leave cold temps and high winds; I'm hoping for good weather this weekend. This old oak tree is completely hollow and needs to come down. I hate it but, like the Good Book says, there's a time for every season...a time to be born and a time to die...this tree still buds out but Donald is concerned a strong westerly wind will knock it over and into the house. My bedroom is in direct line, another good reason to take it down as opposed to let it come down. Frankly, every time there's a strong wind (which is frequently!) I wake up, listen for a moment and then pray, "Please God, keep the trees standing and the house, dogs and I safe" then I roll over and go back to sleep.  The Bible says God neither slumbers nor sleeps so I go back to sleep, doing my part.
~ view from the far road, looking toward the house ~
5. There are days that are glimpses of glory and two days ago, this was one. (I think if you right click on the photo, you can see it larger...but I'm not sure. Anyway, Sam is that tiny little speck in the lower left, just in front of the leaning fence post.) It was chilly but no wind so the cold wasn't biting and the clouds just kept pouring over and over and over the farm. I have loved, with everything in my being, living on these 27+ acres. God answered the prayer of my six-year old heart when He brought Dave and I to this farm. Other than God's amazing grace, there's absolutely no reason Dave nor I should live here. We've done nothing, either of us, to deserve God's great blessings yet we I have called this place home for almost two decades. I know I'm not worthy but I have done my absolute best to be a good steward of this land and these animals. 

We set our clocks back on Sunday, March 9th at 2:00 a.m. and I can't say it makes me happy. I despise DST because it makes my life harder and doesn't save me a dime, not one thin dime, in electrical bills. It just means I get in the house later because I'm out doing chores then I'm up later, burning more lights and have an internal body clock that's out of whack as well. BAH!  What about you? Do you like DST? Does it make a difference in your life or your electrical bill?

Blessings ~ beautiful days ~ old trees ~ baby quilts and hats ~ a clean lot ~ one day closer to spring ~ daffodils ~


  1. Oh how I wish our snow would melt that fast. If I had to be picking up beer bottles, I would be thinking the same way as you..!

  2. You live in a beautiful place - I, too, wish others would be more respectful of the outdoors. I love that the dogs are so "protective" of you! Hope the Daffs don't freeze.

  3. What a beautiful place you live in such scenery to be seen . Thanks for popping by my blog it is nice to meet a new blogger friend ! I do like your blog and those ponies are soo cute ! I hear you about the garbage I wish people would have more respect for others properties and nature ! Thanks for sharing Lovely photos ! Have a good weekend !


  5. Well I enjoyed reading all that you wrote even the last part, but I'll avoid saying what I think here because I could get beaned. =D

    A skiff of snow...gosh that sounds so poetical...

  6. I adore the pink hat!
    I remind myself of my grandparents...when the time changes, I have trouble adjusting, and so do the cats!!!
    God bless you this weekend.

  7. Your comment "Bring it on!" reminds me of a quote by Winston Churchill: "If you're going through Hell -- keep going."

    But I guess Spring will come in any case, thanks be to GOD!

  8. There's a reason I often refer to our Rhodesian Ridgebacks as BCR's..It's short for Big Chicken Ridgeback! Imagine, big tough Sadie, hiding behind Mom from some scary bog ol' horses that she's likely known for 5 yrs!
    Silly old Ridgie!

  9. The little pink hat is just so cute.
    I wish our snow would melt that fast. It has been a very long cold winter here.
    Thanks for taking the time to visit me today.

  10. I love your random posts...from your feelings about the farm to the sweet little hat with the tulle topper. Love the blanket and the recording of you singing that you are sending. You can't spoil a child with things like that.

    The only thing I like about the time change is that the kids are not waiting for buses in the dark for those that have long rides to school. I don't think it is a money saver at is always a hard adjustment.

    Have a wonderful first day of March. xo Diana

  11. Good morning ~ I hope today is a really good one for you. It is so nice to see less snow at your place.

    The gifts for your grand niece are very sweet.

    I do NOT like DST. Dear Husband did not like it either. It messes one up for a couple of weeks trying to get used to it. The only good reason, like another commenter mentioned, is the kids not standing in the dark for the school bus.

    Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

  12. Hello Sandra:

    What a splendid record this is of your life during these winter months. You work very hard, Sandra, but also, as comes through with your writing, you have a great sense of inner peace which only comes through knowing oneself.

    Jó hétvégét!

  13. You don't have to live in the country to get the trash thrown in your yard. I have that and I live in the city. Our snow is almost gone, just some left from the piles that were made. We have another one to hit later today. I love your pink hat for the little one. It seems they start growing and don't stop. I really enjoyed your post. Hugs and Prayers from a new friend Shirley@shirleystitches

  14. Now you've reminded me that I need to wear that back brace today! Be well my friend. xo

  15. I only noticed the time change when I'd have to work an hour more on a night shift otherwise as a city girl nothing changes.
    Silly Daffs shouldn't they wait until that snow has gone...

  16. I am an early bird so I like the light early, just the way it is now, and don't see why it has to change and suddenly be a later hour when it comes :)

  17. We have that fluttering snow today, too. It's not sticking much, but I'll still have to go outside and clear the driveway before I head to the airport.
    I love reading about the horses and their ways. Our Kelli is falling in love with horses at 31 years of age. Now that she has them boarding in her barn, she treats them like giant dogs. When she drives up the long gravel road to their house, she stops and calls the three good boys. She doesn't have to (the horse boarding guy does all the work) but she insists on learning all about them and mucking out stalls, too. I see horse play in Granny's future!

  18. I wouldn't mind the snow if it snowed like the dickens and then melted right away ... but we still have feet ... yes, feet ... of snow banks and more snow to come on Monday! Where the heck is Spring!!!
    Love the shot of the horses ... I have always loved horses!
    Have a lovely weekend
    diane @ thoughts and shots

  19. I know that you have loved living on that beautiful piece of heaven but that you sorely miss your husband for his help and companionship.

    That pink hat is adorable...that baby is meant to be spoiled. Go ahead, it is your right.

    Love your horse picture. Boy would I love to be there in the warmer temps to ride.



  20. What a sweet little hat. Your quilt was wonderful and I love that you recorded yourself singing Jesus Loves Me - What a great gift.
    You have a lovely view on your place. I wouldn't want a tree falling on my house either. Last summer we took down all 3 of the Fir trees in front of our house, I miss them.

  21. Flowers, visiting the light coming out from the smow - horses, standing and breathing in a wonderful light with a lot of white quality (only early spring has this wonderful white light), beautiful photos of your environment!"Glimpses of glory" come from your farm and from the creatures, who live(d) there, from earth and heaven.

  22. well you got me going on the electric bill I used $54 of
    electricity and the delivery charge was $66 These Corporations. are raping and pillaging America.
    That hat is so sweet. We are getting ready for a record breaker tomorrow
    coldest day ever this time of year.
    What will it be next year?

  23. Sandra- we are all just barely hanging on till spring-- aren't we?? And right now we are getting ready for another storm:(

    I can't believe that people throw trash on your property-- well, actually I can believe it-- but it makes me furious. We have that same issue as well. Lots of McDonalds sacks---

    The photo of your horses is just incredible!! They are so beautiful. Do they stay with the farm when you sell??

    Your little hat is just precious!! The tulle looks so adorable -- love the two pink combination!!

    I'm thinking spring as hard as I can!!


  24. Poor Feb....he's just doing what he's supposed to do, making us miserable and wanting for Spring. Looks like daffs to me! Ours are still holed up underground where it's to hard to push through yet.

  25. I don't understand litter bugs either. That's one of my pet peeves. Hubby and I are the littler picker-uppers on our 1 mile of dirt road. It just fries my cakes why people want to trash up such beautiful countryside. *grrrr*

    Your horses are pretty. I really think you need a live in person [raising my hand] to ride them for you every day?! *giggle*

    Spring is around the corner. Soon we'll be lamenting that it's too hot out, 'least ways, in our neck of the woods. I know for you, this winter has been brutal. I'll be so thankful when it warms up for everyone.

    I hate, hate, HATE Day Light Savings time! I feel messed up for weeks. It's an antiquated system that doesn't work (like our government). I wish they'd PLEASE get rid of it!

  26. I'm thinking you don't have a hard time getting things done.

    DST - I loved it when I lived in the north. Stayed light until past 10 in Michigan and Minnesota. But now, so hard to get into the Spring Ahead. Just got my body clock going for Fall Back.

  27. Day light stupid time. It was fashioned for folks who work inside all day and long for more sun light. Or when there was a "serious" power making shortage then it got extended into beyond stupid. 2012 prior to Geoffrey being hospitalized we decided since we didn't do much off our "42 Acres of Paradise" that required a "time" we would not observe it. That came to an end when it was clear that his illness was going to require us returning to the real world. Humpth! And it certainly wasn't created by a soul who has a Border Collie who is up at crack o'dawn. And it surely could at least go back to Last Sunday in April to first Sunday in October. Did I sugar coat it?

  28. Sandra, your Dave and the Ripper story was great. He must have been
    fun like my Cole. We always had adventures. Snow tomorrow..

  29. I wish I had saved a post from facebook last week regarding daylight savings time, it was a picture of an indian with the saying that "only the government would think that cutting a foot off the top of a blanket and sewing it on to the bottom would make a longer blanket".

  30. I figured you were having a party when you said goodbye to February! I happen to like DST and wish it stayed that way year-round. I don't notice much change in the electric bill, but with the AC kicking in most of the months during DST, I'm not sure how one can tell.


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