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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Happy Birthday, Dave

~ Sandra and Dave in Russia ~

The room was always too crowded
until you walked in,
love as strong as death.

Dear Readers - if you read this post, you know Thistle Cove Farm is for sale. Yes, it's true although it's an unhappy truth. Thankfully, God gave me another birthday last month as well as the determination to make the difficult decision to sell the farm so I can move closer to family - teulu yn popeth. 

Please visit this site, here, for more information; it's updated every day or so.

By the way, Happy Birthday to Val, she and Dave share birth days, many decades apart.

Blessings ~ being Dave's friend and wife ~


  1. Hello Sandra:

    You are very much in our thoughts on what cannot be an easy day for you. xxx

  2. I LOVE the happy picture of you two!
    Memories are God gifts . . .
    I treasure mine too!

    Happy Birthday thoughts today . . . about and for your Dave . . .

  3. Happy Birthday, Dave !
    Sandra, this is a wonderful pic of you two. I'm putting up a post later this week about the farm. Kiss the animals for me and a big hug for you.

  4. I loved seeing the picture of the two of you.

    I know it hasn't been an easy decision to make, Sandra, but I truly believe you've made the right one. You are a blessing to me for the way you've held on to the farm since Dave's passing. But there is only so much you can do. You've given your best.

  5. That's a sweet picture of y'all. I pray for you today as you pass through the fire of pain. May you come out the other end unscathed, calm, and content feeling the love of Jesus Christ the whole way.
    ((Hugs)) for you my friend. xx

  6. holding you close in my heart this day... {{{gentle hug}}}

  7. Happy Birthday to Dave.....((HUGS)) to you and keeping you in my prayers.

  8. What a sweet photo! Thinking of you today.

  9. Love the photo! Happy Birthday in Heaven Dave! I know it will be hard for you to move! Hope it all works out for a new adventure! Hugs! Linda

  10. A very happy moment captured in that photo. This time is hard, but moving closer to family will be such a blessing! Bittersweet. Praying for God's strength as you make so many decisions.

  11. You two look to be having a wonderful time, and in Russia yet. These kinds of days are difficult-thinking of you and your Dave xxoo

  12. I love that photo of you two. I hope yesterday was filled with more love and happy memories than sadness. This widowhood can be lonely and sad at times that is for sure. We just have to 'grow' with the flow of each new day.

    You are an inspiration to me. I hope your dear farm sells soon and to someone who will love it as much as you and Dave have.

    Love, hugs and prayers ~ FlowerLady

  13. Happy Birthday Dave...Heaven's blessings shine down to Sandra from her loving and awesome husband . We miss you and love you Dave!
    We love you too Sandra,our prayers are going up for you!
    Mary, Donald and kids

  14. What a wonderful photo! This time I work on a painting "The bringers of luck". This your photo is a graeat inspiration for me. Can you send this photo to me as an e-mail? I would like to make this group (horse, rider and leader) in iron for a special group of "bringers of God's happy message".

    God is with you, Thistle!

  15. I'm so sporadic in my blog visiting that I didn't know you had the farm up for sale. It must have been a tough decision, but one I know you're confident with. And a Heavenly Happy Birthday to Dave.

  16. You are amazing lady. I think about you more than you will ever know. Common journeys we have not asked for or planned for. May the day have been full of happy memories and comfort.

  17. Great photo of you both!

  18. Happy birthday to Dave in heaven! I hope the farm sale progresses well, dear.


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